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Rockhampton Grammar School, Rockhampton
Archer Street
Founded in 1881 and one of Australia’s Top Country Schools, The Rockhampton Grammar School’s expectation is that every day every student, at every opportunity, will seek to do his or her personal best in all that they undertake.
Rockhampton & Capricorn
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Macte Virtute Et Litteris. Grow in Character and Scholarship.


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Early Learning, Primary School, Secondary School
Early Learning to Yr 12
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Approximately 1350
  • Academic Achievement
  • Community
  • Personal Values

Great teachers care. They learn to know their students and what makes each one ‘tick’ and they use that knowledge for the benefit of the student’s learning. Additionally, they build resilience, self-belief and hope in their students – some of the greatest lifelong tools RGS students acquire.

As a society we need to celebrate our great teachers; they fundamentally impact on our students’ learning and performance. How much teachers care, how passionate they are about their subject and how well they know their classes are fundamentally important in ensuring that every student, has every opportunity, every day to succeed at RGS.

Here, we are celebrating great teaching by providing an opportunity to each and every one of our teachers to undertake a Masters degree. It’s a unique programme; there’s nothing else like it in Australia. It will enable teachers to be the best they can be, and that means our students will benefit even more.


The Rockhampton Grammar School is listed as among the Top Country Schools in Australia and Top Secondary Schools in Queensland by The Australian.

Established in 1881, the School is passionate about its children’s character formation and learning in all aspects of their life, throughout life, and instilling among them a commitment to community service which enables them, as young Rockhampton Grammar (RGS) men and women, to become responsible and respected members of society.

The largest co-education boarding school in Queensland, RGS take seriously the challenge of preparing students for tomorrow through balanced academic, sporting, co-curricular and social activities.

“Our expectation is that every student will seek to do his or her personal best in all that they undertake,” says Headmaster Dr Phillip Moulds.

These ideals are expressed in the School motto Macte Virtute Et Litteris or Grow in Character and Scholarship.

Between now and 2015 the School will accept approximately 250 new students to its Primary School and Year 7, a response to increased demand from Central Queensland communities.

They’ll join more than 1300 students from all ages and backgrounds who interact freely at RGS in an environment where each student is recognised as an individual and parents are encouraged to participate.

The School is well-appointed, has excellent specialised facilities (including a beach-front outdoor education campus at Emu Park, a farm and a rowing house on the Fitzroy river) and is highly respected for its academic programmes.

“Academic excellence is unashamedly our pursuit, and we have the best technology and equipment to support our students,” adds Dr Moulds.

118 of the School’s 156 Year 12 2012 students were OP eligible. Overall, 38 students, or 32%, received an OP 1-5. Additionally 139 VET qualifications were achieved by the cohort and 98% of the students were awarded Queensland Certificates of Education. Of the 112 students who applied to QTAC, 94.6% received an offer in their first round.

The teachers are outstanding at RGS and are recognised for their passion and commitment. It is the only school in Australia delivering an innovative professional development programme for its teachers in which they all have an opportunity to acquire a Masters Degree. 

More Information

Rockhampton Grammar School Primary will add another class to each Year level by 2014, giving the School three classes per year from Prep through to Year 6. In 2015 Year 7 will move to the Middle School (as all Queensland schools will do under the state mandate).

Teachers go above and beyond for their students – their dedication and commitment evidenced not just in the classroom but at every School function. A good balance between male and female teachers ensures boys and girls have high calibre role models. Specialist teachers also provide in-depth knowledge in subject areas such as art, sport, cooking, music and Japanese.

It is in Primary that the educational building blocks are shaped and the School’s student-focused learning framework, Dimensions of Learning, is fully embraced. This process, at the forefront of modern education, develops in students a complex reasoning approach to learning, once only considered the realm of the gifted child. The skills and processes taught present students with not only great academic outcomes, but also a blueprint for lifelong learning. (View the School’s NAPLAN results at http://www.rgs.qld.edu.au/naplan-results)

Education, however, goes beyond academics. RGS students are taught respect for themselves and respect and consideration for others.


Ritamada, The Rockhampton Grammar School beach-front education facility, takes students away from the routine of the classroom and extends the curriculum into nature and the great outdoors where they learn valuable life skills and grow in confidence in a safe and stimulating environment.

Located along the beautiful Capricorn Coast just outside Emu Park, the campus was bequeathed to the School by Robert Mackay Brown in 1971.

Activities ranging from challenge ropes to sea kayaking and adventure caving are conducted within a challenge by choice philosophy and an atmosphere of encouragement, support and fun.
All students spend time at Ritamada during the school year as part of our pastoral care programme which enables the development of positive relationships among students and provides opportunities for self-growth and discovery.

