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Upload Artwork

Supplying Artwork for the next Schools Guide Magazine?


Need to know what to send?

Click here to download the artwork specs



Need to know how to send it?

For Expanded Listing advertisers please follow step 1. For all other advertisers please follow step 1 then step 2.


Step 1

Provide your Expanded Listing content

If you have not already done so, you will need to send us a printable copy of your school crest (must have a transparent background).

You will also need to send us your school contact details and listing details.


The easiest way is to simply click this link and upload your expanded listing content online.


If you prefer you can email your Expanded Listing content to




Step 2

Send us your Advertisment Artwork

Upload your main artwork files >

If you don't have completed artwork and would like our designers to create an advert for you please email us a selection of photos along with your text content to



School Enquiries Tool

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School Enquiries

Send an enrolment enquiry to multiple schools.

How to add/edit your school...

Find out how to add your school to this site or update your school's details.