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Red Rock Christian College
340 Settlement Road
Red Rock Christian College is a school committed to "helping students fly higher or swim deeper". Whatever their dispositions, whatever their talent we are committed to them and their growth.
PO Box 455, Sunbury 3429
Regional Victoria Central
03 9740 5400
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Preparing Students to Influence Their World With Integrity 


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Mrs Karen McCoy
Primary School
Primary: Prep - Year 6
Prep - Year 6
Annual Fee $3178.00
Sibling Discounts Apply
  • Faith / Religion
  • Personal Values
  • Community
  • Music
  • Pastoral Care / Guidance

Principal's Message

At Red Rock, our vision is to prepare students to influence their world with integrity. This begins from the day our students join us and continues right through their schooling.  We are currently engaged in preparing for the establishment of the secondary years.  

It is our intent to build on the excellent education and supportive environment provided in the primary years to meet the needs of our young people as they transition into secondary and later prepare for their final pathways.

In the early years we provide them with a safe, nurturing environment that teaches them to explore, ask questions, think deeply, to respect others and to be just and compassionate. As they progress into the Middle Years students will be taught to combine independence with interdependent learning. They will be inspired and equipped as 21st century learners by staff that are dedicated to their growth and       well-being.

We believe learners develop understanding through meaningful engagement and real life application. Our goal is to have learners that take personal responsibility for their learning, collaborate with their peers and teachers, develop skills and habits of mind they will need in the future and to become excellent problem solvers and team players. We focus on creating a growth mindset in our stuents rather than a fixed mindset. As Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck states, "a growth mindset develops a passion for lifelong learning" and as a school that's what we're about.  

Mrs Karen McCoy 



Weaving Paper Quilts - Years 1 and 2
Feb 12, 2015
Primary and Secondary Coloured Fishies
Feb 12, 2015
Children of the Kind
Nov 15, 2013
Children of the King
Nov 15, 2013
Children of the King
Nov 15, 2013
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