As the students progress in age, so too do the challenges and activities, allowing students to stretch their boundaries – gaining confidence, independence and maturity.
Students return from their Ritamada experiences with memories to last a lifetime, yet they bring back far more –improved communication, teamwork and leadership skills, along with strengthened relationships, resilience and self-confidence – all geared to preparing them for the next phase in their lives.


The Early Learning Years:
Learning commences long before a child takes the first tentative steps through our gates. It begins in the crucial early years, when girls and boys are developing important bonds with family and educators that will enable friendships to flourish and their trust in teachers and adults to establish.

The Rockhampton Grammar School Early Learning Centre gives children a solid foundation and sense of belonging by ensuring consistency and continuity in teaching staff, and supporting not only the child but parents too. Providing a safe and comfortable home away from home and an extended family environment is vital to the first stages in the education journey.

At the Early Learning Centre we encourage each boy and girl to learn from everything they do. Our children are allowed the freedom to explore their natural environment and grow at their own pace. They develop age-appropriate skills through play and by experiencing the world around them in a practical way.

Two-and-half year old children, for example, hatch chickens and collect eggs which are then made into omelettes flavoured by herbs from our kindy children’s vegetable patch.

Such integrated and engaging life experiences teach valuable lessons and foster a sense of accomplishment.

By treating our children as capable and competent individuals we instil in them the confidence they need to feel safe in their surrounds, equipped to learn through experiment and exploration and to socialise well with other children.

Friendships developed by children and parents at the Early Learning Centre are carried through the schooling years.

The Primary Years:
The Grammar Primary years offer exciting and challenging growth, when early learning foundations are built upon and students’ CAS 20110331-141623opportunities for learning are extended.

Standout facilities with modern classrooms, equipment and technology allow us to capitalise on this important period of a student’s development.

At Grammar, students do not learn just from teaching, they learn by doing, at every opportunity.

Our remarkable teachers go above and beyond for our students – their dedication and commitment evidenced not just in the classroom but at every School function. A good balance between male and female teachers ensures our boys and girls have high calibre role models who guide them through this important phase of their lives. Specialist teachers also provide in-depth knowledge in subject areas such as art, sport, cooking, music and Japanese and help to prepare children for their transition to the Middle School.

It is in Primary that the educational building blocks are shaped and The Rockhampton Grammar School student-focused learning framework, Dimensions of Learning, is fully embraced. This process, at the forefront of modern education, develops in students a complex reasoning approach to learning, once only considered the realm of the gifted child. The skills and processes taught present students with not only great academic outcomes, but also a blueprint for lifelong learning.

Educating children at The Rockhampton Grammar Primary School, however, goes beyond academics. Our students are taught respect for themselves and respect and consideration for others. It is through consistent and positive behaviour management that we nurture exemplary members of the community.

The Middle Years:
At Grammar we recognise that the Middle School years are a crucial time for students’ growth and personal development, so our teaching strategies reflect this significant change in their lives.

Our approach recognises that young adolescents need to experience a curriculum which takes into account age-specific intellectual, social, emotional, ethical and physical needs. Participation and achievement is encouraged with a special emphasis on self-esteem and resilience which are so important for developing young men and women.

The Middle School years are characterised by a focus on activities and tasks which allow students every opportunity to succeed and to engage actively in the learning process. School work is tailored to improving learning and motivation, and fostering confidence in their abilities to solve problems and make decisions.

Our curriculum builds on the foundations of our Primary years and fosters the development of young adolescents in positive ways. We recognise and cater for a diverse group of students, taking into account their abilities, needs, interests and learning styles. In the co-curricular programme we provide a wide range of challenging and stimulating activities.

Pastoral care is an integral component of our Middle School. We provide a positive, happy and supportive environment which allows our young people to mature and prosper.

The Senior Years:
Students transitioning into their final years of schooling are at the ‘business end’ of their studies – responsible young adults who are focused on achievement and their post-School future.

Pursuing academic excellence and attaining their personal best, our students have a commendable record of achievement and success. More than a third of our Year 12 students typically receive OPs from 1 to 5. Students equally benefit from an extensive range of course options covering traditional and non-traditional areas.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects offer nationally recognised industry competencies and provide opportunities leading to traineeships and apprenticeships. With increasing responsibilities, Rockhampton Grammar School Seniors are encouraged to take on leadership roles both within the School and in the wider community. Fostered in a genuine and encouraging atmosphere, these skills prepare our students to be the leaders of tomorrow wherever they go, whatever they do.

