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Advertising Options

Schools Guide provides options for any budget.


Options Available

Magazine advertisingSchools Guide Magazine Advertising

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schools guide website advertising Schools Guide Website Listings and Platinum Feature Pages

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Schools Guide Events CalendarSchools Guide Website Events Calendar

Purchase event credits (for adding Events and Open Days)

Schools Guide Website Bannner Advertising (clickable ads embedded on various pages)

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Schools Guide Website Advertising

Website advertising For Schools For Businesses and other advertisers

Schools of every type from the biggest to the smallest can benefit from the massive exposure available on the Schools Guide website. For as little as $11 you can promote an upcoming event or Open Day on the schools guide home page and Events Calendars. For only $88 per year your school can upgrade to an expanded listing or for less than $46 per month why not showcase everything your school has to offer with a Platinum Feature page.

Platinum feature pages offer almost unlimited content. You can add images, text, videos and as an added bonus you have unlimited access to the Events Calendar for promoting your upcoming Open Days and School Events Free.

We even offer Free Listings for Every Private School. Click this link to add your free listing.

Our Events Calendar is perfect for any business wishing to promote upcoming events at only $11 per event. Or, create your own banner ad campaign to target region-specific visitors. No contracts and you can choose how long you wish your ad to display. Campaigns start from only $11.

For Tutors and Training Schools why not create your own free listing? Or, for very small costs upgrade to a paid listing.


Advertising information for Businesses 

Schools Guide offers a range of options for businesses to advertise. 

Magazine Advertising for Business

Magazine advertisingschools guide website advertising  Magazine advertisement plus Platinum Web Feature - Advertising in the Schools Guide Magazine and receive a free Platinum Business feature page on this website.

Website Advertising for Business

Option 1 -  schools guide website advertising Platinum Feature Page for Business $770 per year (click here to sign up)

Option 2 -  Banner Advertising Campaign starting from $11 CPM. Free registration. Login provided to keep track of your campaign results.

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Popular Packages for Schools


Magazine advertising+ schools guide website advertisingSchools Guide Events Calendar Magazine advertisement plus Platinum Web Feature + unlimited access to add Events and Open Days for 12 months plus free magazine editorial space (equal to the size of your advertisement space)

NOTE: currently available for Qld, NT, Sydney and Vic schools only

Business advertisers are offered the same bonus space for display advertising only

2. schools guide website advertising + Schools Guide Events Calendar Platinum Web Feature $770 per year + unlimited access to add Events and Open Days for 12 months

3. Schools Guide Events CalendarEvents Calendar
Only $11 per event. Promote your next Open Day. Unlimited exposure until the day of your event



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