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Amity College - Prestons NSW

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Amity College
Amity College has earned a strong reputation for academic achievement with consistently excellent results, particularly in the Higher School Certificate. As one of the leading schools in the region, we emphasise assisting students through effective Learning Su
163 Kurrajong Road
Sydney South-West, Sydney South
Auburn Campus
26-28 Kerr Pde,
Auburn, NSW 2144
(02) 8775 7600

Leppington Campus
85 Byron Rd,
Leppington, NSW 2179
(02) 8784 3111

Illawarra Campus
399 Shellharbour Road,
Shellharbour NSW 2529
(02) 4260 4600
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Executive Principal - Mehmet Koca
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  • Multiple School Locations
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K-Year 12
Non Denominational
  • Numeracy / Literacy
  • Robotics
  • Science/Technology
  • Sport
  • Visual Art

Why Amity College?

Amity is all about creating bonds and nurturing positive relationships which will essentially inspire progress, explore the depth of human potential, and achieve success.

Academic Excellence

We have earned a strong reputation for academic achievement with consistently excellent results in the HSC. All students have access to quality education through various teaching and learning initiatives.

Moral and Ethical Values

Moral and ethical values are emphasised in all aspects of learning at Amity College. Our endeavours to raise empathetic and conscious students has established a culture of concern for the broader community through local and global social justice projects.

Student Leadership and Support

We enable our students to not only learn but also bring into action the school values through various leadership programs.

Art and Culture

Every individual is talented and needs opportunities to discover and exhibit their creativity. Visual and Performing Arts is a vibrant and dynamic feature of our school, with students unearthing their skills in classical and contemporary art forms.
Amity is all about creating bonds and nurturing positive relationships that will effectively inspire progress, explore the heights of human potential, and achieve success.

Our core values are the foundation of our educational philosophy; they represent the deepest sentiments to which we aspire. Our values shape our school community, driving it to new levels of accomplishment in all dimensions.

Amity College’s Core Values are:

Respect: We place great value on the importance of having honour and regard for the worth of oneself and others.

Responsibility: We hold in high esteem the notion of individual and collective responsibility towards ourselves, the wider community, and the environment.

Integrity: We focus on the state of being whole and undivided; having the strength of character and conscience.

Compassion: We encourage and uphold the sense of having concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others and using this to strive towards selflessness.

Excellence: We value the process of striving for excellence, for individual and collective achievement in all aspects of schooling and community action.
Navigating Today, Shaping Tomorrow

Our vision at Amity College is Navigating Today, Shaping Tomorrow, which is at the heart of all of our decision making processes. Our vision is to support our students today so that they are equipped with the skillset to navigate their future beyond Amity College, where they become well-rounded individuals in society who manifest our mission and vision.
Nurturing responsibility and inspiring excellence

Amity College was founded with the mission of nurturing our future generations through the provision of quality education and pastoral care services, and in doing so, inspiring our students towards excellence in all aspects of their development.

Co-curricular Programs

At Amity College, we hold value in providing a healthy balance between academic, social and physical domains. We endeavour to offer a wide range of opportunities for all students, expanding beyond the classroom, that enable our students to explore their strengths and passions.

Our range of co-curricular activities include those that are not a part of the normal school curriculum, including activities such as social services, STEM, robotics, coding, debating, music, chess, a range of sports as well as a variety of competitions.

The benefits of participating in co-curricular activities are linked to positive academic outcomes, improved attendance, better social skills, broadening student perspective, as well as having a positive impact on their wellbeing.

Transport Services for Students

Amity College provides bus transport services to its students in Prestons and Illawarra Campuses through current service providers.

This service is provided depending on the availability and the number of students willing to use the service on a certain route.

You can find the current transport fees at the SCHOOL FEES page.

Important things to note :
• Bus routes can change every term, and Amity College has the right to cancel or change any of these services if the student numbers are not viable for the continuation of that particular route.
• We can refuse to continue the service if the student moves to an area where we do not provide a bus service or the bus service in that area has no vacancies.

Prestons & Leppington Services

The Prestons Campus Bus Service Form can be accessed from

. For more information contact Choppers Transport Services via the details below:

Phone: (02) 8678 8620

Mobile: 0450 377 155


Illawarra Services

Mobile: 0432 827 667


NSW Public Bus Service
The NSW Public Bus Service is another affordable and convenient way for families to transport their children to school. With a variety of routes available, families can easily find a bus that suits their needs and location. Please review the list below for your specific route.


School Travel Pass applications
Your child may be eligible for free or subsidised travel on public transport, between home and school, as part of the School Student Transport Scheme.

For general information about the School Student Transport Scheme visit:

Amity College Scholarship program aims to encourage and recognise students in their pursuit of excellence.

The Scholarship Program at Amity College is intended to provide students with financial support to further their education as well as reward achievement and effort.

It’s expected that those students who are eligible for a scholarship demonstrate exemplary character and share the values of Amity College. Integrity, care, compassion for others, personal responsibility and leadership are some of those qualities that should be exhibited by recipients of any Amity College scholarship.

The Scholarships entitle the holder to the remission of tuition fees only, dependent on the scholarship. Scholarships do not cover textbooks, uniforms, excursions, technology fees, or individual subject fees.

All scholarships are awarded annually and require re-application at the end of each academic year.

1.1. External students
Academic Scholarships reward and recognise new students entering Years 7 to 12 for academic excellence. The scholarships are awarded on the results of the Entrance Exam conducted by the Amity College.

