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Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School Terranora, NSW

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Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School
Mahers Lane
New South Wales
Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School has one overriding focus - helping our students excel in life. We achieve this through a balanced learning program that ensures students achieve their academic potential while accumulating important life skills.
Gold Coast
07 5590 5099
Preschool - Year 4
Sunshine Avenue, Tweed Heads South
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Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School Terranora, NSW
Early Learning, Primary School, Secondary School
P - 12
more than $7,200 p.a

At Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School we develop student ability in three dimensions: academic, creative and ethical.

Lindisfarne is located in far northern New South Wales (NSW) and follows the NSW Board of Studies curriculum. Lindisfarne has an Early Learning Centre which includes Preschool and Kindergarten. A Multi Purpose centre including a theatre, tennis, netball and basketball courts. Grounds include handball courts, shaded meeting areas and two ovals. Two magnificent art studios with equipment and materials for digital media, photography, pottery, textiles, printmaking and painting. Purpose built dance, drama and recording studios, 4 science labs, industrial arts rooms, Mac and PC labs with wireless access. Class rooms are equipped with electronic white boards and the school offers three private bus services for students who reside in QLD (southern Gold Coast), Mullumbimby and Ocean Shores.
The School offers a structured academic curriculum which challenges and supports all students. In addition Lindisfarne excels in the performing arts and sports. Vocational Pathways are available to students in Years 11 and 12. Lindisfarne has a strong Anglican identity reflected in its Pastoral Care Program.
<p>Tuition is available in music and academic subjects. Before and After School Care is also offered.</p>
Model of Learning

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School presents a balanced educational program that provides students with every opportunity to excel academically and as an individual.
Our model of learning is based on the philosophy that quality teaching achieves outstanding results when it is delivered in a community environment that values human relationships and pastoral care.

Through our model of learning we develop student ability in three dimensions:

A structured curriculum which challenges and supports students in their ability to use the skills of language, mathematical and verbal reasoning, logic, memory and processing of information. Lindisfarne seeks to eliminate underachievement by raising the expectations of students and their potential to succeed.

The ability to think and act with fluency, innovation, openness and originality. These qualities are developed through a broad curriculum which recognises each student's strengths and abilities.

As an Anglican school Lindisfarne believes in tradition and scripture but we are also guided by reason and experience. We provide students with the ability to think and act with moral insight – ethical inquiry that is the fundamental context of all learning.

Through these three pillars of learning Lindisfarne creates meaning and purpose for students while they experience spirituality within Anglican practice and tradition. Our goal is to ensure they lead lives that are productive and fulfilled.


Each year the School offers a limited number of Academic and Music & Performing Arts Scholarships.

Scholarships are availble under the following criteria:

Current students entering Year 5 the following year. Current students in Year 4 can apply for Academic Scholarships in preparation of Year 5. Scholarships awarded only apply until the completion of Year 6.

Current students entering Year 7 the following year. Current students in Year 6 can apply for Academic and/or Music & Performing Arts Scholarships in preparation for Year 7.

New students entering Year 5 can apply for Academic Scholarships. Scholarships awarded only apply until the completion of Year 6.

New students entering Years 7-11 can apply for Academic and/or Music & Performing Arts Scholarships.

Both Academic and Music & Performing Arts Scholarships require applicants to sit an academic exam conducted by Edutest.

Scholarships provide a benefit of up to 50% off the tuition component of a student’s fees.

Please note an annual review process of all scholarship recipients is conducted to ensure that:

  • students maintain consistently high academic or performing arts standards
  • students maintain consistently high levels of conduct and participation.

For new students, please note that failure to be awarded a scholarship will in no way prejudice the enrolment of a new student who has already been accepted for entry. The decision to award a scholarship and the level of assistance granted is entirely at the discretion of the Principal and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into with regard to such decisions.

The Edutest scholarship examination will take place on Saturday 30 April, 2016, Performing Arts auditions will be held on Monday 2 May, 2016.


Academic Scholarships - Current Students

Academic Scholarships - New Students

Performing Arts Scholarships - Current Students

Performing Arts Scholarships - New Students



Principal's Message

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School is the leading Preschool to Year 12 coeducational school in the southern Gold Coast and greater Tweed Valley regions.

An independent school in the Anglican tradition, Lindisfarne Grammar catersfor students wishing to complete the NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC) or a Vocational Education pathway.

As the region’s leading grammar school our focus is ensuring that all students receive opportunities to develop their talents and succeed. The foundation of our academic program is the belief that excellence is the right of every student. Our mission is to help each student excel through the development of:

  • Academic skills
  • Knowledge of the world’s past, present and its sustainable development
  • Values, by educating students in a respectful, tolerant environment
  • Passion for lifelong learning
  • Emphasis on contemporary technology

Our unique learning program provides the essential skills and qualities students need to become the leaders of tomorrow who:

  • Accept responsibility for their own behaviour and not blame others
  • Are able to empathise with others
  • See difficulties as a challenge and not an obstacle
  • Are confident in a range of social situations
  • Are flexible and adapt to a constantly changing world
  • Relate to people from a diverse range of backgrounds, abilities and interests
  • And are determined to never give up and have a go and persevere until they are successful.

To help our students succeed, Lindisfarne Grammar provides a rounded education with a strong focus on personal achievement. A partnership between parents, students and teachers is a critical factor in the success of our students. To achieve this we believe the most powerful way to make a difference is to foster these relationships within a community framework.

At Lindisfarne we have strong partnerships with parents, academic teaching staff who excel in supporting students and providing appropriate intellectual challenges, deep spiritual awareness with a foundation of compassion and hope and a whole school sense of optimism that we will help the students in our care to live their dreams, make a difference and leave the world a better place.  

Our School has two multi-million dollar campuses with state of the art facilities for Preschool to Year 4 and Year 5 to Year 12. I encourage you to arrange a tour to discover why Lindisfarne Grammar leads the way in this region.

We welcome and look forward to working in partnership with you as your child or children benefit from an education at our school.

P          07 5590 5099 

E          principal@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au


To give your child the opportunity of an education at Lindisfarne or to book a tour of our breathtaking campus please phone us on 07 5590 5099, email enrolments@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au or visit us online at www.lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au

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