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Shelford is the top Independent Girls' School in the state*

Congratulations to the Class of 2016. Your commitment to your studies and your leadership and contribution to a wide range of endeavours has been impressive.At Shelford, staff and students work together in a supportive environment where students are encouraged to achieve their best.
The School community is very proud of the Class of 2016 and the teaching staff, and wishes every student continued success in the future.The Shelford Results flyer below, outlines a summary of the 2016 VCE results.The results are even more impressive, given that Shelford is a non-selective entry school.
As cited by The Age, 15 December, 2016 
The Dux of the School is Freya Appleford with an ATAR of 99.55
The Proxime Accessit to the Dux is Isabel McPherson with an ATAR of 99.50.
There were seven perfect study scores of 50: Freya Appleford - Global Politics; Victoria Annett and Mardi Denham- Roberts- Studio Art; Molly Hann- English; Isabel McPherson - History; Rachel Stevens-Art; Millicent Wheeler- Literature
5% of students received an ATAR score above 99 placing them in the top 1% of students across Australia
28% of students received an ATAR score above 95, placing them in the top 5% of students across Australia
54% of students received an ATAR score above 90, placing them in the top 10% of students across Australia.
The Median ATAR score was 91.30

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