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Caboolture Montessori School

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Caboolture Montessori School
200 Old Gympie Road
The Caboolture Montessori School is located 5 minutes from Caboolture’s CBD in a lovely bushland setting. The school opened in 1998 and currently has over 190 students aged 3-12 in 10 multi-age classrooms, as well as our toddler group (from 15 months).
PO Box 1610, Caboolture QLD 4510
Brisbane North
(07) 5495 5877
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Caboolture Montessori School

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Ms Yvonne Rinaldi
Early Learning, Primary School
Pre-kindy (3 years old) - Year 6
Please see fee schedule on our website.

The Caboolture Montessori School opened in 1998, operating out of the Caboolture Historical Village with just 18 students.  We moved to our current school site a year later with 23 students, and have grown to 150 students in 2013.

In 2013 we saw the introduction of our Early Learning program which has allowed us to include children from 3 years old in our Cycle 1 classes in a full education program for kindy (and pre-kindy) aged students.




Caboolture Montessori School is situated on a ten acre property that can boast a wonderful variety of trees and bamboo. This selectively cleared block of land provides a beautiful environment for children to learn and grow. A staged, structured building program will ensure the provision of the finest facilities for all students.
Our students learn and grow in fully equipped Montessori classrooms, boasting extensive equipment and educational materials that supports the Montessori curriculum. Our modern, well-equipped library is also a well used feature of our school.
In a Montessori environment, all subjects studied belong to our key learning areas. Our school covers the eight traditional subjects (The Arts, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, English, SOSE, Information Technology, LOTE, Science) and two learning areas specific to Montessori: Practical Life and Sensorial. Both these areas support acquisition of information and practical skills. Some learning areas are defined as cultural subjects and form part of our integrated curriculum. Every term is introduced with a theme which evolves around one of Dr Montessori’s ‘Great Stories’.

Students learn to associate a concept with various subjects, such as: if they are studying planets, they will look at geography and at the same time work with mathematical equations, establishing sizes of planets, distances from Earth, etc. Integration and generalising their knowledge brings about great interest and motivation.

Literacy and numeracy form the foundation that links all core subjects. Technology supports the student's work often by extending the understanding and offering ways to personalise own knowledge.
In the tradition of the finest International Montessori Schools, the Caboolture Montessori School is committed to excellence and offers a comprehensive education for children based on the individual needs of each child.

Montessori classrooms are like no other. They are designed to ignite the flame of learning for life. In essence they provide a framework and environment in which each child can develop individually as a whole person in ways that are appropriate to that child at the time.

The secret of the Montessori classroom is that the Montessori Method is totally child focused. It is caring, non competitive, non-graded and co-operative.

The children express their innate drives for knowledge and skills in ways that are natural for their level of development.

The children work in classes that cover a
3-4 year age range in accordance with the periods of development identified by Dr Maria Montessori and other leading child development researchers.

The caring atmosphere is nurtured by the personal approach of the Principal and teaching staff. All children and their families become part of the Caboolture Montessori School family which plays an important part in the child’s growth and development.

The Caboolture Montessori School offers a holistic approach to education aimed at developing the whole child. Each child is encouraged to take responsibility for their learning. The school is committed to providing students with the opportunity to become self-motivated, confident, self-disciplined, responsible and caring adults, who will become future leaders and thoughtful contributors to society.

The Caboolture Montessori School seeks to provide each child with a sense of the importance of making a contribution to the continuing stream of human progress. Learning the right answers will get you through school – learning how to learn will get you through life! Caboolture Montessori School teaches students to think, not simply to memorize, feedback and forget.

The basis of our approach is the simple observation that children learn most effectively through direct experience and the process of investigation and discovery. No two students learn at the same pace nor do they necessarily learn best from the same methods. Our goal is to be flexible and creative in addressing each student as a unique individual.

Caboolture Montessori School is designed to be a school where children can blossom. We seek to inspire a passion for excellence and to nurture curiosity, creativity and imagination. Our goal is not only to give students a detailed education, but to prepare them for life.

Our students develop into people who are fascinated by the universe and feel compelled to understand something of life’s secrets. They come to see that we all belong to the Earth and the human family.

All our staff, both teaching and administration, deeply believe in the human potential of the child. Our task as a School is to help each student to discover and develop the unique talents and possibilities that are their birthright.

