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Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School

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Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School
34 Scott Street
Melbourne East
03 8779 7500
Mellor House - Junior Campus:
173 Prospect Hill Road, Canterbury Victoria 3126

Tay Creggan - Year 9 Campus:
30 Yarra Street, Hawthorn Victoria 3122
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Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School

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Marise McConaghy
Early Learning, Primary School, Secondary School
ELC (Co-ed), Prep – Yr 12 (girls only)
ELC - Starting from $8,310 (2 days)
Prep - $15,400
Yr 12 - $26,060
Co-ed in Pre-Prep (ELC)

To bring out her best has been Strathcona’s defining sentiment since it first opened its gates in 1924. For over 90 years the School has had a long-standing history of high academic achievement, exceptional student care and wellbeing, and a strong sense of community. Our enduring commitment and capacity to educate each student is facilitated by an understanding that girls flourish in an encouraging, supportive and personally tailored environment.

Strathcona is just that. It is a unique, medium-sized independent school in Melbourne’s inner east. With Prep to Year 12 for girls and a co-educational Early Learning Centre (ELC), Strathcona fosters positive attitudes towards learning and engagement with the world in an intimate, family-oriented setting.

Strathcona’s teaching and learning facilities have expanded significantly in recent years. The School has three separate campuses, each tailored to different age groups and their needs. The Main Campus (ELC and Years 7 to 12) is located in Canterbury, while a purpose-built Junior School is just a short walk away. Year 9 is spent at the historic Tay Creggan Campus on the banks of the Yarra River in Hawthorn.

Our new state-of-the-art Contemporary Learning Centre—opened Term 2, 2015—incorporates a Knowledge Exchange area (including library, IT and audio-visual facilities), a new Middle School Centre for Year 7 & 8 students as well as six first-class Science laboratories.

Facilities also include the Sports and Aquatic Centre, consisting of a gymnasium, a heated indoor pool and training room; a specialist Senior Centre for VCE students; and a Creative and Performing Arts Centre (CPAC) for Music, Visual Arts, Drama, Multimedia and Food Technology.
A robust academic program supported by skilled and passionate staff, a wealth of information and communication technology resources and excellent facilities make Strathcona an exceptional learning environment. The School’s commitment to small class sizes is another key factor in Strathcona’s sustained success, providing a more intimate, personalized learning experience to help girls fully realize their individual potential.

Co-curricular programs

Our innovative co-curricular programs foster lifelong passions for music, sport, drama, dance and public speaking, whilst the International Links Program provides opportunities for international and domestic exchanges and travel.

The aim of these programs is to build on the values and skills cultivated in the core curriculum. Girls develop personal skills such as empathy for others, communication, leadership and teamwork through enjoyable activities across the years.

Wander through each Strathcona campus and you will experience a truly unique, warm atmosphere that harbours a firm sense of belonging and community. It is the place for your daughter to gain the confidence and self-belief she needs to explore her world bravely, faithfully, and happily. Fortiter, Fideliter, Feliciter. It’s everything young people need to bring out their best.

For more information, visit www.strathcona.vic.edu.au

<p><strong><span style="font-size: 14pt; font-family: Calibri;">ELC and Junior School</span></strong></p>
<p><span style="font-family: Calibri;">The </span><span style="font-family: Calibri;"><a href="https://www.strathcona.vic.edu.au/learning/early-learning-centre/">Early Learning Centre</a></span><span style="font-family: Calibri;"> caters for three- and four-year-old sessional kindergarten groups, as well as pre-Prep programs, with a mission to instil a natural curiosity for the world and provide children with the courage to explore, experiment and wonder. Practices are based on the understanding that learning is a lifelong process, and programs seek to establish continuity in learning and development as children progress through the Early Learning Centre and follow their individual and varied pathways. </span></p>
<p><span style="font-family: Calibri;">In </span><span style="font-family: Calibri;"><a href="https://www.strathcona.vic.edu.au/learning/junior-school/">Junior School,</a></span><span style="font-family: Calibri;"> the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy are combined with extensive specialist programs, while key foundations for learning at secondary level are firmly established. Our lively Junior School curriculum is designed to embrace diversity, facilitate key foundation skills, encourage the development of personal spirit and to foster citizenship. </span></p>
<p><strong><span style="font-size: 14pt; font-family: Calibri;">Middle School and Tay Creggan </span></strong></p>
<p><span style="font-family: Calibri;">The </span><span style="font-family: Calibri;"><a href="https://www.strathcona.vic.edu.au/learning/middle-school/">SEED (Seek, Engage, Enrich, Diversity) Program</a></span><span style="font-family: Calibri;"> is a concept that guides Strathcona’s approach to teaching with a specific focus on students in Years 7 and 8. To ensure a smooth and confident transition to secondary school, Middle School at Strathcona offers a broad academic program, supportive pastoral care and a wide range of co-curricular opportunities. Providing challenging and rich learning experiences and developing positive attitudes, resilience and a strong sense of self are the hallmarks of this important stage in your daughter’s educational journey, laying the foundations for future success. </span></p>
<p><span style="font-family: Calibri;">The Year 9 </span><span style="font-family: Calibri;"><a href="https://www.strathcona.vic.edu.au/learning/year-nine-tay-creggan/">Tay Creggan</a></span><span style="font-family: Calibri;"> campus in Hawthorn provides students with a unique 12-month experience, emphasising intellectual, social and emotional maturation whilst promoting greater independence. Strathcona recognizes this special year by having a separate non-residential campus so that girls receive all the support available during this pivotal time in their lives. From Year 10, there’s an additional focus on skills for the workplace and life beyond school. </span></p>
<p><strong><span style="font-size: 14pt; font-family: Calibri;">VCE Years </span></strong></p>
<p><span style="font-family: Calibri;">Our purpose-built Senior Centre and Information Resource Centre both play an integral role in students’ success in Years 11 and 12. Students are encouraged to plan a VCE course around areas of career interest, personal strengths, and entry requirements for further education. </span></p>
<p><span style="font-family: Calibri;">Naturally, the ultimate indicator of the effectiveness of Strathcona’s academic program is the exceptional results our VCE students continue to achieve. Each year top achievers obtain ATARs over 99 and more than 40% of students achieve ATARs in the top 10% of the State. Students undertake a wide range of tertiary courses, the majority gaining entry to Melbourne, Monash and Deakin universities. </span></p>

Academic Scholarship

For entry into Years 5, 7, 9 and 10. Based on an Edutest exam.

Music Scholarship

Preference is given to orchestral instruments, although consideration may be given to pianists and singers of excellence. Must meet minimum AMEB level and have strong academic ability. Based on an audition and an interview.

Few decisions as a parent hold the same significance as choosing the right school for your daughter. You want your daughter to be challenged academically in a happy, safe and nurturing environment by committed educators who are experts in the learning and development of girls.

At Strathcona, supportive networks underlie every academic, co-curricular, leadership and social endeavour each girl chooses to pursue. Our aim is to afford girls the opportunity to try various activities so that each individual is able to recognise and develop her own interests and unique attributes.

Our goal is to forge innovative 21st century educational practices whilst remaining committed to proven traditional teaching. We seek to instill a love of learning in our girls and to encourage them to be agile and discerning thinkers, with the resilience and perseverance to problem solve and adapt to new challenges both within and beyond the School’s gates.

I invite you to walk through our campuses and experience the tangible, warm sense of belonging and community.

Marise McConaghy, Principal

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