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Woodleigh School
(Main Office and Woodleigh Campus Y7-12)
485 Golf Links Rd
Langwarrin South
Woodleigh is a dynamic, creative environment.
Progressive & contemporary, our curriculum focuses on educating students for their future, not our past.
485 Golf Links Road, Langwarrin South, Victoria 3911
Melbourne South
+61 3 5971 6100
Minimbah Campus – 3yo ECC - Y6
3 Minimbah Court
Frankston South Victoria 3199
Ph: 03 9788 6488

Penbank Campus – 3yo ECC - Y6
460 Mornington-Tyabb Road
Moorooduc Victoria 3933
Ph: 03 5978 8425
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A School for Adventurous Minds


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Upcoming Events

Woodleigh School - Enrolment Information Session Tue Nov 21 @ 7:30AM - 05:00PM
[27 Days to go]

Woodleigh School - Penbank Campus (3yo ECC – Y6) Tours Wed Nov 22 @ 9:30AM -
[28 Days to go]

Woodleigh School - Minimbah Campus (3yo ECC – Y6) Tours Wed Nov 22 @11:30AM -
[29 Days to go]

Woodleigh School - Woodleigh Campus (Y7 – 12) Tours Thu Nov 23 @ 9:15AM -
[29 Days to go]

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Mr Jonathan Walter
3yo ECC - Y12
From $3,326 (3YO ECC) to $22,652 (YR 12)
Minimbah Campus 244, Penbank Campus 227, Senior Campus 559
  • Academic Achievement
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Community
  • Creative Arts
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Music
  • Numeracy / Literacy
  • Pastoral Care / Guidance
  • Performing Arts
  • Personal Values

Woodleigh is a dynamic and creative environment, set apart from the educational norm by our unique delivery of learning programs. We are a progressive, contemporary school, one that delivers a forward-thinking curriculum, educating students for their future, not our past. 

From the play and enquiry-based programs in our Early Learning Centres at Minimbah and Penbank, through to our VCE years, ours is an environment that supports original, creative thought and focuses on the development of increasingly complex and sophisticated processes of thinking.

At Woodleigh, learning tasks are designed to elicit the highest level of creative thinking from our students. We encourage students to tackle problems and investigations in innovative ways, to test theories and engage in the process of pushing their own boundaries to break through to deeper levels of understanding.

We spend an enormous amount of time and effort ensuring that our learning programs are individually crafted to meet specific student needs. The programs we create are well-rounded – challenging students academically, socially and emotionally.

A great education equips a student with life skills – resilience and independence – developed through an extensive Camps and Activities Program. It provides an understanding of service, the building of a strong moral and ethical base, and the desire to make a contribution to the broader community. It’s the ability to be able to laugh at oneself and with others, to have fun as often as possible and to work hard and give your best effort to everything that you do.

These wider learning experiences work to develop the strong relationships that exist between students and staff. There is a collegiate atmosphere here at Woodleigh which underpins the supportive learning environment that is such a feature of our school.

I invite you to visit us. Come and see first-hand our experiential learning programs in action and tour the beautiful natural environment that is Woodleigh School.

Jonathan Walter - Principal

Woodleigh School is a place which affirms openness, independence, creativity, self-motivation and initiative; elements which you can sense as soon as you enter the school. Woodleigh School is entirely coeducational and committed to the belief that this is the only suitable setting to educate both boys and girls for adult life.

We are the hub of a dynamic learning community. We are a forward-thinking, creative, contemporary school with academically rigorous programs and challenge in every part of the curriculum. At Woodleigh, students discover and follow passions, grow in a culture of mutual respect, cultural freedom and inclusion.

A Woodleigh education provides more than just an excellent academic preparation for the future. It offers a journey of experiential learning and discovery which prepares each individual for the challenges of life beyond school. Today, students need more than just a strong academic base – they need transferable skills – adaptability, self-motivation and confidence. They need the ability to build strong relationships and work collaboratively, to solve problems creatively, to integrate and navigate new media literacies and think critically about issues at a local and global level.

