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[ Grace opens a continual pathway of discovery ]

Grace Lutheran College, is a co-educational secondary school, catering for students from Yr 7 to Yr 12. Students are accepted irrespective of religious affiliation, financial status or academic level.
Rothwell Campus - Anzac Avenue Rothwell Queensland Australia. Caboolture Campus - 129 Toohey Street, Caboolture 4510
PO Box 3181, Clontarf DC, QLD 4019
Brisbane North
07 3203 0066
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Mr David Radke
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Grace Lutheran College is, by the grace of God, a Christian community. It aims to continue the preparation of young people for a life of faith and service so that God will be glorified in the world.

Grace Lutheran College is one College with two campuses, Rothwell and Caboolture, owned and operated by the Lutheran Church of Australia, Queensland District. A College Council appointed by the Church provides governance, strategic direction and policy for the College.        

Grace Lutheran College is a community-based, co-educational secondary school, open to all families who are willing to support our ethos, without discrimination as to class, race or belief. We aim to be inclusive of the diverse range of people who call Australia home.

We have a strong relationship with our partner primary school: St Paul's Lutheran Primary School, Caboolture; Living Faith Lutheran Primary School, Murrumba Downs; and Grace Lutheran Primary School, Clontarf.

Students travel to Grace College from many areas in North Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Bribie Island and surrounds, many using our extensive College owned bus services.

We encourage everyone in our community to learn and serve according to ‘The Grace Way’.

Grace Lutheran College is a co-educational secondary school located at Rothwell, approximately 28km north of Brisbane, and Caboolture, approximately 40km north of Brisbane.

Founded in 1978, the College has developed quickly to its current enrolment of 1650 students across the two campuses.

By offering a comprehensive, balanced curriculum to cater for students’ varying abilities and interests, and by fostering a caring, Christian environment, Grace strives to assist each and every student to develop his/her full human potential so that he/she may be balanced and effective citizens in the community. Grace College is open to all students without discrimination as to class, race, belief, ability or financial status.

The curriculum is supported by many modern facilities including a state-of-the-art Visual Arts Centre, an Observatory (used not only by the students but also by members of the wider community), a well-equipped Library/Resource Centre, Computer Laboratories, a Technology Centre, Multi-purpose Centre which includes indoor basketball, netball and volleyball facilities, heated 25 metre swimming pool and two heated learn-to-swim pools. A large number of students are involved in activities in various areas of the Performing Arts, including Drama, Music and Dance.

There is a fine tradition at the College of students using their abilities in these areas to glorify God through public appearances.  The College is part-owner of an Outdoor Education Centre, ‘Googa’, situated 9km from Blackbutt. Year 10 classes spend 4 weeks at the Centre undertaking a popular outdoor education programme.

Now that Year 7s will be part of every high school in 2015, here’s a snapshot of our Middle School program – tried and tested since 2008.
- Yr 7 and 8 students generally have two known and trusted core teachers for Christian Studies, English, Maths, Science, SOSE
- Yr 7 Experience Program: specialist teaching in Languages,
Performing Arts, Computing, Lifestyle Technology, Media,
Visual Arts, Industrial Technology
- Year 7 and 9 buddy system
- Stimulating Academic Enrichment program
- Library open 7.30am to 6pm Mon – Thurs with teachers and tutors available to assist with homework, assignments and research.
- Designated Middle School precinct with new air-conditioned
classrooms, interactive whiteboards and full computer access
- Our Senior School program provides numberous challenges for our young men and women.
- With a balance of strong academic outcomes and vocational education opportunities, all students can reach their potenital
Modern, well-equiped facilities are constantly being upgraded.

Wide range of performing arts opoprtunities including bands, ensembles, choirs, dance troupes, drama troupes and technical production groups. Numerous sporting opportunities exist in a massive range of sports. Our Grace Swimming Club is in the Top 10 swimming Clubs in QLD.

A key component of the Grace experience is a four week experience at Googa, our outdoor education centre located in Blackbutt, QLD.
"Grace Lutheran College is by the grace of God a Christian community. It aims to continue the preparation of young people for a life of faith and service, so that God will be glorified in the world."

Providing for the gifted and talented

Priding themselves in the provision of specialised programs for the gifted and talented, Grace Lutheran College is now offering a unique set of programs for high achieving students that support the academic, social, emotional and organisational needs of the individual child. 

“With dedicated, specialist staff who have been leaders in this field for 15 years, our Academic Enrichment Program provides individual case management and academic plans for gifted students,” explained Leigh-ann Forman, Academic Enrichment Coordinator at Grace Lutheran College, “whilst our Ignite Excellence Programs in English, Mathematics, Science, Music and Sport, are for high achieving students within those specific subject areas.”

