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Flinders Class of 2022 Achieves Outstanding ATAR Results with median ATAR of 92.45


Friday, 16 December, 2022

Leading co-educational independent school Matthew Flinders Anglican College on the Sunshine Coast is celebrating its Year 12 graduates achieving outstanding 2022 ATAR results, with a median ATAR of 92.45.

One Flinders student, Laura Webb, achieved the highest possible ATAR of 99.95.

Laura is one of 33 Queensland students to achieve a 99.95, out of a total 27,245 students who received an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank.

It is the third consecutive year a Flinders’ student has secured the top ATAR ranking, the only school on the Sunshine Coast to achieve this record.

There were 10 students who achieved an ATAR of 99 and above.

While 21 Flinders students achieved an ATAR of 98 and above.


Flinders Class of 2022 ATAR Results Snapshot:

  • Median ATAR of 92.45
  • One Flinders student, Laura Webb, achieved the highest possible ATAR of 99.95 (one of only 33 students in Queensland)
  • It is the third consecutive year a Flinders student has achieved the top ATAR ranking of 99.95 - the only school on the Sunshine Coast to achieve this record
  • ATAR 99 and above: (10 students) 9.71% of eligible students
  • ATAR 98 and above: (21 students) 20.39% of eligible students
  • ATAR 95 and above: (40 students) 38.3% of eligible students
  • ATAR 80 and above: (81 students) 78.64% of eligible students
  • 24 students achieved straight A grades in all subjects
  • 6 students achieved 100% in a subject
  • 21 students achieved 100% on their External Assessments

Principal Stuart Meade congratulated the graduating Class of 2022 for their outstanding results.

“We congratulate our Flinders graduates, from the high achievers to the countless students whose efforts surpassed their own aspirations,” Stuart said. 

“Each student has a story to tell of his or her academic journey at Flinders. They are all important, as the processes and approach undertaken by each student informs their future path as much as their final result,” he said. 

“I also acknowledge the teachers, Heads of Department, Heads of House and mentors for their support and guidance of our students.

“Each staff member has played a part in developing in our graduates a love of learning and generosity of spirit which will be carried into the next stage of their lives.

“I wish every student in the Class of 2022 success in all you choose to do. We will watch your future with interest, and I thank you for your many and varied contributions to Flinders.”

Head of Senior School Mr Gary Davis recognised the Flinders Class of 2022 were the Senior students most affected by the pandemic over the past three years.

“Our Flinders Class of 2022 is a wonderful group who have managed through adversity - COVID, 2022 flood and weather events, and illness,” Gary said.

“They are an exceptional group who support each other and push each other at the higher end of the academic pyramid,” he said.

“The Class of 2022 are well set for future success and should be very proud of their final results.”

The Class of 2022 median ATAR of 92.45 builds on the success of the Class of 2021’s median ATAR of 92.35.

Of the Flinders Class of 2022 graduates, there were 33 students who started at Flinders in Prep.

Flinders Highlights in 2022

The College has celebrated many highlights in 2022, including the following:

  • Named one of The Educator’s 5-Star Innovative Schools for 2022
  • Named an Apple Distinguished School in 2022 
  • Top NAPLAN Primary School and Secondary School on the Sunshine Coast in 2022
  • Topped the list as the best Primary School on the Sunshine Coast with a perfect score of 100, according to independent education website, Better Education.

Please note:
Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks (ATAR) are calculated and released by the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).

The decision for students to share their ATAR result with their schools is optional and schools will only get access to the individual ATARs of their former Year 12 students where consent has been granted by those students when registering in the ATAR Portal.

Due to this option, full and complete data on individual school ATAR results for their students cannot be guaranteed. 

For media queries, please contact Matthew Flinders Anglican College Director of Community Engagement, Ms Alison Walburn on 0410 520 971 via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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