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Bold Park Community School

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Bold Park Community School
Bold Park Community School is a progressive, innovative school in Wembley, Western Australia, catering for children aged 18 months to 18 years.
Wembley Campus
61-63 Powis Street
PO Box 2085 Churchlands WA 6018
Perth West
(08) 9387 5050
76 Seventh Avenue, Maylands, WA 6051

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Twilight Tour & Pathways Night @ Maylands Campus
Thu Aug 15 @ 5:00PM - 08:00PM [53 Days to go]
Enrolment Tour - Term 3
Thu Aug 22 @ 9:00AM - 11:00AM [59 Days to go]

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Pre Kindergarten to Year 12
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At the heart of Bold Park Community School lies a deep commitment to the rights of children and young adults.
We believe every child deserves an educational environment that nurtures boldness and joy in learning.

We foster creativity and equip students with real-world problem-solving skills, bridging the gap between classroom learning and the broader community. This approach makes learning meaningful and instils a profound sense of belonging among our students.

At Bold Park Community School, we take the conventional Western Australian curriculum and go beyond – to cultivate a supportive and dynamic environment where every child can thrive and achieve.

We are a progressive, innovative school based across two vibrant locations.
Our Wembley campus caters for children aged 18 months to Year 9.
Our Maylands campus caters for young adults in Years 10 to 12.

Choosing a Reggio Emilia inspired school like Bold Park Community School, offers your child the chance to learn and grow in a supportive environment.

It’s a place where each unique individual is respected and valued but they are also part of wider reaching community. It’s not only about education outcomes; it’s about preparing children for a bright future with practical life skills.


We take the conventional Western Australian curriculum and go beyond – to cultivate a supportive and dynamic environment where every child can thrive and achieve.

The Reggio Emilia principles embraced by Bold Park aren’t just part of a curriculum—they’re embedded in every aspect of learning, encouraging children to become curious scholars of life, adept at articulation, and imbued with a lifelong passion for discovery.

Bold Park Community School isn’t merely an educational establishment; it’s a gateway to a world of exploration, where each child’s potential is revered, and every day unfolds as an enriching chapter in a lifelong narrative of learning.

We welcome your child into a realm where education is a collaborative, enchanting quest—an odyssey of growth and joy at every turn.
Our Identity & Values
We aim to become the school of choice for families seeking a nurturing, child-centered, research and evidence-based education that helps to develop confident, resilient, creative, collaborative, responsible and respectful children capable of thriving in our ever-changing world.

Our Identity and Values (what makes us unique)

Respect for the needs and potential of every child is at the heart of our school.

We celebrate uniqueness: we recognise that each of us is one-of-a-kind and acknowledge each other’s strengths. We recognise and value the many varied ways in which we can learn and make sense of our world.

We are respectful: our children are treated as equals and we help them learn to build healthy relationships with their peers and community. We encourage our children to work in collaboration and achieve success as a team.

We are resilient: we have the confidence and fortitude to keep trying if at first we don’t succeed; and to accept and learn from our challenges.

We are joyful: we love learning and help our children develop a sense of wonder in their world by emphasising nature-based and ‘real life’ experiences.

We are creative: our learning environments promote reflectivity, ingenuity, imagination and problem solving.

We foster an ethic of excellence: we believe that if we are going to do something, we should do it well and create a culture where the children are excited about doing their best and proud of what they achieve.

We are resourceful: we use what we have, find what we need and think outside the box to source our materials and solutions.

We are dynamic: we seek innovative ways to nurture and educate our children and we evolve and change in response to new knowledge and changing needs

We are a community: we actively engage with our ‘village’ and wider community in order to build a sense of self that includes and attends to the wellbeing of others.
A Bold Park Community School education evolves self-confident, self-aware and socially responsible citizens.
We reimagine what a school can be, by
cultivating a community of learners who
positively influence their worlds.
Bold Park Community School's programs are geared to suit the individual child, exceeding mandated curriculum standards. Scroll down to view some of our programs and unique features.

College Years 10 – 12 (Ages 15 – 18 yrs)

Our College provides a unique choice in senior schooling designed around what young people need to thrive in the modern world. Our flexible College program offerings allow our students to shape their learning to meet their strengths and pursue their chosen pathway. In a setting that puts the ‘who’ of learning equally alongside the ‘what’ of learning. College offer a range of courses which ensure all students exceed the requirements of the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). 

Middle School Years 7 - 9  (AGES 12 - 14 YRS)

Our Middle School provides a unique learning environment for young adolescents with a balanced program delivered by subject-specialist teachers, complimented by our commitment to learning through the Arts and integrated projects. Our community grouping of 12 to 14-year-olds in Middle School provides a more natural peer group and opportunities for students to move forward with or consolidate their learning..

Primary School Pre-Primary – Year 6  (Ages 5 – 11 yrs)

Our Primary setting has a delightful ‘village’ feel, with children interacting in multi-aged groups and learning that spills out into the outdoors and beyond. Our Arts and outdoor specialists work alongside classroom educators to bring learning to life through engaging and integrated projects.

