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302 Manly Road
A P-12 Uniting Church School for boys on Brisbane's Eastern Bayside. IB World School.
302 Manly Road, Manly West Q 4179
Brisbane Central & East, Brisbane South
07 3906 9444

 An International Baccalaureate World School

Crest/ Logo

Life adventurers. Life achievers.

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Moreton Bay Boys’ College Head of College Tours Wed May 02 @ 9:00AM - 10:30AM
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Moreton Bay Boys’ College Head of College Tours Fri Jun 08 @ 9:00AM - 10:30AM
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Moreton Bay Boys’ College Head of College Tours Fri Jul 20 @ 9:00AM - 10:30AM
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Moreton Bay Boys’ College Head of College Tours Wed Oct 10 @ 9:00AM - 10:30AM
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Mr James Sloman
Early Learning, Primary School, Secondary School
Independent, Uniting Church
Uniting Church
Prep - Year 12
All inclusive fees (only camp levy additional). Prep-Year 4 $8150; Years 5-6 $9680; Years 7-12 $10,920
  • Academic Achievement
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Pastoral Care / Guidance
  • Personal Values
  • Sport


Camps at MBBC

Last week I had the great pleasure of attending the Year 4 Camp. The boys had a great time and it was a wonderful experience for them all. I love attending school camps and especially love the fact that here at MBBC we have a focus on outdoor education. I think this is a very valuable aspect of our school experience. Let me explain why.

Camps are a wonderful chance for the boys to develop independence and resilience. They have the opportunity to become a risk-taker and know the success of overcoming difficulties and/or fears in life. They also develop very close relations with many of their class members that simply would not happen in a classroom.

It is vitally important for young men to learn independence and not be reliant on mum and dad simply doing everything for them. Camps help them to develop these skills in a structured way as they have to step up and take some responsibility for themselves. As the boys get older let them pack their own bags and then they have to deal with the consequences of forgetting something.

They learn resilience as they have to face being away from home for a period of time. They learn to cope with new settings and structures. They might even have to sleep in a tent or cook their own food. They have to separate themselves from the comfort of home (computers, TV, a fridge to raid and maybe even a soft bed) for a period of time. They have to try new foods. These are all things that help young men to develop some resilience and learn how to cope with some very slight adversity or challenges. After all we all know that as they grow they will learn that life is full of adversity, change and challenges. We need to help prepare them to face and deal with these issues as they arise and one of the best ways is by putting them out of their comfort zone in a safe structured way.

They learn how to challenge themselves and take some risks. Many of our outdoor camps involve activities that challenge the boys to push past their fears. They might be going on a high ropes course or a giant swing, or having to hike a distance lugging a heavy backpack. I have seen so many students who were a bit scared and have pushed past that and completed tasks that they did not think they could. The sense of achievement and pride in those moments are golden.

Finally one of the biggest positives about camps is that they bring the boys together away from the usual structures and clichés of school. The boys get to know each other much better, they develop bonds and friendships that will carry them through the remainder of their schooling years. On top of that they come back to school with a strong shared experience. For boys who do not attend camp this can have a big impact on their socialisation within the year level or class group. Camp brings the boys together in a way that very little else can so this makes camps vitally important if the boy is new to the school.

The Outdoor education set in place here at MBBC runs from Prep all the way through to the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme in the Senior Years. May I gently encourage you to always insist that your boy attends their camps as they come up. We do not do our children any real favours if we baby them. In fact all we do is really negatively impact them in these vital areas of growth (independence, resilience and friendship groups) as they travel towards becoming a man. So let’s help our boys to become men and please support the outdoor education program at MBBC by talking it up as well as making sure our boys are involved.

As the school Chaplain my role is to support and serve all the members of the college community. So if I can be of assistance to you or your family or if you ever wish to give me any comments or feedback on these ‘Chaplain’s Corner’ articles then please email me on: mccarthys@mbbc.qld.edu.au

Shane McCarthy

School Chaplain





About Us

Classrooms are state-of-the-art, technology rich and oversized, to meet the requirements of teaching boys. The stunning, environmentally-friendly campus features an open, leafy environment, shady play areas and a 5ha nature reserve. Facilities include dedicated IT labs; science lab; art room; and music room, with shared use facilities of MBC’s pool, gymnasium, additional athletics and playing fields, and music hall. The school is equipped with one computer for every two boys.
The College offers innovative, engaging programs from Prep to Year 12, providing lifelong learning tools. Strong focus given to literacy, numeracy, science and thinking. The College is a International Baccalaureate World School, which introduces an internationally recognised inquiry based curriculum and broadens the boys’ horizons. A dedicated middle school program focuses on the emerging needs of young adolescents. An extensive, flexible range of academic and vocational pathways is offered for seniors (Y10-Y12). Last year our 2011 graduates received 100% entry into their Universities of choice. MBBC is a Healthy Waterways Award winner and Peter Doherty Science Award winner.