Academic study at Woodleigh is innovative, targeted and structured to consolidate core literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills. It complements an intentionally broad and challenging range of co-curricular studies and experiences. Our assessment is purposeful and learning opportunities are personalised to engage every individual in a journey that excites them.

About Us

Woodleigh School comprises two junior campuses, Minimbah and Penbank (3YO ECC – Y6) and one senior campus (Y7–Y12), referred to as Woodleigh Campus. Our three campuses are situated in peaceful native surroundings with a full complement of specialist facilities.

Our facilities and learning environments support learning which is connected, collaborative, personalised, environmental and diverse.

Woodleigh School’s Minimbah Campus in Frankston South features a newly built Music House (2014) recently built gymnasium (2008), a newly resurfaced oval, school hall and refurbished art classroom (2010). In late 2009, work was completed on a new Year 5/6 Homestead and library building. This building was specifically designed to promote student engagement and rich learning. The flexible interior spaces support a range of activities and more specialised lessons such as Science, Technology and Film Production.

Minimbah’s dedicated learning support and extension centre is known as ‘Pathways’. It comprises a large classroom space and several adjoining withdrawal spaces for individual or group remediation work, reading recovery and extension activities.

iPads and Interactive Whiteboards are used in all classrooms. Woodleigh School uses Apple Mac equipment. Minimbah has its own student-run radio station and audio production suite.

Year 3 and 4 students and teachers maintain a kitchen garden, using the produce for cooking and learning about plant propagation and care.

There are three adventure playgrounds at the Minimbah Campus. Foundation (Prep) – Year 2 students, Year 3–4 students and Years 5–6 students each have their own space.

The Sweetwater Creek runs just behind the campus, where the ECC–Year 2 Nature Program is run.

A separate and fully-equipped Early Childhood Centre is located at the campus, set in the beautiful natural surrounds. The ECC is designed to encourage outdoor play and exploration, and learning in nature is a key focus of the early learning program.

Penbank Campus is situated on a delightful 35-acre rural property in Moorooduc on the Mornington Peninsula.

It features a newly built Year 5/6 Homestead adjacent to the school’s kitchen garden that includes an orchard, veggie garden and chook pen, a purpose-built Music and Gymnasium Centre (Bunjil), extensive sporting facilities including a full-size oval and cross-country tracks with the ability to host inter-school and cross campus events, and new outdoor multi-purpose courts (tennis and basketball). Its spacious, naturally-lit classrooms and multi-purpose halls comprise natural-timbered walls and structures. Open fireplaces are a feature, and a minimum of corridors provides an open and welcoming feel. Students enjoy a fully-equipped library, art classroom and numerous multi-purpose learning spaces.

Penbank’s dedicated learning support and extension centre is known as ‘Pathways’. It comprises a large classroom space and several adjoining withdrawal spaces for individual or group remediation work, reading recovery and extension activities.

Interactive Whiteboards are used in all classrooms. Year 4–6 students use individual MacBooks. Two Apple Mac computer banks, a class set of 25 iPads and audio visual equipment are shared throughout the school.

A new Corroboree Area, called Ngargee Ground (meaning a meeting or performance space in Boon Wurrung language), reflects our value of Indigenous partnerships and understanding, significantly the Wugubank Partnership initiated by the Penbank Campus.

Students and staff maintain a vegetable garden, orchard and propagation shed, using the produce for cooking and learning about plant propagation and care. Students care for farm animals at the campus farm, The Springs, and enjoy the school's rural programs.

There are various playground areas including a lovely wetland area and ‘convict ship’ and ‘Diggings’ constructed by parents for an outdoor school production.

A separate and fully-equipped Early Childhood Centre is located at the campus, set in the beautiful natural surrounds. The ECC is designed to encourage outdoor play and exploration, and learning in nature is a key focus of the early learning program.

The Woodleigh Campus is situated on 55 acres of peaceful native surroundings in Langwarrin South. Care has been taken in the development of all Woodleigh Campuses to ensure that the built environment does not overwhelm the surrounding natural environment, which is unique and special to our school.

