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Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, Middle Cove NSW

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Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, Middle Cove
The Glenaeon Learning Journey is an integrated, holistic education, designed to provide a balance of intellectual, artistic, imaginative capacities and practical life skills. Years PreSchool - Year 12
5a Glenroy Avenue
Middle Cove
Sydney North
02 9417 3193
Preschool - 118 Sydney Street, Willoughby
Kindergarten - 2 - 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag, NSW
Years 3-12 - 5A Glenroy Avenue, Middle Cove, NSW
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Andrew Hill
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Inspiring Meaningful Lives

Since the late 20th century, a shift in understanding has occurred about how we teach students. New approaches to learning emphasise the importance of deep understanding in order to facilitate a lifelong love of learning in students and the flexible thinking capacities needed to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. Students need learning environments where active, deep and authentic thinking occurs over time.

Glenaeon has long recognised the need for a balanced and enriched approach to learning, responsive to the developmental phases of childhood and adolescence and the nurturing of the child’s imagination, creativity and active thinking.

For over 60 years, Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School has helped children and young adults find meaning and direction in their lives. Through a considered balance of academic, aesthetic, artisan, altruistic and active wilderness, we equip students with the foundation they need to lead a life of character and contribution.

The Glenaeon Journey

The Glenaeon Learning Journey is an integrated, holistic education, designed to provide a balance of intellectual, artistic, imaginative capacities and practical life skills, with a strong emphasis on teaching through the arts and experiential learning.
Our graduating high school class demonstrates the benefits of this approach, consistently placing in the top 10% of NSW high schools. A strong academic program, incorporating culture, the arts, service and wilderness environments, extends students in a balanced and rounded manner.

As well as performing so well academically, students who come through the school have all sung and performed on stage in their musical, have hiked and camped around Australia, played musical instruments, learned another language for years, and most importantly, been part of a strong learning community built on bonds, many of which will last a lifetime.

Cherishing Childhood

Their early years are equally blessed, with a creative education that cherishes the roots of childhood through play, imagination and a love of nature, established in our Preschool and Kindergarten.

Formal learning begins in primary school, where a rigorous education is delivered with creativity embedded in the learning process. Our teachers are story-tellers, artists and musicians who enrich the core subjects of literacy, numeracy and science by bringing learning alive with imaginative flair and passion. They accompany their classes through the primary years as a Class Teacher, and become valued partners with parents in raising each child, building character and igniting a curiosity for learning and the world.

Middle and Senior School – a balanced curriculum

Our Middle and Senior Schools run a range of sports, outdoor education, musical and theatre programs, building a balanced and creative preparation for life. Glenaeon’s ACARA-approved curriculum is centred on the healthy development of our students and is seamlessly blended with local Board of Studies (BOSTES) requirements

Glenaeon is located on three campuses near Chatswood on Sydney's lower north shore. The main campus at Middle Cove is located on three hectares of beautiful bushland grounds reaching down to Scotts Creek and Middle Harbour. The Kindergarten and Classes 1 and 2 are situated on a quiet, tree-lined campus at Castlecrag with a beautiful playground, while the Preschool is in a home-based Federation house and garden in Willoughby.

Glenaeon offers a rich and innovative education of discovery that cherishes childhood, educates for excellence and celebrates the human spirit.

We blend the NSW Board of Studies Curriculum with the ACARA-recognised Australian Steiner Curriculum and offer a wide range of subjects to HSC level.

All our students learn Japanese and German from year one, and music is part of the children’s daily timetable from kindergarten. Instrument tuition is introduced from Year 3, and the dramatic arts are also an important part of the school year for all students.

High school students can join a computer coding club, debating teams, intra and inter-school sports competitions, including fencing, netball and soccer, and several music ensembles, bands and choirs.

From Year 4 to 12 students engage in age appropriate outdoor education that builds confident wilderness and service experience in Australian environments, ranging from Tasmania to Central Australia.

For senior students, we offer a bi-annual European cultural tour, an alumni mentoring program, a leadership development program, and a senior research-based individual project as a wonderful preparation for tertiary level study.
Our main campus at Middle Cove (Years 3-12) is located in beautiful bushland grounds reaching down to Middle Harbour, with a Performing Arts Hall, state-of-the-art science laboratories, music and movement specialist rooms, Design and Technology facilities with working forges, senior and junior school libraries, ICT integrated learning with universal wi-fi connectivity in high school, fully equipped art studios, access to Scotts Creek for our kayaking program, basketball courts, tree-lined ovals, a Biodynamic vegetable garden and a working amphitheatre.

Our Kindergarten-Year 2 campus is situated on a quiet, tree-lined campus at Castlecrag, with a beautiful playground filled with natural timbered play equipment, native gardens and the new Marion Mahony Griffin Hall. Our preschool is in a home-based Federation house and garden in Willoughby.

To realise a contemporary understanding of the wisdom of Dr Rudolf Steiner which will prepare students to take their place as young men and women of distinction in Australian and world society.

A Glenaeon education is:

Developmental: we value the foundation that a healthy childhood gives to a successful life. We support the need for children to play, be part of nature and enjoy a time free from the early commercialisation of childhood. We also value the developmental picture of human consciousness that has evolved through the ages of history.