Respect is both demonstrated and returned at The Rockhampton Grammar School. Our Seniors enjoy a dedicated library and a top floor outdoor terrace high above the School grounds which affords them opportunities for group interaction and individual reflection.

Drawing on unrivalled pastoral care and strong support from each other, their teachers, and expert career guidance counsellors students undertake a seamless and rewarding journey at The Rockhampton Grammar Senior School on their way to post-School study and work.


A Rockhampton Grammar School education creates boundless opportunities for students, offering a holistic education in which student have a chance to showcase and develop even master their unique talents and gifts. We offer pursuits aimed at enriching our young people’s loves through activities designed to creatively broaden hearts and minds. The School encourages and nurtures an appreciation of music, drama, literature and the Arts at professionally-staffed, purpose-built facilities and on study tours around Australia and overseas. Our extensive Music programme, for example, starts right at the beginning in Prep.

Under the guidance of expert staff, students’ abilities develop and mature through our outstanding instrumental and vocal tuition programme. Opportunities for performance and for stretching creative wings are afforded through yearly School musical, at community forums and concerts, and through 20 separate musical ensembles geared toward showcasing all ages and ability levels.

Cultural activities that expand horizons and provide challenging opportunities with like-minded students include:

  • Youth Theatre
  • Optiminds
  • Cadets
  • Debating
  • Chess Club
  • Aviation
  • Art and Photography Club
  • Oratory
  • Agricultiural Show Teams
  • Hospitality
  • Mooting

Leadership roles assumed by students in many of these activities contribute to their academic success and significant personal development.


Grammar has a long and proud history of sporting glory with success across a wide range of competitive pursuits. Our extensive facilities – an indoor gymnasium (built in 2010), two sporting ovals, an undercover arena, an outdoor Olympic size swimming pool and acquatic centre, tennis and volleyball courts as well as a beach-front campus, Fitzroy River rowing facilities and farm – allow students to extend their talents in a secure and rewarding environment, to strive for excellence and to fulfil their potential in their chosen field(s). Offering a progressive and varied sporting programme ensures girls and boys have access to a comprehensive suite of activities that stretch well beyond the traditional, including scuba diving, aerobics and Tae Kwon Do. We believe participation from everyone is central to a successful whole-of-school physical activities programme. The School’s inclusive sporting philosophy encourages boys and girls across all year levels to embrace the benefits of ‘joining in’ and ‘having a go’. Catering for all ability levels, there is an emphasis on supporting a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. All efforts are applauded in an atmosphere that prizes teamwork, sportsmanship and respect.

Sports include:

  • Athletics
  • Australian Rules
  • Basketball
  • Beach Volleyball • Cricket
  • Cross Country
  • Equestrian
  • Football
  • Futsal
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Rowing
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Scuba
  • Sport Aerobics
  • Swimming
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Tennis
  • Touch
  • Triathlon
  • Water Polo
<h2><span style="color: #9a1919;"><strong>Global Education:</strong> </span></h2>
<p><strong>Educating Global Students</strong></p>
<p>The Rockhampton Grammar School’s curriculum, programmes and activities enable our students to develop, over time, a deep understanding of global affairs – the whole of human society and the different environments in which we live around the world. We are focused on the student’s understanding of his or her relationship between how they learn and act as individuals and as social agents in shaping a better, shared future for the world. <img src="http://www.privateschoolsguide.com/testing/images/stories/RockhamtonGramm/IMG_0718.JPG" alt="IMG 0718" width="200" height="130" style="margin: 5px 0px 10px 10px; border: 6px solid #9a1919; float: right;" />Developing a sense of individual and social responsibility, RGS students recognise their actions as informed engaged citizens – knowledgeable of interdependence and independence, identity and diversity, rights and responsibilities, poverty and wealth, conflict and peace, the untenable and sustainable – will enrich our community and expand our democratic way of life. This is achieved by their participation in clearly defined programmes and activities that focus on cooperative learning, shared responsibility, critical thinking and communication, including:</p>
<li>Global and intercultural components of the curriculum RGS language programmes</li>
<li>Collaborative learning projects with sister schools in Singapore, USA, UK, and New Zealand</li>
<li>Educational expeditions abroad that focus on life skills, service and community development</li>
<li>International student exchanges</li>
<li>Overseas study opportunities in Sport, Music, Language, Culture and Academic pursuits</li>
<p><strong>Educating Global Teachers</strong></p>
<p>Whilst critical literacy skills are at the core of ‘global’ education, our teachers nurture a global education culture at RGS that is focused on the future, is respectful of diversity, honours past and present cultures and values individual experiences. We believe our teachers are able to develop deeper understanding within our students because they themselves are lifelong learners. RGS Teachers are advancing their own critical skills and acquiring multiple perspectives on education through the School’s unique Professional Development Programme with Griffith University. The Programme, available to all teachers, is designed to enhance teacher effectiveness, student engagement and student performance. As co-learners whose world perspective is shaped through content, pedagogy and lived experiences our teachers are better prepared to equip students with the skills and resilience required to build a shared, pluralistic, globalised future.</p>

