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St Peter's Girls' School
32 Stonyfell Road
South Australia
32 Stonyfell Road, Stonyfell, 50166
Adelaide East
08 8334 2200

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Julia Shea
R - Year 12
Approx 660
  • Academic Achievement
  • Personal Values
  • Community
  • Culture / Tradition

An amazing place


At St Peter’s Girls our students dare to ask questions and look at things from multiple perspectives, dare to challenge stereotypes, dare to show initiative and take risks and have an innate persistence that allows them to get up and try again when things don’t work out. The Sisters who opened our School in 1894 took a chance – they took a risk – sailing from England to the other side of the world to Adelaide, a city they knew nothing about. With a vision for

The Sisters who opened our School in 1894 took a chance – they took a risk – sailing from England to the other side of the world to Adelaide, a city they knew nothing about. With a vision for education of women and community social work, they dared to dream – and without that dream the opportunity to educate your daughter at our School simply would not exist. Their legacy lives on through our girls, who as genuine global citizens, dare ‘to be the change that they want to see’ not only in their own lives but within the context of the wider community.

Our students and Old Scholars recognise and embrace their responsibilities to society and they have the wisdom, imagination and integrity to move seamlessly into leadership roles. They are active contributors to their community in many practical ways on a local and global scale during their school years and beyond.

The School community is immensely proud of our reputation as a School that achieves exceptional academic results which consistently place our students among the top performers across the State and indeed the country. Student engagement is paramount to achieving the exceptional academic results for which the School is renowned. Our teachers embrace blended learning, finding the correct balance between inquiry based tasks, online activities and more traditional forms of instruction. The ubiquitous use of laptops and iPads in the classroom has seen our classroom spaces continue to evolve in order to cater for the many different learning styles of our girls.

Our School is far more than a provider of an academically rigorous education. Educating and caring for girls is our area of expertise and we have the view that girls can do anything. Twenty first century education demands that we provide a learning environment that is as dynamic as the world in which it exists, an environment that develops self-directed girls who are independent and resilient; inquisitive girls who are creative and collaborative and reflective girls who are engaged, ethical and critical thinkers, while fostering a strong sense of self and a willingness to ‘have a go’.

We know that excellence in teaching is the single most powerful influence on a student’s achievements. It’s our job to give your daughter that edge, to ease her out of her comfort zone and get her to try something new. We also know that effective relationships and trust are pivotal in facilitating learning, particularly for girls. Our Strategic Plan is designed to support excellence in teaching, learning and caring with broad-reaching programs.

Our academic, sporting, cultural, community service and leadership activities are designed to empower your daughter to chart her preferred educational path, explore individual interests and enjoy rich learning experiences to develop her unique abilities. We believe in giving our girls the autonomy to make choices about the paths they follow at school and that self-determination and energy is reflected by the way they engage in all their pursuits.

At the heart of the School, is our sense of community and it is the way we foster partnerships with our families and their daughters that makes Saints Girls unique.

There’s just so much to see and enjoy at St Peter’s Girls – I invite you to visit and experience our School for yourself. Whether you choose to spend some time on campus with our students, or you prefer to initially tour our grounds and facilities, you will – I am sure – feel right at home, and enjoy the warmth of our very special community. 

Julia Shea Principal B.Sc, Dip Ed, M.Ed Admin

St Peter's Girls' School is located on one campus, just six kilometres from Adelaide’s CBD. It is surrounded by natural bushland. Students from Pre-School to Year 12 thrive in an environment that encourages independence and resourcefulness, develops firm friendships and promotes shared goals.

OurSchool There is a lot to our school that makes it special. Our grounds are stunning – our classrooms provide views into the heritage-listed conservation park that surrounds our campus and is at once a science lab, art class, poetry lesson and outdoor education facility. Our academic results consistently place us in the top 10% of the Nation, and the option of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme has the potential to open global doors for your daughter. At St Peter’s Girls your daughter will be well-known by all members of our School community and cared for by her teachers and peers alike. She will learn how to respect, value and affirm others because she will feel respected, valued and encouraged. She will be given opportunities for leadership. She will develop compassion and empathy while building the resilience she needs to cope with disappointment. She will discover what constitutes a healthy, active lifestyle and will find and model ethical, principled behaviour. Our tradition, facilities and results, as excellent as they are, tell only part of our story. Our full, true story is written every day by the girls who form our community of learners, and the teachers who guide them to be the best they can be in all their endeavours. 

