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Year 10 at Kimberley College is undergoing changes to better serve as a transition year between middle school, senior school and the future. Kimberley College, a school in Carbook that opts out of formalised testing until senior school, will keep its successful multi-graded primary and middle school classes but make adjustments to the structure of Year 10 to introduce students to the workflow, assessment pattern, and nature of testing of Year 11 and 12. The changes are in response to the new QCAA system that replaces Queensland’s former OP grading.

The structure of the learning builds on the required curriculum to improve skills that will help students in their future studies with real-life applications. In maths, for example, the students undertake a modelling and problem-solving task for buying a car. They must identify the most cost-effective solution, evaluating three forms of bank finance and two forms of dealer finance available to young adults currently. Then they must construct a budget for the first year of operation including insurance, fuel costs, registration and maintenance.

Deputy Principal and Senior School Coordinator, Chris McAlpine said that the college is welcoming the change.“We’re excited to implement the changes to Year 10 that will prepare our students for the most critical times of their young adult lives,” he said. The new model begins with developing Senior Education and Training plans (SET plans) with the students through a unit of work called ‘Great Heights’ where students identify their strengths and interests as well as what they aspire to and select subjects accordingly.

The Kimberley College approach to middle and senior schooling already differs from the majority of high schools, with teams of teachers collaborating in the classroom rather than the students moving from room to room. This model aims to provide students with a sense of identity, place and purpose.

Kimberley College is set in a picturesque 45-acre property in Carbrook that educates students from Prep toYear 12. Kimberley College runs tours on every second Friday and other times by appointment. Book a tour of the school via their website www.kimberley.college

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