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All Saints' College, Bull Creek WA

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Co-education is education for life. Naturally.

All Saints' College
All Saints’ College is an independent Anglican co-educational school, in the southern suburbs of Perth. The school provides education from early childhood to year 12.
Ewing Avenue
Bull Creek
Perth South
08 9313 9333
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Thu Nov 18 @ 9:00AM - 11:00PM [31 Days to go]
All Saints WA Twilight Tour
Thu Nov 18 @ 4:30PM - 06:00PM [31 Days to go]

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Belinda Provis
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All Saints' College - Perth's first independent Anglican coeducational school - is different from other schools.

Proudly Anglican, All Saints’ College is non-selective, diversity is in our DNA – diversity of our students’ gender, abilities, culture, faith, interests and pathways. The College strives to reflect the diversity of the wider community in which our students will eventually be collaborating, creating and problem-solving and, as a result, we are proud of our ‘grounded’ graduates who, rather than a sense of entitlement, demonstrate in myriad ways their sense of responsibility to their communities.

To this end, and in collaboration with a network of partners, the College curates a rich, ‘personalisable’ learning environment in which students develop a deep and authentic, empathetic and ethical perspective. This sees our young people going beyond the traditional boundaries of education, leading in ‘real world’ environments, co-authoring a future which values creative collaboration and connections.

Our ‘ATAR Plus’ approach recognises - while the vast majority of ASC students strive to achieve the highest possible ATAR and are frequently amongst the top-performing students in the nation - the College’s role in ‘brokering’ for students a range of pathways, whether General, Enterprise or Hybrid.

In nurturing students’ problem-solving and problem-finding mindsets that value innovation and fresh ways of thinking, the College is supported by a strong focus on Design Thinking as well as by entities such as Propeller Industries (our Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), Runway, our student-run pop-up shop which features their goods and services, and Catalyst, our Centre for Service and Social Enterprise.

Further enriching our young people’s toolkit of future-focused skills is The Agency, an employment agency run specifically for ASC students. Providing highly-valued experience and learning opportunities, The Agency sees our students to use their skills and passions for the betterment of our community, whether that be by taking on a role as a Graphic Designer, Tech Coach, Book Reviewer and so on.

This approach to education prioritises students’ agency and passion, empowering our young people to be architects of their own learning while striving to build mastery in their chosen pursuits.

Underpinning this approach is Djoowak: The Beyond Boundaries Institute (BBI). Launched in 2018, BBI comprises a team of College staff who, along with our students, work with leaders from business, industry and community partners in ensuring the relevance and currency of an ASC education.

And finally, while we know that there are many tangibles that one can measure in a school, the most significant aspect of any learning institution is, in our opinion, intangible - the feeling, the atmosphere, the culture, all of which are dependent upon the relationships in and across the community.

As a College, our highest priority is the nurturing of relationships: our deep understanding of and relationship with ourselves and our place in the world; our students’ relationships with one another (in their own and other year levels); and with our diverse and talented staff - and partner organisations - with whom our students travel this most significant journey.

At ASC, we recognise that, while our focus on the individual and the ‘personalisable’ is critically important to our students’ success, we also appreciate that it is in relationship with others that our students understand how they can most effectively make a positive difference in our world.

All of this, and more, is underpinned by our belief that the College’s central role is to ensure our young people are equipped to step confidently into a future characterised by rapid change, complexity and uncertainty. Such a confidence requires a skillset that includes empathy and ethics, initiative and enterprise, creation and collaboration, and a passion for problem-finding and problem-solving.

This, in turn, allows our young people to ‘know what to do when they don’t know what to do’ – a commonly-heard saying at All Saints’.

All Saints’ College is an independent Anglican co-educational school, in the southern suburbs of Perth. The school provides education from early childhood to year 12.

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From the Principal

All Saints’ College is a unique, world-leading learning community: proudly, Perth’s first Anglican coeducational school, and proudly providing excellence in a coeducational setting from Pre-K to Year 12.

There’s just so much to see and enjoy at ASC – I invite you to visit and experience it for yourself. Whether it’s a day on campus with our students, or an initial visit on a group or a personalised tour, you will – I am sure – feel right at home, and enjoy the warmth of our special community.

Belinda Provis
(BA, Dip Ed, MBA)

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All Saints' College, Bull Creek WA


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