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Where else can I get a copy of the Schools Guide?

If your child is enrolled at a child care or ELC (in regions covered by the Schools Guides) you should find most have copies to give away.

If your child care centre doesn't have copies ask them to contact us to join our free distribution list.

At least 350 Child Care Centres in each of Sydney, Qld and Victoria are currently on our distribution lists.

Your local real estate agency may also have copies (although we recommend you telephone them first, some only offer their copies for clients).

There are at least 200 Real Estate Agencies in Victoria currently supplied with free copies and even more in Qld and NT. There are over 100 Real estate Egencies in Sydney that have received copies of the Schools Guide.




Would you like free copies to give your clients?

Our team travels all over Victoria, Qld, NT and Greater Sydney distributing free copies each year. Simply contact us and we'll add you to our distribution list.

Or, if you need free copies NOW simply pay for the postage and we'll send you all the copies you need.

Contact us on (07) 5646 5505 to arrange a bulk postage order.




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