Woodleigh Campus has an impressive list of specialised facilities. These include a fully fitted School Hall with and extensive lighting and sound rig. The Jago Centre for Performing Arts features multiple music performance/study spaces, dance/drama studio, film studio and a post-production area. The Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Gallery is the centerpiece of the school’s Visual Arts facilities, which include a Computer Aided Design Studio as well as Junior and Senior art classrooms.

Woodleigh’s award-winning Science Centre includes Marine Biology facilities and dedicated Chemistry, Physics and Biology classrooms for senior students. The campus also boasts a fully-resourced library, careers centre, sustainability and agriculture/horticulture centre, multi-purpose courts, sports oval and gymnasium.

In 2015, Woodleigh opened the first three, of six, Homesteads as part of a learning spaces renewal program. The new Homesteads 1, 2 and 3 have received multiple awards from The Association for Learning Environments, and Architizer. The redevelopment timeline of Homesteads 4, 6 and 7 will be announced shortly. A new VCE Centre incorporating classrooms, a dedicated exam space and student common room, opened in 2011.

Information Technology facilities include networked classrooms, dedicated computer labs and Interactive Whiteboards, which are used throughout the school. All Woodleigh Campus students are supplied with a 13" Apple MacBook Pro with a Retina Display and flash storage.
Academic study at Woodleigh School is innovative, targeted and structured to consolidate core literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills. It complements an intentionally broad and challenging range of co-curricular studies and experiences. Our assessment is purposeful and learning opportunities are personalised to engage every individual in a journey that excites them.

The School’s unique "V" curriculum provides a secure, structured environment for young children, where they develop a love for learning and life and discover their talents. As they move up through the School, the "V" broadens and students progressively take responsibility for their lives and grow in independence. The focus is increasingly on self-initiative, motivation, self-esteem and self-control.

Curriculum structure and time allocations reflect state requirements. Year 9 includes extended city and wilderness experiences, Year 10 is elective-based and in Years 11 and 12, a wide range of VCE subjects are offered, with very low class size averages (the average Year 12 class has only 12 students). Support and extension provisions are extensive.

The responsibility of Pastoral Care at Woodleigh is of all staff but primarily of the classroom teacher who spends the most time with individual students. Support services within the area of pastoral care are the wider staff, administration team and the School counsellor.

We offer counselling, specific therapeutic approaches, group and individualised programs as well as referral information for students and families. Referrals can also be made to our School Psychologist and Creative Arts Therapist.

Our approach to student welfare is proactive and solution focused. It is our belief that, with guidance, students can increasingly take responsibility for all aspects of their lives.

Through our academic, outdoor, pastoral, co-curricular and sports programs, we strive to develop in our students self-confidence, enthusiasm and independent thinking as assets for life.

Woodleigh seeks to develop in students the wide range of personal competencies required of an independent adult in our society. Through the many programs, experiences and opportunities created, students are able to acquire the self-confidence, self-discipline, self-esteem and independence necessary for happiness and success in tertiary studies and in life.

Young people need to develop these skills gradually and it is therefore necessary to maintain a balance between the degrees of authority and freedom appropriate to the student’s age. At all times we conceive of education in the widest of terms: as a journey from childhood to adulthood.

Beneath the fun, and the obvious excitement in participation at Woodleigh, lies a toughness and challenge which is exemplified in the principle: ‘We should never do for young people what they, with a struggle, could be expected to be doing for themselves’. Or in other words, ‘There is no growth without struggle’.

This growth occurs with an ethos of care and respect, but also with the belief that as young people grow up, they need to take increasing responsibility for their lives and others’ needs.
We are a leader of innovative and creative learning. We support the development of the whole child through a broad experiential educational program.

A Woodleigh education helps young people to be more human in an increasingly technical world. Interwoven Academic and Pastoral Care programs build respectful and trusting relationships between students and staff – creating an environment where students have the permission to try new theories, to fail, struggle, learn and achieve.

It is critical that we at Woodleigh School continue to evolve so as to best equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life beyond school.
At Woodleigh, we believe that great education is more than just an excellent academic preparation for the future.

Great education builds resilience and resourcefulness – the ability to find a way, to struggle and achieve.

It gives students the confidence to push their own limits – to take on and conquer new challenges.