Special Programs

Extended, Differentiated and Gifted Education at St Peter’s Girls

St Peter’s Girls’ School welcomes girls with a range of abilities and, as part of ensuring all students reach their full potential, we will provide gifted and talented students with access to rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities.  The EDGE program (Extended, Differentiated and Gifted Education) is the instrument to support the realisation of these educational aims. Through EDGE, gifted and talented students will have a differentiated curriculum that provides extension, withdrawal and acceleration experiences as appropriate for each student. This individualised education allows students to learn at their optimum rate, maximising opportunities for self-fulfilment and development while challenging and extending students to achieve their cognitive and affective goals. Differentiation as a strategy is beneficial to all students, not just the gifted, so we are working with our staff through professional learning to maximise student learning in the classroom. Focusing on differentiation means each teacher will know the students in their lesson as individuals and will plan accordingly to meet their needs. One size does not fit all. Differentiation with a dynamic curriculum allows our students many of the opportunities for learning. These include independence and choice over learning foci, an opportunity to explore areas of interest and passion, and opportunity for open-ended questioning and creative problem solving.

Introducing our Gifted Education Coordinator

Becca Burton-Howard

The EDGE program will be overseen by Rebecca Burton-Howard in a newly created Gifted Education Coordinator role. An inspiring educator, Becca has post-graduate qualifications in Teaching and Learning for Able and Gifted Pupils and was most recently the Director of Special Educational Needs Coordination at Cecil Jones College in Essex. As part of her role, Becca will support and develop not just the student as a whole but also focus on student identification, staff development, home school communication, monitoring of progress and coordination of the EDGE withdrawal program.  

Fostering a love of learning

We recognise that early identification and progressive strategies are crucial to the realisation of potential and that a gifted program is a necessary component of meeting the needs of our students. However, sustained development of each student’s talent is also vital in maintaining curiosity, inquiry and a love of learning. We look forward to welcoming students to the EDGE program, nurturing the many talents of our girls, and inspiring the next generation of leaders, making St Peter’s Girls the school of choice for gifted girls.  

Transport Options

We recognise that getting children to school safely and on time is one of the challenges of busy modern life: our bus service is designed to help with this. Our School provides a personalised bus service to pick up and drop off your daughter at your door.

From your door to ours

Getting to St Peter’s Girls’ School has never been easier with the School’s six bus routes operating daily. Whether you live north, south, east of west or the Adelaide CBD, St Peter’s Girls’ School has buses starting at Tea Tree Gully, Golden Grove, West Lakes, the inner and outer south areas and the Adelaide Hills. To ensure we are providing a convenient service for our School families, the exact route that each bus takes is reviewed regularly according to the addresses of the students using the service. Please contact the School if your location is not included on the map of current bus routes and we will endeavour to adjust our service to suit your requirements. The School’s buses are operated by experienced drivers who have been chosen to meet the high standards set by the School. All buses are equipped with mobile phones for last minute bookings or cancelations and emergency communication. The girls develop a trust with their drivers and many comment on the warm greeting they receive when they board the bus, and the relaxed and enjoyable ride to and from School. The girls also enjoy the opportunity to socialise with students of all year levels while developing friendships that span many of their years at St Peter’s Girls. The maps below indicate the current routes, however please note that these do change regularly depending on new families and daily patronage.


St Peter’s Girls' School offers a range of academic, music and all rounder scholarships to acknowledge and encourage excellence.

scholarships A scholarship at St Peter’s Girls could open the door for your daughter to nurture her curiosity and challenge herself to achieve her best. St Peter’s Girls’ School offers a range of scholarships to acknowledge and encourage excellence across a variety of teaching and learning programs. Many scholarships are available to new students who might otherwise not have the opportunity to attend the School. Criteria such as school reports, examination results, personal interview and in the case of music scholarships, performance, are used to award scholarships. When scholarships are open, application details, criteria and closing dates will be detailed on this page. Some scholarships are open to new students, while others are offered to students already enrolled at the School.

Current scholarship opportunities

Applications close June 2016 St Peter’s Girls is currently seeking applications from students wishing to commence in 2017:

Applications close soon – so please contact us if your daughter may be interested in applying. Scholarship opportunities for 2018 will be published in October 2016.

Test Results

At St Peter’s Girls there are no obstacles which prevent? your daughter from exploring her chosen field. St Peter’s Girls’ School is very proud of the outstanding South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) results achieved. Our academic results consistently sit well above the State average.

