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Australia’s leading education payment provider. Edstart is making school fees easier to manage for thousands of Australians.


Edstart makes it easy for you to manage education costs by providing flexible payment plans you can control. We can help you spread large upfront school fees into more manageable payments, so that school fees don’t hold back your finances.

Benefits of Edstart

  • Take the stress out of your budget
    Our simple payment plans can fit around your budget. You can even lower your repayments by extending the cost to after graduation.
  • Get full control over your payments
    Edstart is more flexible than a traditional payment plan. You can adjust your repayments at any time without incurring any fees or charges.
  • Benefit from a great education
    We give you peace of mind that your school fees are paid to the school, so that you and your family can focus on getting the education you want.

Payment plan options

We provide two options to help you better manage your education expenses.

  • Edstart Pay: Interest-free plan that runs up to 12 months. Edstart will pay the school on your behalf every term, and you can spread your repayments across the year in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.
  • Edstart Extend: Allows you to reduce your repayment amount by spreading your education costs beyond the current school year. You can extend your repayments for up to five years after graduation..

You can use Edstart to cover any education-related expenses including tuition, boarding, uniforms, textbooks, tutoring, excursions and extra-curricular activities.

Apply for Edstart at any time during the year with no lock in contracts. You only pay for what you use, and there are no fees for changing or cancelling your plan.

Visit us at edstart.com.au to get an instant estimate and apply online.

  • Early Learning
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • Primary through Secondary
  • Multiple School Locations
Every family deserves to send their kids to the school of their choice. We don’t believe finance should get in the way of education.
Edstart was founded by a passionate team of Australian education and finance specialists who believe in the power of education and are committed to building a solution to support access to learning.
Our mission is to help children get a great education and ensure they graduate from the school of their choice. We offer a range of products to help give families peace of mind that their school fees are paid on time, every time.
Edstart holds an Australian credit licence issued by ASIC and maintains full compliance with all regulatory requirements.
Edstart is Australia’s leading education payment provider and is making school fees easier to manage for thousands of Australians.

Our goal is to help people to fund their education costs in a sustainable, flexible and low-cost manner that leaves schools, families and students in a better position. All of our products have been designed from the ground up with this ethos in mind.

We are a local and specialised provider founded by a passionate team of Australian education and finance specialists. We hold a credit licence issued by ASIC and maintain full compliance with all regulatory requirements.
At Edstart, we believe education is the world’s most powerful investment. Our mission is to help students reach their potential.
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