Great education is creative. It is collaborative. It is hard work for just reward. It has balance and perspective, nurtures self-worth and instils the desire to contribute and make change.



At Woodleigh School, we are searching for the next generation of great thinkers. The creative minds and generous hearts who will shape our world in the years ahead.

Woodleigh offer three types of scholarship: Academic, Music and a ‘Principal’s Scholarship’, which recognises those students who are passionate about their learning, committed to striving for excellence and dedicated to their community.

Woodleigh School welcomes applications from talented girls and boys who feel that they have much to offer our school community. A limited number of scholarships are offered each year to students entering in Years 5 and 7. The number of scholarships awarded is dependent upon the quality of the applicants and the places available.

Scholarship testing is generally held in early February, with applications open from late October in the previous year.

Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Principal, whose decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. The Scholarships will be for either 25% or 50% remission of tuition fees. Scholarships are awarded with the intention that they will continue to the end of Year 12, and will be subject to annual review by the Principal.


These scholarships are awarded to the most academically able students. Students who display outstanding academic ability on the scholarship test will be invited to an interview with the Principal. Evidence of a particular academic talent and other notable interests and achievements, along with a commitment to the School’s ethos, will also be taken into account.


Students applying for a Music Scholarship are required to sit the scholarship test, however, most weight will be placed upon evidence of a high degree of talent in their chosen instrument/s. It is expected that applicants are able to perform to a minimum standard of AMEB Grade 3 (for Year 7 entry) or AMEB Grade 2 (for Year 5 entry), or a comparable level. Applicants must provide a portfolio in support of their application showing evidence of varying solo or ensemble performances, duration of study, examination gradings, and/or the ability to perform on more than one instrument. Applicants may also like to include a reference from their music teacher. Selected students will be invited to audition before the Director of Music, where they will be asked to perform two contrasting pieces of music on their chosen instrument/s, and to demonstrate their ability to sight read.


Principal’s Scholarships are offered to students who do not currently attend Woodleigh School for entry into Year 7 and Year 5 only.

They are awarded on the basis of sound academic potential, a strong desire to learn and the willingness to fully participate in the co-curricular life of the School. Leadership skills, citizenship qualities, a commitment to community service, and a particular talent in Visual or Performing Arts, Music and/or Sport, are all key selection criteria. Students applying for a Principal’s Scholarship are required to sit the scholarship test and to submit a portfolio providing evidence of their academic engagement, participation in local sport or community groups, their desire to serve others and of their efforts to make a positive contribution to their wider school community.

If you have any further questions regarding Woodleigh School Scholarships, please feel free to contact the Enrolments Office on 5971 6100 or enrol@woodleigh.vic.edu.au .


Scholarship tests are usually held on a Saturday morning in mid February, for entry the following year.

The Woodleigh School Scholarship tests are conducted by EduTest www.edutest.com.au and testing dates are advertised via the Woodleigh School website and the local press in January.

A Scholarship entry fee is charged to cover administrative and testing expenses and must be paid at the time the application is lodged. This fee is reviewed annually, the fee for 2016 testing was $80.00. 


Transport Options


An extensive bus network brings students to the Penbank and Minimbah Campuses from areas all across the Mornington Peninsula.

Penbank and Minimbah operate a direct bus service from Flinders via Shoreham, Red Hill South, Red Hill and Mount Martha for primary students.

There is also a cross-campus shuttle bus which runs from Woodleigh Campus to Penbank and Minimbah Campuses in the morning and from Penbank and Minimbah Campuses to Woodleigh Campus in the afternoon. The shuttle bus links with most contract bus services.


Woodleigh School contract buses service Westernport townships, the Southern Peninsula, Mount Martha and the Pearcedale-Langwarrin areas.

Mornington, Mount Eliza and Frankston (including Frankston train station) are connected to the school by myki school buses.

For more information about bus services at Woodleigh School contact: Robyn Kent, Bus Coordinator at Senior Campus on rkent@woodleigh.vic.edu.au or by phone on 5971 6100.

Your Invitation

Tours can also be held at any time by arrangement with Sally Hicks, Director of Enrolments. Simply ring 5971 6100 or visit our website http://www.woodleigh.school/enrol to make an appointment.

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