1.2. Internal Students
For the existing students, the end of year GPA (grade point average: yearly academic result) will be taken into consideration for awarding scholarship.
- Half Scholarship: 50% remission of school tuition fees for 90-94 GPA
- Full Scholarship: 100% remission of school tuition fees for 95 and above GPA

1.3. Year 6 Amity College Dux Scholarship
Current Year 6 students who achieve the highest academic performance at the completion of primary school at each Amity College primary campus will qualify for the Full Scholarship for Year 7 at Amity College.

1.4. Selective Schools Scholarship
The students who have applied for, and have participated in the NSW Selective Schools Examinations, and received an offer for the following academic year at a Selective School will qualify to the remission of tuition fees. Students who apply for this scholarship might be eligible for a half or full scholarship dependant of the status of the school they have received the offer.

2.1. Internal Students
Current high school students have to satisfy the following criteria in order to be awarded a Music Scholarship for the following year at Amity College.
- Written recommendation from the Music teacher
- Showing a keen interest and ability in Music performance and taking music as an elective subject in year 9 and 10 when offered.
- Performing at all school assemblies and school functions when needed
- Taking part in the school programs such as Concert Band Program, School Ensemble, Piano Program, Guitar Program etc
- Taking part in an audition process
- Being a leader with an exemplary behaviour and showing a commitment within the school’s Music program and participating in band camps and competitions

2.2 External Students
External students need to submit a portfolio which may include:
- evidence of participation in Music beyond the classroom
- evidence of entries to external Music competitions
- evidence of commitment to Music clubs or volunteering to help in school functions
- evidence of Music in school functions or events
- written recommendation from the Music teacher

3.1. Internal Students
Current high school students have to satisfy the following criteria in order to be awarded a creative arts Scholarship for the following year at Amity College.
- Written recommendation from Creative Arts teacher
- Showing a keen interest and ability in Creative arts and taking any creative arts subject as an elective subject in year 9 and 10 when offered.

3.2. External Students
External students need to submit a portfolio which may include:
- evidence of work made in the classroom
- evidence of work made beyond the classroom
- evidence of entries to external competitions and exhibitions
- evidence of commitment to art clubs or volunteering to help maintain the in-school exhibitions spaces
- evidence of photography for events as an official photographer
- a written recommendation from an Art teacher

4.1 Internal Students
Current high school students have to satisfy the following criteria in order to be awarded a sports scholarship for the following year at Amity College.
- A student needs to have represented the school at 4 or more ISD, Futsal or any other inter-school competitions.
- Alternatively, if they have represented the school at the CIS level in one or more sports this will negate the need to have competed in 4 different ISD sports
- A student who represents the school in state, national or international level in any sporting activities may be eligible for this scholarship with the discretion of the Principal.

4.2 External Students
External students need to submit a portfolio which may include:
- Evidence of participation at CIS or State level in their chosen sport.
- Having a State or Australian ranking in the sport, for example, Tennis
- Proof of selection in state or national team outside of school
- Proof of results at a state or national sports meet
- Proof of PB times/distances
- A letter from a coach that verifies selection and participation in a state or national team

Families experiencing financial difficulty may apply for a financial scholarship to support their child’s continued enrolment at Amity College. Families are encouraged to contact the School Office for an application form, which must then be submitted accompanied by an income statement from Centrelink. The Principal may also request an interview with relevant parties if required. All financial hardship applications are presented to the School Board in writing for approval.



High School Certificate (HSC)

With a proven track record of outstanding HSC results, Amity College prides itself on providing an enriching HSC experience to its students. Since its establishment, Amity College has been a leading school in South Western Sydney with excellent overall achievement and exceptional results in a range of HSC courses.

In recent years it has achieved top ranks in all of NSW in courses such as :



Every year, over 1 in 3 HSC students are published by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) as Distinguished Achievers for receiving at least one HSC mark above 90 (Band 6). The percentage of Band 5s and Band 6s achieved by Amity College students is significantly higher than the state average in nearly all courses offered (see Annual report for specific details). This is also reflected in the number of students who are awarded the Premiers Award every year for achieving a Band 6 in 5 or more courses.


Executive Principal's Message

Amity College has grown from its humble beginnings with just 32 students to an exceptional school with more than 2,400 students across four campuses, and has established itself as a safe, innovative and value-based institution.

At Amity College, teaching and learning is the main focus as it should be in every school. As a school, we see it as our mission to nurture responsibility and inspire excellence by helping all of our students perform to their personal best and reach their potential in a safe and supportive environment. Our teachers set high expectations for success and provide a positive and inclusive learning environment that supports students in achieving their goals.

Needless to say, schooling is not just about academic success. As a school, we also focus on improving the emotional intelligence of our students by helping them become aware of themselves, understand their environment and establish positive relationships.

One of the unique offerings of Amity College is its pastoral care program. Dedicated pastoral care teachers and mentors help our students develop as well-rounded individuals. Our mentors are our graduates who return to help and become positive role models for our students through various activities.

Amity College graduates are open-minded, compassionate and competent young people, ready to serve in their community. Led by a team of proactive young individuals, our alumni association SAGA has been actively engaged in and serving the alumni and wider community since its inception in 2015. It gives us pride to see our graduates return to serve the school community.

We are proud of the trust our parents have in our school. We believe that positive family-school relationships are vital in order to raise well-rounded children. That’s why we have a strong community engagement department that builds bridges between school and parents through home visits and various activities.

Amity College strives to provide an experience that guides all students to navigate their way today, and in doing so, enables them to shape their world tomorrow. This is why it gives me honour to be leading such a great school.

I hope our website gives you an insight into what Amity College offers our students, and I invite you to visit us in person to see our school in action.

We look forward to meeting you.

Mehmet Koca
Executive Principal
Amity College

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Amity College - Prestons NSW


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