Supporting, caring and happy environment supported by Christian values. Small classes and encouraging, individual attention. Highly qualified staff with a genuine passion for helping boys’ achieve the best they can be, in their chosen areas of interest and personal endeavour.

Extensive sporting, musical, cultural and specialist activities eg music (instrumental, choir and various ensembles); speech and communication; drama; chess; debating; public speaking; eisteddfod; science club; art club; Lego robotics; sport - AFL, AFL Aus Kick athletics, basketball, cricket, cross country, gymnastics, rugby union, running club, sailing, soccer, swimming, tennis, touch football.



MBBC Scholarships

Moreton Bay Boys’ College offers two categories of scholarship:

  • Academic Scholarships
  • General Excellence Scholarships

Scholarships are offered to students enrolling in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11.

All scholarships can be tenable for the duration of the student’s secondary education, but conditional upon annual review. There is an expectation that students will contribute to MBBC life as well as support the ethos of the College.

Scholarship applicants are required to sit the Australian Centre for Educational Research (ACER) Scholarship Examination held in February or March of the year prior to commencing. For more information about ACER please visit their website at www.acer.edu.au.

Academic Scholarship

The award of an Academic Scholarship will be based on the ACER Scholarship Examination results and interview with the Head of College.

MBBC Scholarships provide up to 50% on tuition fees only.

General Excellence Scholarship

General Excellence Scholarships are offered to students displaying general excellence in their chosen field, whether this is music, the performing arts, or the sporting arena. All applicants are expected to be able to demonstrate a sound level of academic achievement and additionally exhibit all round qualities and character or an outstanding ability in one activity or interest.

The award of a General Excellence Scholarship will be based on the ACER Scholarship Examination results, an interview with the Head of College and additional interviews/auditions as required.

The successful applicant will be awarded up to 50% academic tuition fees and/or part or whole remission of music, performing arts, sport tuition/coaching fees.

General Excellence Scholarship applicants must submit an application form outlining their area of achievement together with any additional reports – Click here to download an application form.

To view our scholarships offerings in brochure format click here: Scholarship Information

For more information please contact the College Registrar: Ph: 07 3906 9444 or 07 3906 9406,  Email: registrar@mbbc.qld.edu.au








Feature Story


Moreton Bay Boys’ College has officially opened Queensland’s only school-based mountain bike track today. The blue ribbon was cut by Brisbane City Councillor Matthew Bourke, attended by Lord Mayor’s Representative Deirdre Thompson, Councillor Peter Cumming and cheered on by many happy MBBC mountain biking boys! The one kilometre track – which features jumps, hairpin bends, and other challenges has undergone a massive development since its inception two years ago.

The track was originally the brainchild of a student who suggested the idea as part of a school assignment.  Two years later, about 110 MBBC boys regularly tackle the track and have formed an active mountain biking club.

Executive Principal Mr James Sloman welcomed the parents, boys and spectators praising the work of enthusiastic teacher Mr Paul Fleuren and commending the boys for getting outside and being active.

‘When I first heard about Moreton Bay Boys’ College I said “Is that the mountain biking school?” and mountain biking is a very special part of the school now, with its own student designed track which represents many hours of hard work by parents and their sons. They meet at races and now have a very strong presence on the track. We are really achieving some great results!’

Club members proudly wear MBBC mountain biking gear and compete on weekends throughout the district, with many boys achieving podium finishes.

The track was constructed by students and parents during a series of working bees with the facility receiving finishing touches by South East Queensland recreational trail construction company Trailworx.

Photographers visited the new trail to publish this article and images in the Wynnum Herald.









Transport Options

Moreton Bay Boys College is located on Manly Road, Manly West.  Students travel to school via private car, foot, bike and both school and council bus services.

For a full listing of bus routes and maps please see our web page http://mbbc.qld.edu.au/student-care/student-transport/

The College has arrangements for the use of dedicated student bus services.  Theses services are currently provided by Mt Gravatt Bus Service and Transdev Queensland (formerly Veolia Transport).  These companies provide a service for several schools in the area.