After being identified as a candidate via the application process, Isabelle entered the Ignite Excellence: Mathematics Program in Year 7.  She was then provided the opportunity to complete Years 7, 8 and 9 Mathematics in two years, followed by commencing Senior School Mathematics twelve months early. 

“Through the use of the flip teaching model, accelerated curriculum programs and individual case management, Isabelle and her accelerated Maths class are performing at an outstanding level,” Mrs Forman said. “She and her peers are on track to finish Year 12 Mathematics Methods in Year 11, allowing them a study spare on their timetable in Year 12 to focus on their other subjects or to commence early university subjects at no charge.” 

“Isabelle and her fellow students will be a sought-after candidates for University scholarships and course placements in STEM and Mathematics.” 

Find out more at www.glc.qld.edu.au 

The Best We Can Do


The close and opening of each school year include celebrations of achievement, and naturally the focus is on public achievement. The week just passed has seen Grace College blessed with two significant student achievements, one involving a graduate from 2018 and the other recognising a current student; I refer to Max Orchard and Izaack Powell. For any school to have a student or students publically recognised for their achievements is very special indeed and here at Grace we are indeed thankful for Max and Izaack’s achievements and the recognitionthis brings to them and Grace.

Grace College is also very thankful for every student who achieves their best; not only following on from a set assessment, completion of a certificate, a victory in sport or exceptional performance in the Arts, … but also for daily achievements. Where students and staff
continually set and achieve new personal learning goals in all aspects of the courses and programs which Grace provides, they are in fact fulfilling a critical aim of the College - ‘Growth.’


Doing the best that we can do is of course ‘success,’ sometimes only recognised by oneself, but more often than not also observed by others. The great Brazilian soccer player, Pele noted: “Success is no accident, it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying,sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”


I take this opportunity to thank all staff and students at Grace for their dedication to ‘growing’ and encourage all of us at Grace to persevere when necessary, and celebrate each other’s successes.


David Radke




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James Walker (2000 - 2004)

Following graduation at Grace College in 2004, James Walker majored in Chemistry at QUT, completing a Bachelor of Applied Science.  He pursued his dream, continuing his study in a PhD program at the prestigious Stanford University, California. James encourages all Grace students to "follow your passion because you can really do anything you want coming from Grace."


Grace Lutheran College holds as paramount the welfare of its students and has both a Pastoral Care program and pastoral caring process at the core of its ethos and operation.


The prime academic focus of Grace Lutheran College is to provide a place of learning and growth for the young people in its care. The learning environment at Grace aims to encourage young people to become adults who are versatile, flexible, willing- to- learn, and caring citizens of the communities in which they live.

The College openly acknowledges and supports Christian Gospel values and the Lutheran Ethos, whilst striving to assist students in the development of their academic potential. The Junior School core subject of Christian Knowledge , and senior Religion and Ethics , reflect the College’s goal of providing students with the opportunity to increase their spiritual and religious understanding.

There are two main areas in the curriculum that focus on providing all students with an opportunity to explore and develop their sense of healthy physical ‘well-being’.

All students in Years 7-12 participate in the school-based Physical Education program and the Wednesday, or Thursday, afternoon sports program.

In Years 9 or 10, students are involved in a 4-week Outdoor Education Program at Googa.

Middle School College Subjects

The Middle School program subject choice is based on the understanding that the group of core subjects provide students with: the opportunity to establish and build on basic academic skills in literacy, numeracy, cultural, economic, political and geographical understanding; and an awareness of information literacy processes and technology usage. To allow students to experience different learning pathways in Year 7 and 8, a wide range of subjects offered in a time-limited way accompanies the core subjects. In Years 9 and 10, students study the core subjects and choose another three elective subjects from a group of 18 subjects.


Senior School College Subjects

Students at Grace generally follow an O.P. pathway. The areas of study for this group are the compulsory subjects of; an English , a Mathematics and the Subject Area Specification (S.A.S) Religion and Ethics . These students also choose 4 elective subjects from the wide range of different types of subjects on offer.

There are two main pathways available to non-O.P. bound students. For students who have come through Grace College assisted by our Special Needs/ Educational Support Department, there is the Work Education Unit, and an Individual Educational Program (I.E.P). For students who don’t qualify for this unit, but who want to focus on a vocational education pathway, there is the opportunity to obtain assistance in securing a School Based Traineeship, or Apprenticeship.



Co-Curricular Activities at Grace

Grace Lutheran College cater for all levels in co-curricular activities, offer plenty of options for your child’s interests, provide camps and Outdoor Education programs, and have international connections.

Some of the activities on offer are Performing arts - dance, many instrumental music options, choirs, musicals, backstage crew; Sports - Aussie Rules, futsal, soccer, hockey, volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball, touch football, waterpolo, cricket, tennis, netball, softball, and rugby league; Academic Enrichment - debating, chess, tutors and robotics; Creative Industries - news, film, cinematic theatre production, and art; and Service Learning - faith and service, charity, and community service.

