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Carmel Adventist College Secondary - Carmel WA

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CARMEL Adventist College Secondary
Carmel Adventist College is a co-educational day school and boarding school, providing a comprehensive program from Kindergarten to Year 12. This highly regarded college is located in Perth East WA
195 Glenisla Rd
Perth East
(08) 9293 5333
Carmel Adventist College - Primary
18 First Avenue
Bickley WA 6076
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  • Secondary School
  • Seventh-Day Adventist
Years 7-12 (Pre-K-6 at Primary Campus)
Seventh-day Adventist
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Carmel Adventist College - Secondary

Carmel Adventist College is a co-educational day school and boarding school, providing a comprehensive program from Kindergarten to Year 12.

The clean, country atmosphere, combined with a caring Christian environment, encourages students to develop to their potential. Each student is unique and his/her positive contribution to the College is highly valued.

The young people attending our College are provided with many opportunities for self-development: the College Choir, Mathematics competitions, Accro Squad, Sports teams and Bush Rangers all encourage personal and group development and achievement.

New students are welcomed into our College with its warm, caring environment. They can feel secure and safe.


Carmel Adventist College Primary

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I believe that Carmel Adventist College Primary is a happy school with great spirit and a sense that anything and everything is possible.  Our core aspirations are that during their time with us:

  • every student will develop a deep love for learning that will stay with them for their entire life, and
  • each student will recognise their God-given gifts, talents and natural abilities and will use and develop them to their full potential.

Tucked in amongst the trees in the beautiful Bickley Valley, the natural environment surrounding the school enriches the lives of those who study, work and play in its beauty and tranquillity.

Our students, their parents and our experienced and dedicated staff team are our most precious assets. Carmel Primary is committed to providing the best teaching and learning environment possible so that all students can be happy, safe and learn to their full potential. Dedicated to professional growth through ongoing professional development, our staff has high expectations of themselves and work collaboratively in teams to develop sound curriculum programs.

We encourage the involvement of our parents in school activities. We seek to foster the relationships between students, parents and teachers.  We desire is to share the enormous responsibility of growing your son or daughter with you. 

Honour, respect and obedience are integral to Carmel’s culture and are embedded in all aspects of the school life. Children are taught that our own behaviour and personal attitudes impact everyone they come in contact with.  The way students listen, speak and treat each other, their parents and those in authority are deeply significant in the development of character consistent with God’s word.

Technology is to a key element in our teaching and learning program.  We recognise that in a changing world of communication and technology, our students can benefit from using technology as a powerful learning tool.  Teachers use information technology to enhance learning and cater for the varying ways that students learn.

We hope that your child leaves Carmel Adventist College Primary with more than just quality academic experience.  We want them to ‘taste’ a range of activities and develop a range of skills that will prepare them for the pursuits of high school.

I believe our balance of academic, physical, social and spiritual programmes, in partnership with you, as parents, will provide the best opportunity for your child’s journey toward adulthood.

Please feel free to contact me or visit the school to find out more about how Carmel Adventist College Primary can benefit your child.

Janine Taylor

Principal - Primary Campus




It is well known that it takes a community to raise a child. A community is something we all want to belong to. It’s something we often are willing to go to extremes to join and something that can change our lives for the better and enrich it in some way.

Carmel Adventist College offers all who walk through the gates a place of belonging, a community. Whether you are there as a student, a teacher or a family member, we need you to become a part of our Christ centered, school community.

It is here that we seek to impart the knowledge and wisdom needed to guide you to make the best life choices. Choices that will one day bring about a change, not just to the individual, but to the wider community they are a part of.

Carmel Adventist College has a history of pride and has produced some of the leading Adventist educationalists in Australia. It is with this pride that we seek to continue the tradition of excellence in all that we do at Carmel.

The team at Carmel Adventist College will always seek to deliver the best education for your child.  This may be through a personal spiritual experience or through a service experience near by or abroad. Carmel will always seek to give your child the very best life experience so that they grow in wisdom, love and knowledge. We, the community also grow with them.

Nicholas Thomson

Principal - Secondary Campus

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Carmel Adventist College Secondary - Carmel WA


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