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Lakeside College - Pakenham VIC

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Lakeside College
Lakeside College opened in 2006 in the beautiful surrounds of Lakeside, Pakenham. Catering for years Prep - 12 Lakeside College is part of Lutheran Education Australia.
2 Portobello Road
Melbourne East, Melbourne South
03 5941 7544
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Empowering each learner to thrive, serve and succeed, inspired by the love of Christ
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Robert Tassoni
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Lakeside College opened in 2006 in the beautiful surrounds of Lakeside, Pakenham. As a Lutheran school, Lakeside College is part of Lutheran Education Australia, which is a network of 83 schools across Australia serving over 40,000 students. Lakeside College is not the first Lutheran school in the area, in 1836 when German settlers in Harkaway opened a church and school in Hessel Road.

Lutheran schools are built on a rich heritage. In the 16th century, Martin Luther was a young Catholic monk who, fed up with the abuses of the church at the time, sparked a new church movement which sought to clearly proclaim God’s unconditional love and mercy to all humankind. Along with being a passionate Christian, Luther was passionate about the importance of education in creating caring and capable people who could partake in making the world a better place. With over seventy million members, the Lutheran church is currently the largest Protestant denomination in the world.

The long tradition of Lutheran schooling has been part of Australia’s history. Lutherans have operated schools in Australia since 1839, when they arrived on our shores seeking the freedom to educate their children as they saw fit. Where Lutherans settled in Australia, they built churches and schools. From these simple beginnings, today there are Lutheran schools located in every state and territory of Australia (except the ACT).

While there is a major focus on quality teaching and learning, Lutheran schools strive to offer far more than that. When a family joins a Lutheran school they become part of a community which strives to be a secure place which offers warm, caring relationships and a safe environment. A Lutheran school sees each student as being unique with their own particular gifts and needs.

As a Christian learning community, each school aspires to provide a culture and ethos permeated by the core values of love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, service, humility, courage, hope, quality and appreciation.

Lutherans believe that God has given parents and caregivers the prime responsibility for the education of their children. Lutherans provide schools to assist parents and caregivers in promoting the educational and spiritual growth of their children. It is vital that each home and the school work together for the welfare of students on the basis of shared aims and values.

A Lutheran school holds itself accountable to parents and caregivers for the progress and welfare of students. It provides structures for constant communication between the home and the school. It encourages parents and caregivers to be involved in their children’s schooling and to participate in school life in the variety of ways that are available.

At Lakeside College we seek to provide a well rounded, Christian education for students of all backgrounds.
In the Primary School we aim to provide each child in Years Prep to 6 with programs suited to their individual needs in order to lay the foundations for ongoing success.

We provide a safe and caring environment where each child is challenged to reach her/his potential. To ensure all students are learning and progressing, our expert teaching team use a range of teaching and learning methods with an emphasis on enquiry based experiences.

Students at Lakeside College receive individual attention and are nurtured as they grow in this community environment. Older students work with younger students across the school, creating collegiality and inclusiveness among students of all ages and backgrounds. At Lakeside College we have a strong commitment to developing skills across a range of curriculum areas.

In the Primary School we have a firm emphasis on literacy and numeracy as well as music, sport and studies of our community. Central to our teaching and learning are our Christian values. Students are taught about the Christian faith and values in an inclusive, non-threatening way.

Students in the Middle School (Years 7 to 9) are engaged with an engaging and rigorous learning program.
This time of transition from childhood to young adulthood can be a time of excitement and energy and yet at the same time daunting, as one comes to terms with one’s personal identity. It is a time of testing the boundaries and challenging the accepted norms. During these years, in order to achieve their personal best both academically and socially, students need understanding, empathy, and firm yet patient guidance from their teachers. All this needs to be nurtured in an environment where students experience a sense of belonging with their peers, and connectedness with their formal learning.

In the Middle School, students undertake a range of subjects, activities, camps and excursions which extend, challenge and develop them in character and skills.

One of the key elements to successful education is the partnership between teachers, parents and students.

At Lakeside College, we value this partnership and thrive on the challenge and the privilege of walking alongside students at this critical and fascinating time in their lives. We encourage students in the middle years to explore, challenge and wrestle with the big questions, whilst at the same time teaching them to value the wisdom, experience and knowledge of those who have gone before them and those around them. In so doing, they build breadth and depth into their knowledge, understanding and personal growth. Our curriculum, therefore, incorporates learning opportunities which enable students to engage in learning and interaction across the various academic disciplines, as well as practical life-related experiences.

It is our goal that, by the time they complete the Middle Years of schooling, our students will be adequately equipped to successfully transition to the further challenge of the Senior Years and VCE.

Senior schooling at Lakeside College provides a springboard into life beyond school.
Built on continued pastoral care and student wellbeing programs, learning in the Senior School (Years 10 to 12) is relevant, meaningful and powerful. The curriculum is delivered in modes which suit individual learners and build increasing independence in young adults. We achieve excellent results for all students.

Through the VCE, our students access a wide range of curriculum choices and pathways. Subjects and pathways not offered on campus are made available to students through exciting partnerships with Distance Learning, Vocational Education and Training (VET), School Based Apprenticeships and our partnerships with Federation University and Australian Catholic University.