For four weeks all students in Year 10 at Grace attend their third campus, Googa, an Outdoor Education Program facility near Blackbutt. Under the direction of highly trained and specialised staff, the students gain a multitude of skills and life experiences including adventure activities, hiking, camping, daily cooking, washing and cleaning, responsibility for feeding livestock, preparing devotions, as well as journal and letter writing.

Through a proven pioneering approach, students fully engage in a wide array of activities that they might otherwise miss, or take for granted in the home environment. The aim of this journey is for the students to develop into young adults, to learn self-reliance and team work skills, discover how to respect others and understand their spiritual path. The benefits of spending time in the outdoors and getting to know nature are immeasurable. For teenagers about to embark on a journey into adulthood, time spent away from technology and distractions brings them back to the basics, preparing them for the fortitude, patience and organisation skills required for Year 11 and 12.

Grace Lutheran College runs our own bus network to connect outer lying suburbs to our Rothwell and Caboolture campuses. Please phone us for more information on our bus services.

Feedback from Grace Families

Family 1: "This is my daughters third year at Grace and she has gone from strength to strength. I have been most impressed by the way she feels accepted within the school community just the way she is. There is so much available to a student at Grace - they just have to put their hand up and get involved. I also love to see how Christian principles are not only talked about but more importantly put into action at Grace every day in so many ways. I am very glad that a friend suggested we take a look at Grace for our daughter. We haven't had even one day when we have doubted this was the right decision. I wish every child could have the experience."

Family 2: "With the hard work and support of Ms Jones, (my son) has been accepted as the first student under 17 years to be accepted into Southbank Tafe College to complete his Diploma of Music Production based on a very successful year in 2014 for his VET course at Nambour TAFE.

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the wonderful staff at Grace College who have support my 3 children (who have gone on to) be a Senior Sales Manager at Brisbane Isuzu, (my daughter) is currently completing her studies in Criminology, and finally my son.

I acknowledge that at times the boys have tested the boundaries in relation to studies and I truly valued the family first support approach from the teachers who would contact me and together we could encourage the children better.

I again particularly want to extend the warmest hug to Ms Jones, you truly made a difference in my son’s life and I value the fact that you acknowledge there are many ways for the children in our society to reach their true potential."

We would love to welcome you to our College for a tour.

Please phone Sandra Bowtell, Enrolments Coordinator, on (07) 3203 0066 to arrange a tour of either our Rothwell or Caboolture campuses.

Like every year, 2019 will have both its joys and challenges. My prayer and hope for each of us is that the highlights of this year will be lasting memories for each of us in the Grace College community.

Our challenge is to take on learning and working opportunities during 2019 and approach them with an open mind, even if the work is challenging. We need to always strive to push ourselves academically, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Out of respect and care, our goal should always be to put others first, helping without being asked and always on the lookout for ways to support each other; appreciating that God made each of us unique individuals with different gifts and talents. I hope and pray that we are humble in victory and gracious in defeat, for this is indeed one aspect of the ‘Grace Way.’


Radke David


Grace Lutheran College Students Finalists for Tropfest 2019


Film, TV and Media students from Rothwell’s Grace Lutheran College, have been nominated for the 2019 Tropfest Jr Award, which takes place on February 9 at Sydney’s Crescent Parramatta Park.


Tropfest is the world's largest short film festival and is unique in that all films submitted must be under seven minutes in length and include a theme, known as the Tropfest Signature Item or TSI.


“The Award is a massive achievement for the students and something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives,” says Doug Shobbrook, Teacher of Media and Business.


“The experience will stand those of them pursuing a tertiary education in similar fields in a unique position. To be nominated as finalists is a testament to the extremely hard work they’ve all put in to the production of the film.”


The atmosphere at Tropfest is electric and the film screening is well attended by Australian and International film celebrities, as well as thousands of Sydneysiders and visitors to the city. Since 1993, Tropfest’s purpose has been simple: to create platforms for filmmakers to generate new content & share their stories.


“To be a finalist this year is a huge honour for us. We’re really excited to be part of this year’s festival after all the work we’ve put into the film. It was a huge effort on the part of the Cast and Crew and we couldn’t be prouder of the finished product.” Alex Wilson – Director and Year 11 student.


Each year the Festival delivers a raft of programs that encourage emerging talent to participate in the film industry and has helped launch some of Australia’s most notable film and TV careers. Taking out the top gong would not only be a prodigious feather in the cap for the Grace students involved, but a notable triumph for the local Redcliffe community.


“Although we’re excited to potentially win, it’s ultimately about the experience for the students. Being at the Festival will provide them with the chance to connect with the other finalists, as well as meet people in the industry, giving them a privileged insight into an area they’re interested in,” says Mr Shobbrook.


Copy of 2019 Trop Jr Finalists 014

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