Students use a TransLink ‘Go Card’  for ticketing purposes. Contact the bus companies for route, bus stop and ticketing information.

Mt Gravatt Bus Services

Web: www.mtgcoach.com.au

Email: info@mtgcoach.com.au

Telephone: 07 3841 3722

Transdev Queensland (previously known as Veolia Bus Services)

Please click here for information on Transdev buses that service Moreton Bay Boys College

Email: qld.admin@transdev.com.au

Telephone: 07 3248 6100

Test Results

Past Student Profiles

Congratulations on our graduating students of MBBC 2013

Again this year 100% of our Senior students who were OP eligible received an OP between 1 and 15. Our most recent graduates achieved well above the QLD state average, with 61% of our students gaining OP scores of between 1-10.



Via Google reviews

We have three boys at MBBC. They all seem very happy. The curriculum seems challenging and diverse. One of my boys wrote his teacher a lovely letter within months of starting at MBBC and having transferred from somewhere else, thanking her profusely for “teaching me how to write…!” A school is successful when it aims for excellence in teaching and learning, when it provides for a diversity of interests, and when it keeps faith with its parents and students. So far, MBBC seems to tick all the boxes. Chris July, 2013

” BEST BOYS SCHOOL. My son is in love with this school, he is so happy each day knowing he is going to school he enjoys. The teachers are great and the community involvement is outstanding. We went to the Trivia Night and met so many other wonderful teachers and families. Thank you. Tiffany March 2012

BRISBANE’S BEST school for boys. Mr Wood and his amazing staff are doing great things for boys education. Thank you. 2012.

“An excellent Brisbane boys school. Great subjects for the boys, lots of sports, and extra co-curricular activities; means my boys are always active, busy and learning.”  Emma, Feb 2012

“THE BEST boys school in Brisbane!!! Great facilities, great teachers and excellent parent support. I would recommend this school to all parents looking to give their son the best chance to succeed in such a competitive world. Such a wonderful range of subjects boys can choose from and real life initiatives being introduced to re-engage students in learning. I LOVE IT!!!”  Elsa, Jan 2012

” A very good school for boys, great teachers and support. Everything you could ask for, I would highly recommend it to parents looking to give their boys a great head start. ”  Jan 2012

“Outstanding school, great parent support, wonderful teachers and my sons are so happy. Thank you.”  S. Wills, Jan 2012

“The best school for boys! Such a supportive bunch of teachers and staff. Thank you, it is a joy knowing my children want to go to school each day. Keep up the good work. Jenny, January 2012

” Love it!! ”  Anna, Jan 2012

Principal's Message

Principal's Image


Welcome to Moreton Bay Boys’ College. As you navigate our site, you will experience the energy and vibrancy of our college. You will begin to get a sense of the how the college feels as a community for your son’s learning and growth. It is important for us as a college that your son grows into a strong and compassionate young man prepared for the world and for his future.

At MBBC our college students are encouraged to extend themselves intellectually and to strive to achieve-whether this is in the classroom, the playing field or the stage. For your son to grow into a man capable of dealing with life’s challenges he needs a school experience that allows him to become as our motto suggests, a life adventurers; and life achiever!

As a father of two boys attending Moreton Bay Boys’ College it is important for me as my sons become men they ask challenging questions, think critically, develop research skills proven to help them in higher education and are encouraged to be active in their communities to take their learning beyond academic study. The college is the right place for them to be!

Moreton Bay Boys’ College has a strong philosophy of educating the whole person-body, mind, heart and spirit. The focus on academic excellence is underpinned by a rich and caring pastoral program. This is coupled with rich co-curricular program to engage your son across visual and performing arts, cultural activities and a wide range of sports.

Boys need a learning environment that gives both the boundaries and the freedom to explore and experiment, to take risks, to debate and challenge! Moreton Bay Boys’ College provides this and our outstanding teaching staff strive to ensure that your son will achieve his personal best, embrace opportunities to develop as a leader, to volunteer, to develop courage to overcome and to act with integrity. As a single sex college your son is free to be himself and to build a strong and resilient self-esteem. Like our sister school, Moreton Bay College, Moreton Bay Boys’ College has a strong tradition in single sex education. We are also a young and dynamic school embracing innovation and change. This creates an exciting learning environment for your son to thrive.

Keep on shining

James Sloman






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Moreton Bay Boys' College Manly West Qld

302 Manly Road 
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