Excellent results for the Class of 2015

  St Peter’s Girls’ School has a long history of consistently strong academic results. Our innovative teaching and learning programs, and careful individual mentoring of each student, ensure your daughter can reach her full potential and gain the best Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) possible. At St Peter’s Girls there are no obstacles which prevent your daughter from exploring her chosen field. The Year 12 Class of 2015 achieved excellent SACE and IB Diploma results, including combined results of:

  •    19.6% of students achieving an ATAR over 99
  •    42.8% of students achieving an ATAR over 95

Over the past four years, a quarter of students in each cohort achieved an ATAR of 98 or above, and more  than half were over 90. We had the highest percentage  of students over 99 in 2015, up from 16% in 2014 and  17% in 2013. Two study pathways are offered at the Senior level, to provide flexibility to students. Whether they choose the IB Diploma or SACE, students achieve outstanding results through our innovative programs. While our Head Start program and tutoring service provide students with an academic edge in the Senior years, our students have built a strong foundation for success throughout their years at St Peter’s Girls.

Exceptional IB Diploma results

Our second IB Diploma cohort performed exceptionally, with an average point score of 39 (out of a possible 45). This equates to an ATAR of 98.25. The IB cohort achieved a total of 11 Merits across eight subjects, including Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Japanese and History. Our Dux, Anna Mullin, achieved the top score of 44, with an ATAR equivalent of 99.95. Anna received a total of six Merits.

Outstanding SACE results

The SACE cohort achieved excellent results in 2015, with a total of 35 Merit Awards across a range of 11 subjects. Once again. The number of ‘A’ grades far exceeded the State’s figures, including:

  •    Biology – 63% of students achieved an A grade, compared to 22.1% in SA
  •    English Studies – 89% of students achieved an A grade, compared to 34% in SA
  •    Ensemble Performance – 83% of students achieved an A grade, compared to 41% in SA

One of our top students was presented with the Tennyson Medal, a prestigious SACE award. This medal is given to the highest achieving English Studies student in the state each year. For the fourth year in a row, a St Peter’s Girls student has received this accolade – a wonderful testament to our hard working students as well as our supportive and inspiring teachers. Another student was awarded the Hardwicke College Prize, which is presented for the most outstanding achievement by a female student in Biology. Two SACE students received a Governor of South Australia Commendation, recognising their overall excellent results. Our top ATAR was 99.9, with two students achieving 99.85.  

Tradition of success

The strength and quality of education at St Peter’s Girls is not limited to the public successes of our students. All students at St Peter’s Girls are valued and are encouraged to participate and do their best. While the pursuit of excellence is important, the School encourages students to believe in themselves and embrace the many different learning opportunities available. We look forward to watching the Class of 2015 go on to excel in their chosen studies and fields. > Summary of 2015 results

Results from previous years

Class of 2014

Highlights from the Class of 2014:

  • 16% of students received an ATAR of 99 or above
  • 23% ranked above 98
  • 51% of students placed in the top 10% of the state
  • Inaugural IB Diploma graduates – Average scores in some subjects were over 20% higher than world averages, with highlights from the curriculum including English A: Literature HL at 10.6% above the world's average grade; Mathematics SL at 11.7% above; Chemistry SL at 14.3% above; Biology HL at 17% above; Physics HL at 20% above and History SL at 22.6% above the world's average grade
  • Collectively, our SACE students received 41 Merit Awards across SACE and IB subjects, in areas as diverse as Biology, Chemistry, Drama, English, Information Technology, Mathematics, History and Research Project
  • SACE students excelled across all fields, with the number of ‘A+’ results far exceeding the State’s figures.

Summary of 2014 results

Class of 2013

Highlights from the Class of 2013:

  • Median ATAR was 95.75
  • 17% of students received an ATAR of more than 99
  • 28% of students ranked above 98
  • 55% of students were placed in the top 5% of the state
  • Collectively, the class received 35 Merit Awards in Biology, Chemistry, Drama, English Communications, English Studies, Information Technology, Maths Applications, Maths Methods, Maths Studies, Modern History, Music Solo Performance, Music Ensemble, Research Project and Specialist Maths
  • Two students studied six Stage 2 subjects over two years and achieved top scores of 99.95

Summary of 2013 results

Class of 2012

Highlights from the Class of 2012:

  • 68% received an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) of more than 90 which places them in the top 10%
  • More than 44% received an ATAR of over 95 which places them in the top 5%
  • 32% were placed in the top 2% of the state (the highest number of students that St Peter’s Girls has ever had in the Top 2%)
  • Median ATAR was 94.4

Summary of 2012 results 

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