Our learning environment and structures are flexible, students from Year 10 can access Unit 1 and 2 courses should it fit their study design and future pathways.

We encourage all our students to make informed choices in selecting the best pathway to maximise their career opportunities in later life. With this in mind, the College provides courses which open possibilities for students to proceed directly to their chosen destination, be this university, further training, apprenticeship or the workforce.

Students are supported by our Careers Office who provide students with the latest information that will help students make decisions about their future career and life beyond school.
Situated in the beautiful Lakeside precinct in Pakenham our College Campus facilities include:

Primary, Middle and VCE Learning Hubs
Primary School Library, Specialist Music and Visual Art Facilities
Food Technology lab and student garden
Secondary Science, Music, Visual Art and Media Labs
Secondary Library and breakout spaces
Secondary student kitchen, common rooms and indoor/outdoor study spaces
Primary and Secondary hard courts, ovals and playground (Primary students)
Through a unique partnership with Cardinia Council we regularly utilise the following co-located facilities:

Cardinia Cultural Centre,
Toomuc Playing Fields
Cardinia Life Stadium
Cardinia Life Swimming Centre
Lakeside Park Precinct
Teachers coordinate extra-curricular activities such as the Human Powered Vehicle project, Chess, Drama, Art and Craft clubs either during lunch time and or after school hours. In addition the College offers choir, swimming squad, charity fund raising and community service programs.
We seek to operate by the values shared by all Lutheran schools in Australia lived out in our context and community.

These values are:

Empower each learner to thrive, serve and succeed, inspired by the love of Christ.
Learn. Care. Achieve
We learn as a community of learners
We care for ourselves, each other and the wider community
We achieve beyond what we believe possible
We do all this to give glory to God and to serve the world in love


“It feels like a community where my child will be nurtured, cared for and known.”

Time and time again, this is what parents and guardians tell me is their main reason for choosing Lakeside College. As a Christian College in the Lutheran tradition, we could not be happier that families are experiencing exactly what we set out to provide.

Education is all about relationships - between teacher and student, family and staff and school and community. Lakeside College prioritises these critical relationships as we carry out our service to the local community.

As a smaller Christian school of 574 students (growing to 650 students) from Years Prep to 12, there is a richness of relationships and attention to individuals that sets the College apart from others.

It allows us to ensure that students develop intentionally in mind, body and soul. Students are nurtured across the curriculum, inside and outside the classroom, through innovative learning opportunities in core subjects, a vibrant Arts program, technologies and sport.

In a nutshell, Lakeside College seeks to support students to nurture their God-given gifts through a love for learning, which sets them up to go out into the world and make a positive impact.

Our highly qualified and committed staff, know each child deeply through our intentional pastoral care program and relish in the opportunity to teach students across the different areas of the school.

Situated in the beautiful Lakeside precinct, our College boasts excellent facilities on campus including access to the co-located facilities provided through the Cardinia Cultural Centre, the Toomuc Playing Fields and the Cardinia Life gym.

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As an open enrolment Christian College, we welcome all families regardless of their faith tradition into our community.

As Principal, I relish taking families on tours each week on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons and at other times as needed - please take me up on the offer! It is a joy to show families around our gorgeous campus.

I look forward to meeting you soon.


Robert Tassoni


College Tours by appointment only, please contact our Registrar to view the facilities.

Phone: 03 5941 7544 

Email: enrolments@lakeside.vic.edu.au

Tour Booking: https://calendly.com/lakeside-college/lakeside-college-virtual-tour  

Lakeside College is convenitly located in the heart of the Lakeside Estate, Pakenham with public transport available. The 925 and 926 bus stop is a short distance from the College and helps provide transport options for students.  

Scholarship Program for Year 7 to Year 12

Lakeside College offers scholarships to new students entering the College in Years 7 to Year 12 who:

  • demonstrate outstanding endeavour
  • demonstrate outstanding talent in a particular field
  • possess leadership qualities

Assessments for the scholarships are based on applications, giving students a chance to highlight their commitment, achievements and contributions to school life and the wider community.

There are a variety of fee remissions awarded, including up to 80% remission of the annual tuition fees until the end of Year 12.

Financial support

We have a strong commitment to assisting families whose child would greatly benefit from a Lakeside College education, but who, without financial support, would be unable to attend. Please speak with our Registrar for more information. In some circumstances, up to 80% remission of the annual tuition fees may be available. Holders of Health Care cards are encouraged to apply and will automatically qualify for financial assistance.

How to apply

Please obtain an application form from the College Registrar on enrolments@lakeside.vic.edu.au and prepare the following documentation.

Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis and families are encouraged to submit paperwork as it is ready.

If you are interested in employment opportunities at our school please visit the following page:

Open Day is a chance to visit the College, meet our friendly staff, ask questions and go on a student led tour.

Our students and staff look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Can't attend?

Book a personal tour here: https://calendly.com/enrolments-2/lakeside-college-principal-tour?month=2023-04

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Lakeside College - Pakenham VIC


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