We value the importance of parental involvement with the school and with their child's learning progress. Parents provide the strong sense of community that is the Caboolture Montessori School.
To promote positive, peaceful learning with creative, independent, joyful children in a beautiful, inclusive, prepared environment through caring and knowledgeable adults.
The Caboolture Montessori School’s mission is to educate individuals in our school and community by implementing the Montessori philosophy and methodology. Our aim is to prepare a developmentally appropriate environment to encourage our children to responsibly and respectfully engage in their learning journey. This mission is best accomplished by:
- Providing a curriculum adhering to rigorous Montessori standards, informed by current thinking and research on child development and learning.
- Fostering a love of learning.
- Embracing a diverse student body in which students experience and learn to respect ethnic, cultural, economic and other differences and seek to identify common ground.
- Recognising that personal growth involves responsibility toward others and toward the Earth.
- Facilitating the involvement of parents, class directors, students and the larger community.

Parents often share their appreciation and give us the permission to share these with others:

Just a note to say that we are super pleased with Merit's progress, her class and the school.  My husband and I have noted some wonderful growth just in the first term and Merit seems to be coming home from school much calmer and at peace with everything.  So changing her class has been a real silver lining for us.  We are glad to see some emotional and social growth catch up with her intellect and she has been making some positive contributions around the home and within our family and we hope that this extends to school as well.

So many thanks and thanks to Natasha and Leah as well. Teaching can be an un-thanked profession, so we wanted to note this to you and your staff as you head into the Easter holidays.   We often think what a great place to learn especially when I personally look back to the bleak and sometimes literally frozen classrooms we got to "enjoy" as children.  What a lucky bunch!

All the best for a refreshing school holidays.

Kind regards,

Nancy & Peter"


"Today, I realised, will be my last 3rd Term as Ainslee's mum.  Next term will be my last at CMS as Ainslee's Mum.  Then I will become Drew's Mum.  Things have changed.  The school no longer go on 'Whole School Camp', Restaurant night is split into two classes, Concert combines classes, and I can no longer joke about ESMT (Eastern Standard Montessori Time).  Yes, there are some things that I miss about all these things (and there are probably others that I have missed) (Oh, I don't miss ESMT!) but I see growth, direction and goals as being a positive reason as to why they are no longer there.

I know I have shared with you that at times I have struggled with my decision to 'keep the faith' with the Montessori schooling and I feel that the reasons for this struggle were that I couldn't see the growth, direction and goals that are now apparent at CMS.

I have seen the school purchase it's own land, giving it stability and options to control its own destiny.

I have seen the changes in the classrooms with the true Montessori philosophy being first and foremost inside the walls and in the playground.

Most of all, I have seen the changes in my own child.  She is happy (yes, she is far from perfect - as we all are - and has had her ups and downs with both children and staff) responsible, confident and has an acute understanding and love of learning.

I could not answer some of the survey questions as I have the benefit of 7 years of CMS primary school and I have no idea what 'perfect' is.  I just know that it has worked for us.

I hope that CMS continues to be awesome for the next 7 years as Drew's mum :) Glad I kept the faith and thanks for helping with that along the way.

Thanks :)



As the Principal of the Caboolture Montessori School, may I start by asking the following questions.

  • What are your expecations of the educational system your child will belong to?
  • What do you hope will remain with your child at the end of their compulsory education?
  • What attributes do you think will be required in your child's future?
  • What qualities would you like your child to have?

These are just some of the questions we have been asking ourselves at Caboolture Montessori School.

Doctor Montessori has worked to establish a curriculum that will provide opportunities for children to work at their own level, using abilities they own and experiences they can utilise to enhance their learning. With this in mind, and with what we believe families would expect, the staff at Caboolture Montessori school work continuously in preparing an appropriate environment.

We endeavour to prepare an environment that will address each child's developmental stage with an insight to procure activities to meet developmental needs and future possibilities whilst having fun. Our school is in a wonderfully natural setting, away from the hussle and bustle of stressful city life; however, we plan events that bring new experiences to our school, so that children can explore the world around them.

The adults in our environment are passionate about Montessori and learning and are themselves continuous learners as are your children. We hold great responsibility in educating your child; this is done with safety, care and excitement. The children's learning journey takes on specific meaning for the staff and other students in the school.

The Caboolture Montessori School and I invite you personally to come and visit us, so that we can show you around our lovely environment and share with you what we can offer your child at this very important stage of their learning.

I look forward in meeting you personally and to begin a unique relationship between your family and our community.

In conclusion, may I adopt Doctor Montessori's own words:

"Our methods take into consideration the spontaneous mental development of children, and assist it with means derived from observation and experience."
Maria Montessori - The Discovery of the Child

Yvonne Rinaldi
Caboolture Montessori School

Magical campus
Parent Education
Cycle 2
Toddler Group
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