Early Childhood Pre-Kindy to Pre-Primary  (Ages 3–5 yrs)

The Early Childhood programs provide a gentle transition for children from home into a group setting. Our priority is ensuring each child feels safe, secure and supported. With a solid commitment to learning in and through nature, our programs keep children’s innate curiosity about the world alive.

Wilderness Playgroup  (Ages 18 months - 3 yrs) 

The Wilderness Playgroup connects our young members and their families with nature by basing this experience entirely in an outdoor environment. An educator facilitates our Wilderness Playgroup, encouraging curiosity and deep sensory engagement in the natural world.

A unique part of the Bold Park Community School experience is found in the range of specialist’s programs that cater to the holistic development of our students - in addition to the WA Curriculum.

Our diverse Arts Program, featuring Dance, Drama, Music, Culinary Arts, Media, Visual Arts, Digital Technologies and Design Technologies nurtures creativity and broadens perspectives.

From Pre-Kindy, our youngest learners are involved in the Bluearth program and Visual Arts which continues to Yr 12. Music, Physical Education and Outdoor specialists provide new skills from Yr 1 to 12 with Language, Cooking, Outdoor Wild Space (including sleepover) and Camps on offer from Yr 3 to 12.

The Outta Boundz initiative presents older students with challenges such as surfing and woodwork, promoting environmental and community engagement. Beyond the traditional classroom, activities like Culinary Arts cooking in the Wild Kitchen and the Outdoor Provocation working with wood and natural materials further enriches learning and personal development, embodying our commitment to a holistic educational journey.

Bluearth Physical Education

The Bluearth Approach involves specifically designed games, movements and postures that meet Physical Education (PE) curriculum requirements. Bluearth promotes a number of principles that lead to achieving improved social, personal, physical and academic outcomes. Our staff are specially trained in the use of programs such as Bluearth.

The Bluearth Approach involves specifically designed games, movements and postures that meet Physical Education (PE) curriculum requirements. Bluearth promotes a number of principles that lead to achieving improved social, personal, physical and academic outcomes.

Lessons are inclusive, enjoyable and provide a non threatening learning environment. We believe that each student has the ability to succeed and should have opportunities to allow exploration, creativity and self assessment. The key to the our Bluearth Approach is the focus on the students’ experiences as a result of participating in each activity.

Students are not told what is right or wrong, rather, through skillful guidance and questioning these powerful messages are reinforced.

Integrated Arts

The Arts have a unique ability to ignite our imaginations, broaden our perspectives, and facilitate meaningful connections with the world around us. Extensive research and contemporary understandings of education recognise the powerful impact of Arts education on a child's holistic development. By engaging with the Arts, students can enhance and consolidate their learning, while cultivating important skills and attributes vital to their future success.


Camps form an important part of the Bold Park experience. We provide a graduate camps program that is designed to give our students experience in nature along with a feeling of confidence and capability that comes from managing the challenges that come with being away from home and outdoors. Camps can be a big challenge for some students, and we work very closely with families to ensure every child experiences success and joy through the shared experience.

Outta Boundz

The Outta Boundz program was designed to challenge and inspire our Middle School and College students whilst developing an intentional connection to place and one another through shared experiences.

The program offers diverse opportunities from nature based experiences through to community engagement opportunities. Over the years this program has offered a range of options including woodwork, surfing, rock climbing, or arts experiences from clay work to ukulele.
Principal's Image
When you visit our school and as you look through our website, you will discover that BPCS is an intimate, caring and innovative 21st Century school catering for children through our Playgroup, Early Childhood, Primary, Middle School and College programs plus our Specialist programs.
We pride ourselves in offering a unique educational choice between mainstream and established alternative schooling. We cater for families looking for a nurturing environment that supports the latest research and best practice across ages and stages of child development. If you haven’t taken the opportunity yet, please learn more about the Bold Park Difference and why we are Reggio Emilia Inspired.
In addition to our Wembley campus, home of our Playgroup to Year 9 students, in 2021 we opened a campus in Maylands, which houses our College students (Year 10-12). The Maylands’ site was gifted to us in 2018, which affirmed the excellent work of our educators and the progressive, foundational philosophy of our School village. This additional campus provides us with the physical resource to expand opportunities and offerings for our students and provide surety for the students ‘coming through’.
Our goal is that Bold Park Community School will continue to be a model of excellence for the 21st century. We emphasize developing skills and understandings to create a community where children respect and value their families and the society in which they live, where they know and value themselves and are comfortable with the challenges ahead.
As our Founding Principal Gillian McAuliffe says, “To seek to keep the light alive in children’s eyes.”
Bold Park Community School is in the enviable position of maintaining waiting lists for many sections of the school. The Enrolment Process section of our website will provide additional information for your consideration.
Book for one of our Enrolment Tours
We look forward to meeting you and your family soon!
With Graditude,
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Bold Park Community School


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