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St James’ Anglican School

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St James’ Anglican School
St James’ is a new school that is in the enviable position of dictating its own direction, and not inheriting the dreams of others.
2 Graceful Boulevard
2 Graceful Boulevard, Alkimos Western Australia 6030
Perth North
08 6336 8330
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As the Kindy and Pre-Primary students returned to school to start Term 3 they were greeted with a brand new play area ready for them to road test. With an in-ground trampoline, monkey bars as well as new slides and a great big grassed area to run around on.

Over the school holidays, it was all hands on deck to ensure the completion of the new play area ready for the start of Term 3. With mud kitchens and a cubby house decked out in the St James' colours of orange and blue the new play area was bound to be a big hit. 

The play area is a welcomed addition to the ELC at St James' we encourage you to book a school tour to experience the St James' difference. 

Kindy PP PG update

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Welcome to St James' Anglican School

At St James', we pride ourselves on our exceptional approach to educating from a holistic viewpoint, built through strong relationships and unwavering trust.

We strive for excellence in every facet of the curriculum, from the arts, academia, and sports, to languages and pastoral care, all underpinned by strong Christian values.

St James’ is dedicated to equipping your child with the skills necessary to navigate an ever-evolving world. We nurture each individual to unlock their full potential and graduate as confident, charismatic young adults. Our aim is to cultivate passionate students who are conscious of their potential impact on the world and empowered to make a difference. Although generations before have been less aware of our planet, we aim to provide our exiting students with the stewardship and skill to right some of our wrongs.

We firmly believe in fostering independence and cultivating a sense of agency—taking ownership of their own development. This notion of “agency” permeates our educational philosophy. Students are encouraged to become advocates for themselves, recognise cause and effect, and take responsibility for their growth.

Recognising the uniqueness of each student and providing clear learning pathways tailored to their individual progress is at the heart of our commitment to exceptional education. We understand that constructive and positive feedback has the most significant impact on improving results. Our caring and supportive teachers deliver explicit feedback while maintaining regular communication with parents to address any concerns promptly, ensuring minor issues do not escalate. We like to ensure the communication triangle, teacher-student-parent, will give the transparency that guardians need to support academic and social development.

The foundation of our School lies in the pillars of numeracy and literacy which are delivered through our distinguished ACTIVATE Learning Program, encompassing all of our learning areas. Each department works closely with the students to ensure the individual uncovers their strengths and recognises their blind spots.

St James’ offers an extensive specialist curriculum that broadens students’ skill sets. From Design and Technology, Information Technology, and Food Technology to Outdoor Education, Japanese, Music, Art, and Physical Education, we provide a diverse range of opportunities that support holistic development and nurture a well-rounded approach. Our commitment is to foster the growth of the “whole” student, building a strong foundation in every aspect of their development.

We are dedicated to making your child and family an integral part of our Christian community. Our goal is to strive for excellence, be transparent in our practices, and foster a long and prosperous relationship with every family.

When your child graduates, they will join a powerful alliance—our esteemed alumni, affectionately known as ‘The twenty-three.’ This alliance will setup a strong network that can help reinforce the interconnections of our community.

Our vision for the future is clear: to provide quality education within a caring Christian environment. We firmly believe that happy students achieve outstanding results, paving the way for a bright future.

Join the Orange Army and witness the remarkable achievements we can accomplish together.

Kind regards

Adrian Pree

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St James’ Anglican School


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