The largest co-educational boarding school in Queensland, Rockhampton Grammar cares for approximately 340 children from towns and properties throughout the central region and beyond. Between now and 2015 it will add more accommodation and welcome 25 additional boarders. The School’s welcoming culture and individualised care enables boarders to settle-in quickly and special programmes assist students in CAS 20110331-122405establishing firm and long lasting friendships. Parents and family members are always warmly received at the School and through things such as Skype, are kept up-to-date with what their children are doing. Boarders share air-conditioned accommodation with live-in supervisors who are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure students have everything they need and to support them through personal and academic challenges. These house parents are complemented by other crucial support staff including full-time nurses, a visiting doctor, counsellors and a chaplain. Transport to School activities off campus is provided by our fleet of buses and dedicated drivers. Fresh and nutritious meals, provided throughout the day in the School’s Dining Hall, are prepared by the School’s full time caterers.

From initial entry into our School through to Year 12, we understand how important it is for our children to feel a sense of belonging within a strong and warm-hearted school community. It is through this connectedness that our students are able to thrive intellectually, socially and emotionally and develop the good character, confidence and thoughtfulness required to realise their potential. Childhood and adolescence are moments in time in which parents and educators seek to develop within our children sound values, good learning habits, self esteem and identity. Through our age-appropriate personal development programme our students receive individualised care and attention backed up by a family of teachers, other professionals and counsellors. Our hand-picked team works together to guide students through the process of self-discovery, encouraging strength and resilience and fostering pride and self worth. From this nurturing foundation, our students learn responsibility, strategies for perseverance and the value of supportive relationships. Positive and ethical behaviour among our students is the result and an appreciation of the importance of giving back to the community is established. Reinforcing our student-centred programme, The Rockhampton Grammar School holds regular workshops and presentations with renowned guest speakers who share their specialist knowledge in a wide range of topics relevant to the personal development of our students. These programmes are designed to inspire and motivate so our children adopt increasing responsibilities and in doing so, earn respect and self belief. We are committed to providing our students with a solid platform from which to make good choices, set clear goals and reap the rewards of determination and effort in their learning and in their lives.

• Care and Compassion – care for self and others
• Endeavour – seek to perform at your best in everything you undertake individually and collectively
• Respect – treat others with consideration and regard
• Honesty and Trustworthiness – be honest, sincere and able to be trusted
• Responsibility – be accountable for and in charge of your own actions
• Integrity – act in accordance with principles of moral and ethical conduct, and ensure consistency between words and actions
• Democracy – appreciate the rights and privileges of citizenship, commitment to the pursuit of the common good, and standing up and helping others
• Community – be aware and welcoming of others, accept diversity, provide service, include others and display tolerance
The Rockhampton Grammar School aspires to be a centre of excellence in education. The School is committed to:
• providing opportunities for students to achieve success
• providing outstanding teaching and learning opportunities for students and staff
• strengthening its partnerships locally, nationally and internationally
• providing an environment where all feel safe and secure and can thrive
• challenging students to find meaning and value in their lives
The School provides a disciplined, challenging and stimulating learning environment to inspire our students to become successful lifelong learners, responsible local and global citizens, and men and women of strong ethical and moral character. We promote high standards of scholarship and work with all members of the School community to pursue personal excellence in their intellectual, physical, creative and emotional development.

Learning in the 21st Century

Advancing technology is altering the way we work, live and study. Ensuring students have the capacity and confidence to adapt is crucial for their success, both in the workplace and as global citizens. The Rockhampton Grammar School’s extensive facilities and staff are resourced and equipped with the very best in technology which is applied creatively and effectively to our established teaching and learning principles. Embracing innovation, our successful TabletPC Programme enriches learning experiences for students, and affords teachers new and different opportunities to engage and challenge their students. Central to our teaching and learning programme is the Dimensions of Learning framework which underpins our academic curriculum and empowers students as independent scholars. This innovative programme promotes the deliberate development of higher-order thinking, intelligent behaviours and actions, and a dedication to learning throughout life. We highly value the quality and integrity of our teachers, and through a continual process of professional development, assist them in keeping abreast of the latest teaching practices and techniques. Our teachers are renowned for working in partnerships with parents and children to help each student achieve his or her aspirations and personal best.

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