Balanced: we provide a uniquely balanced education fostering the development of clear thinking, rich emotions and a strong will delivered through a high quality academic program, a flourishing creative and performing arts experience, and a practical training in traditional and contemporary technologies for every student.

International: along with over 1000 Steiner schools around the world we promote an international understanding and tolerance of diversity;
compassionate: we value an approach that fosters collaboration over competition as the basis for both individual achievement and community harmony. We strive to make every classroom a learning community;

Individual: we value the uniqueness of each individual student, recognising that each is on a path of biographical development unfolding his or her essence of self. “Unfolding Individual Journeys” is our school logo.

Sustainable: as Dr Steiner was a pioneer in sustainable agricultural practice in the early 20th Century, so we aim to continue this tradition through working in harmony with the forces of nature in a creative, collaborative manner.

Spirit-inspired: we value the expressions of the “wisdom of humanity” which have guided humanity in the great world religions and traditions, and through the curriculum, festivals and study we will nourish and support students, teachers and parents in creative, contemporary ways in harmony with Dr Steiner’s work.
Glenaeon strives to develop the physical, emotional and intellectual capabilities of the developing child through an age-appropriate curriculum that integrates the study of the humanities, science, mathematics and technology into the disciplines of movement, fine arts and practical arts, allowing our students to receive a well-rounded and holistic education.
“Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings, who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives” RUDOLF STEINER


Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School is an academically challenging, emotionally fulfilling, and culturally enriching school where teachers educate to the highest standard and support students on their journey to a successful future. We are very proud of Glenaeon’s history, current practice and unique vision for the future.

Glenaeon was founded in 1957 by Sylvia Brose OAM, out of the community around Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin. Their enduring values of academic scholarship infused with design, the arts, community, nature and spirit were ahead of their time. From this foundation, Glenaeon pioneered innovative teaching and learning in Sydney, and we are indeed proud of the contribution our school has made to contemporary education.

Today, as an educational community from Preschool to Year 12 with 500 students, our school is able to foster a strong sense of connection while getting to know our students individually as their journey unfolds. Glenaeon students are educated to a very high standard and are given opportunities to find out who they are, in order to add something of value to the great human story.

To all our students we offer two of life’s most precious gifts, hope and wellbeing: hope, so they can contribute meaningfully to the world story, and wellbeing, that they will be healthy, whole and skilled enough to do so. Our task as a school
is to give them the rich and nourishing environment that will inspire them, in a challenging but connected world, to be their unique and individual best.

I look forward to welcoming you to Glenaeon.


B.A. (Hons) Dip Arts, M.Ed (Sydney) MACE Head of School 


Duke Of Edinburgh Award

This Award is offered at the beginning of Year 9 with students able to enrol at the Bronze level. Completion of the award gives students a great sense of achievement and they are able to progress to the silver and gold awards which are valuable additions to their resume. Glenaeon’s camps and activities support the students in the achievement of the Bronze award. 

Parking & Transport


There is a council car park for Bales Park on Sydney Street, right next to the preschool. If you are attending with your child access the preschool through the garden gates. If you are attending for a tour, please come to the front door and ring the doorbell.


The Castlecrag campus is in a residential area of the suburb. There is street parking on Edinburgh Road, next to the campus and Edith Street, opposite the campus. 


Glenroy Avenue is a narrow residential street and poses difficulties for parking and navigating at peak times. If you arrive during the day, street parking can be available on Glenroy Avenue and limited parking is available on campus. Otherwise, it is wise to park in Victoria Avenue and cross Eastern Valley Way, finding the path between houses near the bus stop on Eastern Valley Way that leads to Glenroy Avenue. The school gate is shut every day from 8:30am-9:15am and from 3:15pm-3:45pm. At other times limited parking is available on campus. 


Glenaeon is serviced by a range of government bus services and by three school run shuttle services. These services operate morning and afternoon each day from:

  • The Eastern Suburbs 
  • Marrickville/Lilyfield
  • Balmain/Lane Cove
  • The Northern Beaches 
2016 Bus Booklet 2016 Bus Booklet (2874 KB) 

For further information or questions please contact our Registrar at: enrolments@glenaeon.nsw.edu.au


Scholarships offered in 2018:


  • Sylvia Brose All Rounder Scholarship (Foundation Scholarship) Year 7 Entry
    • A means-tested Scholarship to students who could otherwise not afford to attend the school
  • Glenaeon Scholarship Year 7 entry
    • A general scholarship offered to a student with an excellent record of school achievement.
  • Aaron MacMillan Music Scholarship Year 7 Entry
    • A scholarship awarded to an outstanding musician. Students need to have achieved good passes in AMEB or equivalent exams at the following levels:
    • Piano: Grade 6
    • Strings: Grade 5
    • Brass/Woodwind: Grade 3
    • Orchestral percussion: Two years prior tuition
    • The successful candidate will be selected on the basis of academic merit as demonstrated in Year 10 reports and a CV of interests and achievements
  • Marion Mahony Griffin Scholarship Year 11 Entry
    • The successful candidate will be selected on the basis of academic merit as demonstrated in Year 10 reports and a CV of interests and achievements.

