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Masada College
9-15 Link Road
St Ives
New South Wales
A co-educational school on Sydney's North Shore that raises responsible individual thinkers with a strong sense of social justice and confidence in their ability to determine their own future.
9-15 Link Road
Sydney North
02 9449 3744
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Mrs Wendy Barel
Early Learning, Primary School, Secondary School
ELC - 12
  • Academic Achievement
  • Community
  • Culture / Tradition
  • Educational Support
  • Faith / Religion
  • Numeracy / Literacy
  • Personal Values

Welcome to Masada College, a co-educational school on the North Shore that raises responsible individual thinkers with a strong sense of social justice and confidence in their ability to determine their own future. We work in close partnership with parents and teachers to maximise students' potential. It is not surprising that our graduates win scholarships and awards and embark on a diverse range of career paths. Students from all backgrounds are welcome to our Jewish College which prides itself on inclusivity. Come and talk to us about what we can offer your child. Contact our Enrolments Office for a school tour or for a prospectus – 9449 3744 or enrolments@staff.masada.nsw.edu.au

Since its inception Masada College has had a consistent record of academic excellence as measured by our students' performance in a wide variety of tests, competitions and external examination. In the NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC), Masada College has performed in the top echelons year after year, consistently being placed in the top schools in NSW for its overall results and for specific subject areas.

These results are achieved through a variety of factors: prominent among them are teacher excellence and dedication, close partnerships with parents, our focus on tailoring the teaching and curriculum to fit in with the needs of the individual and a high teacher student ratio.  All of these factors are integrated into our Leading Learning educational package.

Every year our graduates emerge with the highest academic achievements and move into various fields of tertiary study.  Their academic training, together with the leadership skills and Jewish values on which we place so much emphasis, ensure that they are well rounded, community minded, Australian citizens, life long learners and independent, creative thinkers.


Masada College Torah Stream

With great excitement Masada College embarked on another historic and visionary endeavour. Our goal was simple, to create ONE Vision, ONE Team, to unite our ONE great community.  The successful consolidation of our Junior School at St Ives provided perfect timing for this initiative and the entire community embraced a culture of unity and harmony. We could not think of more auspicious time to establish Masada College’s Torah Stream.

As our community has grown and matured, so have our needs with a growing observant community here in St Ives; a community of young families, Masada College graduates that have children of their own, and who need a school to cater to their academic and religious needs.  Masada College is so very proud to be providing an educational option for all of the North Shore’s children.

Rabbis’ Barak Cohen and Evan Widmonte worked diligently to create an elective Judaic Studies program which commenced in 2015 with the goal of offering an accelerated Jewish Studies curriculum for any of Masada College’s Junior School students.  For the majority of the regular school day, all students learn general studies together in a single integrated class, the Torah Stream Program is an option with its own Judaic Studies program offering a more in-depth study of Torah topics.

About Us

Masada College prides itself on developing well rounded, confident leaders who are independent, creative thinkers with an awareness of their world. Our Leading Learning educational package ensures our students are provided with the skills required both for learning and living post school. We offer students an extensive range of subject choices and a diverse co-curricular program, with a focus on recognising the leader within each student.

YEARS 7 - 10
Masada College Senior School follows the NSW Board of Studies’ guidelines with all students in Years 7-10 covering the required hours of study in the Key Learning Areas:
Creative Arts
Technological and Applied Studies
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
Human Society and its Environment
Language other than English
In Years 7 and 8, all students have a Jewish Life component.
YEARS 9 & 10
In Year 9, students choose three electives and in Year 10, students choose four electives from a range of subjects including:
Jewish Life
Food Technology
Design and Technology Workshop
Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS)
Visual Arts
Textiles Technology
In Year 9 all students continue to study Jewish Life.
In Years 9 and 10, all students continue to study Jewish History. Jewish students in Year 10 elect which course(s) of Jewish Life/Hebrew they prefer.

YEARS 11 & 12
The subjects offered in Years 11 and 12 vary according to the interests and strengths of each specific cohort of students. All students must study English (either Advanced, Standard or ESL) and then choose courses, which regularly include:
Hebrew (Modern and/or Classical)
Mathematics (all levels)
Modern History
Ancient History
Society and Culture
Studies of Religion
Business Studies
Extension courses
Hospitality (Food and Beverage)
Food Technology
Design and Technology
Visual Arts
And such others which may be feasible from time to time
The Year 11 Preliminary course subjects are prerequisites for the HSC courses in those subjects. Masada advises students to study 13 or 14 units in Year 11 (two more than the Board of Studies minimum) and 11 or 12 units for the HSC year. In Year 11 and 12, all students also attend weekly Issues and Ethics classes.
Students are provided with alternative paths for subjects they may wish to study which fall outside of those offered.


We are an Australian school, taking pride in being Australian and endeavouring to train our students to be excellent citizens of this wonderful country. We strive to make them appreciative of the history and achievements of Australia and all its peoples, celebrating successes, commemorating historical landmarks and establishing indigenous programs.
We are a nurturing school and want every student of Masada College to feel as if they are a member of a family with all the benefits and responsibilities which that entails. Based on the precept that every member of our community is responsible for every other member, we make it a priority to ensure that all of our children feel appreciated, understood and loved. Our Leader in Me program reinforces these concepts.
While the College’s philosophy is based on Modern Orthodox traditions, it enjoys the diversity of the traditions and cultures of its students and their families. A strong sense of understanding of one’s heritage and of one’s community is central to our teaching.
We aim to raise the level of responsibility in our students through our Leading Learning educational package which includes our Raising Responsibility behavioural management system, our Leader in Me programs and our Reggio Emilia and Culture of Thinking pedagogy which nurtures independent, critical thinkers and life long learners.

Principal's Message

As one of the very few private coeducational schools on Sydney’s North Shore we are very proud of what our College has to offer to our students and their families, with whom, as a community school, we work in very close partnership.

There is no better way to judge a school than to walk through its gates and gauge the attitude of the students and staff. At Masada College we regularly have visitors comment on the positive vibe they feel in walking into our playground and reception area. We hope to have the opportunity to take you for a tour soon and let you experience it for yourself.

Masada College, St Ives NSW

9-15 Link Road 
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