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Hubbard's School - Milton QLD

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Hubbard's School
Level 1/15 Lang Parade
Hubbard's School was founded in 1952. All these years later years later many things have changed, but one thing has never changed: our mission to assist students to achieve their educational goals and to prepare for and transition to tertiary studies.
PO Box 1576, Milton QLD 4064
Brisbane Central & East
07 3371 5999

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Your bridge to success.

Secondary School
Independent, Non-denominational
Non Denominational
- Senior External (Year 11 & 12)
- Adult Education (Uni Prerequisite)
- Private Tutoring (Years 7+)
- $4000 / Subject (Senior External Program)
Approx. 70 students
  • Academic Achievement
  • Educational Support
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Tertiary Pathways

Hubbard’s School is a co-educational, Queensland Independent School situated at Level 1/ 15 Lang Parade, Milton.

The Hubbard's School educational program is recognised as an alternative, differentiated, rigorous academic pathway for senior school students. This pathway and pedagogical approach is tailored to prepare and support academic students to complete year 12 through external senior examinations in preparation for future tertiary studies. This pathway also enables students who require a flexible education program to cater to their personal situation. Students can tailor their individual educational program by selecting from one to five subjects during the year. Some of the reasons that students choose this pathway include: heavy training schedules in sports, dance, theatre and music, accelerated or differentiated learning styles, and unique medical circumstances

We look forward to working with you!

Year 11 & 12 (Senior External)

This Alternative Academic Program caters exclusively to senior school-aged students. Students enrolled in this option complete each senior school subject in one scholastic year; not over two years as is the norm in mainstream schools. This program prepares students for success at the tertiary level with: - an academic focus - considerable personal freedom (and consequent responsibility) - a balanced lifestyle.

University Prerequisite Courses (CATP)

Hubbard’s School University Prerequiste Courses form part of the Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation (10397 NAT). These courses are conducted at the school. Separately, the subject areas satisfy the prerequisites for courses requiring a Sound Achievement at Year 12 level at most Queensland universities. Students have the responsibility to confirm this with the university prior to enrolment.

Academic Coaching

Hubbard's School has enthusiastic, qualified and experienced staff who offer various types of coaching and tutoring:

- Academic Tutoring
- Special Tertiary Admissions Test Tutoring
- Personal Essay Tutoring
- Vacation School
- Study Skills Sessions
- Life Coaching
- Career Guidance

The student-centred approach to education at Hubbard's School is critical to the way it operates as a learning organisation. The smooth transition from the Hubbard's School academic program into University, TAFE, or the workforce is made possible through a focus on establishing quality relationships with students.

Hubbard's School staff and teachers work in partnership with parents and students to assist students to achieve their full potential. A focus on personal strategic planning helps our students gain the confidence and skills they need to be successful.

Hubbard's School Offers:

Year 11 & 12 (Senior External) - For more information please navigate to 'Year 11 and 12' on our website.

University Prerequisite Courses (CATP) - For more information please navigate to 'Uni Prerequisite' on our website.

Academic Coaching - For more information please navigate to 'Academic Coaching' on our website.

Hubbard’s School aims to deliver a challenging and rewarding curriculum in a nurturing, academic environment. We do this by providing a positive education experience which gives each student the opportunity to experience breakthrough success.

Our ethos is to strive to reignite each student’s personal learning journey by helping them to:

- Reignite their passion for learning
- Reimagine their learning strategies
- Realise their learning goals

We aim to facilitate the development of our students to become independent and confident learners who contribute to society in a positive manner.

We champion “U-centric” learning focused on the personal strategic achievements of our students.

Students making excellent progress in their Bridging Courses to satisfy Maths B and/or Chemistry this semester.

Lessons are held three times weekly for three hours each evening.

This format accommodates full-time work. It is challengeing to balance work, personal and academic demands but, with the guidance of effective and caring teachers, all students are succeeding. 

Other students are progressing well towards satisfying a Physics prerequisite. These are enrolled in Hubbard's Flexi program. This program allows the students to pace themselves by working at home but also has the added advantage of lots of private and small group tutoring. Maths B can be done this way too.

Yet other students are working through a program to satisfy an English Prerequisite. a specialised format has been designed to accommodate individual needs.

By far our most popular method of satisfying prerequisites is Hubbard's Intensive program. Students enrol in just one subject area. Their day classes commence Wednesday 23rd November and conclude on Tuesday 20th December 2010. That's just four weeks. It is a very demanding option but very rewarding. Students work conscientiously for the whole time. they should not plan to do much else other than attend lessons and study during that time. The pass rate is extraordinarity high despite the workload and the timeframe. for QTAC applicants, results can be submitted to QTAC in time for January 2012 offers.

Hubbard's School
Hubbard's School
Hubbard's School
Hubbard's School
Hubbard's School

Hubbard's School - Milton QLD


07 3371 5999
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