For more information, please visit our website at http://www.glenaeon.nsw.edu.au/enrolments/scholarships or call Enrolments on 02 9932 2325

The 2016 HSC results underline our commitment to a balanced curriculum which includes our excellent academic program. We achieved 16 Band 6 or equivalent results (marks above 90 in a subject) giving us a 14.9% Band 6 to exams sat result. 

2016's HSC group was the last of our small classes, and with 107 exams sat, we are not included in the Sydney Morning Herald’s ranking list which only ranks schools with more than 150 exams sat.

However, based on our results, our placing in the state ranking of over 930 high schools in NSW is around 105, within the top 150 schools which are published in the Herald and within the top 12% of high schools in the state.



Glenaeon has been such a boost for our boys and our family. Our family has moved quite a bit with my husband's job. Before Glenaeon my oldest son was really struggling with school. He hated the Montessori school he was attending and was really struggling to make friends. When he went up to Glenaeon for his highschool interview he told us, "It just feels so safe." In fact he asked if he could start in year 6 instead of 7! We said yes, and it's been such a blessing for our whole family. He made friends quickly and was embraced with open arms by his class and his teacher. It's such a grounded, nurturing environment. The teaching is excellent. Providing both strong academic challenges and opportunity for physical and emotional growth as well. We've been so thankful for the support of Andrew Hill as the head of school. We've attended many of the Parent Education nights. What a difference to have a school so very focused on the community as a whole! To help us become better parents, but also to develop a strong 'team' of parents who are all in this together! My oldest boy has gone from hating school to absolutely loving it. I cannot recommend Glenaeon highly enough.

There is now a sizeable diaspora of Glenaeon students spread across the country, and the world, who have in one way or another shared in the Glenaeon spirit.

Classes have regular reunions and there is a camaraderie that lives on between those who have been comrades-in-arms in Glenaeon classrooms. 

The lives of our GlenXer’s make inspiring reading, and can be read online at http://glenaeoncommunity.com.au. So many of their stories demonstrate that our education has equipped them with a range of skills, attitudes and work practices which have translated into a diversity of successful careers. 

Mia Westcott

Glenaeon K-12

Bachelor of Medicine, Newcastle University

Remote Medicine Placement, Solomon Islands

Paediatric Registrar, Newcastle Hospital

Zac Cohan

Glenaeon 1-12

International Studies, Macquarie University

Apple World Developers Award 2007

Co-founder: Picturesque, Soulver

Software designer

Lucy Minter

Glenaeon K-12

Trained as carpenter (Master Builders Association)

Law degree at UNSW

Organised building projects in disadvantaged areas of Brazil 



Education leader Ms Diana Drummond has been appointed the new Head of School at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School. Announced by Peter Candotti, Chair of the School Board at an all staff meeting on Wednesday afternoon, Ms Drummond will commence in the role in January 2023 taking over from Mr Andrew Hill who has held the position of Collegiate Chair and Head of School for the past 14 years.

Ms Drummond joins Glenaeon having completed more than 15 years in school leadership roles, most recently at Wenona where she has been Deputy Principal (Teaching and Learning) since 2018 and is currently Deputy Principal (Professional Practice and Leadership). Diana’s prior experience included Vice Principal of the co-educational International School Bangkok, Head of the Junior School MLC Burwood, Junior School Deputy at St Catherine’s School, as well as senior leadership roles at the AIS NSW.

Of the appointment, Mr Candotti said, “I am delighted to welcome Diana to Glenaeon. She is a committed, passionate educator and leader whose values align with Glenaeon’s holistic, nurturing, and creative approach to teaching and learning. Her experience has demonstrated that she is an innovative, collaborative and future-focused educational leader who listens and invests energy into building relationships with individuals and groups. She is well experienced in leading learning communities, in strategic thinking, and the professional development of teachers and support staff. Building on Andrew’s outstanding legacy, Diana will capably lead Glenaeon in the next exciting phase of the school’s growth and development.”

On her appointment, Ms Drummond said, “Glenaeon presents an outstanding and unique educational offering. By developing each young person’s academic, cultural and emotional capacity through a focus on knowing students deeply, age-appropriate and integrated learning experiences, and strong community connection, Glenaeon is a school of choice for “thinking” parents. I am excited by the opportunity that a move into Steiner education brings with its focus on teaching as an artform and where the education of young people is imbued with meaning and purpose.”

Outgoing Head of School Andrew Hill said, “It has been the privilege of a lifetime to lead Glenaeon. We have achieved so much over the past decade and a half, and I am extremely proud of the united and enriching community that has developed around our school. Diana brings long experience, enormous expertise and great personal qualities that will build on these foundations and take Glenaeon to new heights as a vibrant centre of Steiner education.”

Mr Hill will work with Ms Drummond to facilitate a smooth transition into 2023.

The Board wishes to thank all the candidates who applied and warmly congratulates Ms Drummond, and kindly acknowledges Andrew Hill’s significant contribution to the School, its teachers and staff, parents and students over the past 14 years.

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Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, Middle Cove NSW


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