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The importance of explicit instruction

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Explicit instruction (or direct instruction) is a teaching method whereby the teacher tells students what to do and shows them how to do it. The education researcher John Hattie notes: ‘The teacher decides the learning intentions and success criteria, makes them transparent to the students, demonstrates them by modeling, evaluates if they understand what they have been told by checking for understanding, and re-telling them what they have been told by tying it all together with closure’1. It contrasts with the constructivist (or discovery-based / enquiry-based) teaching method, whereby students construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world through experiential learning.

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BHP Billiton Science and Engineering Awards

They are the two Gold Coast inventions that could win a big youth Science prize – and save lives.

Since 1981 the BHP Billiton Science and Engineering Awards have been Australia's most prestigious school Science awards. They reward young people who have used technological innovation to design a new invention or who have undertaken practical research projects that demonstrate innovative approaches and thorough scientific procedures.


Students projects from across the country compete to become a national finalist in this elite competition. A total of 26 finalists have been selected from across Australia.

Marymount college students Lachlan Zidar and Jared Crowley are both 2018 finalists.

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Northside Christian College Recognised As A Leader In Education Innovation

Northside Christian College

Northside Christian College has been named one of Australia’s forty most innovative schools by The Educator.

The award recognises outstanding educators who are improving teaching and learning outcomes through technology and innovative practices.

The College has strategically prioritised innovation and creativity to ensure its graduates are equipped for the job market of the future.

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Principal of Ruyton Girls’ School, Ms Linda Douglas, reflects on the power of conversation.

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Ursula K. Le Guin, writer, explored the vulnerable process of conversation in a piece titled Telling Is Listening. It focuses on understanding the art of conversation, where the message involves both the speaker and the listener, but is also a relationship between the two. The message is a complex code: a culture, in which the language, the speaker, and the listener are all embedded. Le Guin describes face-to-face human communication as intersubjective, a continuous interchange between two consciousnesses. Instead of alternating between the roles of speaker and listener, between the active and the passive, it is continuous and goes both ways all the time.

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Peace Performing Arts Centre Opens to Applause

Peace Lutheran College's Peace Performing Arts Centre has showcased its very first recording artists with Year 8 student, Dean Brady singing "Hallelujah" and Year 9 student, Holly Cummings performing her original composition, "Jealousy". This state-of-the-art building boasts boutique performance space with the latest AV and lighting, recording studio, seven practice rooms and two customised music-teaching spaces. The performing arts centre is a wonderful addition to our College facilities and will be well utilised by our Arts students and their teachers.

Ruyton Girls School

STEM in the early years

In 2016, a group of educators from Catholic Education Western Australia explored Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education with young children. Sarah Denholm, the recently appointed Director of Ruyton Early Learning at Ruyton Girls’ School, documented and shared their journey through the publication of the iBook STEM in the Early Years: A Journey.

Young children are capable and competent learners who have their own theories and thinking about the world around them. Educators should acknowledge children’s prior knowledge and foster their natural curiosity for STEM. Early experience with STEM helps build skills for problem solving, research, investigation, creativity, design and construction.

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Inaburra School unveils new learning spaces

Inaburra School unveils new learning spaces – the classrooms of the future

The Hon. Scott Morrison MP, Member for Cook and Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia, will
unveil the new 4-storey building including a state-of-the-art Stage 3 Learning Centre for Years 5 and 6, a
Senior School Learning Commons, additional facilities such as STEM room (for integrated Science,
Technology, Engineering and Mathematics classes), a new glass-walled Principal’s Office and Junior School
sensory playground.


The Stage 3 Learning Centre: An open plan learning space for 112 students in Years 5 and 6. Photo: Stuart Wood.

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