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Mundaring Christian College - Mundaring WA

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Mundaring Christian College
With a focus on excellence in teaching and learning, our desire is to create a highly engaged, purposeful learning environment where education is enjoyable and where students develop a thirst and the skills for life-long learning.
125 McDowell Loop
Perth East
(08) 9295 2688
1605 Walker Street, Mundaring WA 6073

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Mr Doug Holtam
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • Primary through Secondary
  • Multiple School Locations
  • Christian
PK - Year 12
Pre-Kindergarten $2,653
Year 11 – Year 12 $8,088

We have a tradition where every graduating student makes their own name plaque that becomes part of a tree.

This has important meaning. Many of these students had their first day of school with us. They know they are valued, they are known and appreciated for their contribution. As they continue in their lives they will be remembered.

That’s the nature of our College. We are proud of our students. For us, it is about who they become. That’s our passion and that’s what we work for.

Providing opportunity


We are intentionally giving students access to the whole curriculum, they will not be pigeon-holed or told they can only perform at a certain level. With encouragement and support, we have seen our students flourish.



We have a saying at MCC: “We do not work on students – we work with them.” Our students know they have a voice and that their opinions are valued, and that they can contribute to positive change on several levels. You empower young people by listening to them and giving them a chance.



Contemporary society has divided ‘hard skills’ (knowledge and expertise) and ‘soft skills’ (empathy, resilience, communication, creativity). We believe it should be the other way around. These elements of character are essential for a life well lived. At our College, we believe character should be developed through real action and not just words. It’s not just what you know, it’s who you are.



Our College is part of concentric circles of community: we who know each other and work together for a common goal, then our neighbourhood and on into our world. We are a school that doesn’t just try to explain our communities, we strive to improve them. We want you to be a part of this good story and we are grateful for your contribution.

As we consider our staff, our families, our students and our mission – we have faith in the future.

This year we asked parents who were new to our College, the reasons for their enrolment. Their responses highlighted four areas.



  • Our campuses are located in the beautiful Perth hills.
  • We provide many opportunities to be connected to nature.
  • We appreciate and work in open spaces.
  • We learn in the atmosphere we live in.
  • We are distinctively a ‘hills’ school.


  • We are very intentional about not being an industrial size school. We limit our growth.
  • You and your child/ren will be known and connected.
  • There is a sense of family: down to earth, connected, responsive, open and sharing.
  • Learning is personalised and students grow and develop in the context of good relationships.

Christian Values and Pastoral Care

  • We are inclusive and teach not out of dogma but careful consideration
  • Our values, which we believe are eternal and universal, drive our decisions, actions and relationships.
  • People grow well when they know they are loved and cared for.
  • Pastoral care, to be effective, needs to be intentional, professional and planned.

Atmosphere/feel of our College

  • You will feel something when you visit our College. Students look positive and engaged.
  • Students are polite and considerate.
  • The atmosphere is positive and encouraging amongst staff and students.
  • We are a strong community.
  • Our staff are professional and committed to excellence.


Mundaring Christian College is part of the Swan Christian Education Association (SCEA), one of Western Australia’s largest independent Christian school providers.

We are united by a desire to create learning environments where children and young people can be empowered and equipped to flourish in life.


Our faith is based on the Lordship of Jesus Christ who challenges each of us to excel, with courage and confidence. In Christ, through circumstances towards people.


Our hope is founded on God, our creator, who recognises the unique value and talent of every individual and calls them to purpose. Providing resilience and assurance in adversity.


The foundation of our community is to love as we are loved by God; expressed in kindness, respect, and courtesy for one another. Deeply valuing all people and creation.

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2024 Term 1 Basketball

There has been a flurry of Interschool carnivals and games in Term 1 for the Specialist Basketball program. Our Junior Boys competed in an ACC Wildcard competition after school, and the team performed to a high standard, finishing third in their pool, which included basketball powerhouses JSR and Kingsway. 

Our Senior Boys, Senior Girls and Junior Girls all took part in one-day carnivals for the ACC Championship, and all teams played well across their games, with the boys and Junior girls finishing 3rd in their pools. The Senior Girls won their pool and finished 2nd overall, earning a Play-In game for the Final 16 of the Championship tournament on 26 March.

In a vote of confidence for the program, MCC was invited to be part of the SSWA Southern Specialist Schools league for the Senior Boys and Girls. While this has proved to be a logistical challenge fitting after-school games into an already packed schedule for our players and staff, it has been an incredible opportunity to measure the program against some of the state’s powerhouse schools, including Willetton SHS, Kennedy Baptist and Darling Range. The competition runs for ten weeks and will continue into Term 2. It is an exciting time to be part of basketball at MCC, and we are looking forward to many more opportunities during the year for our students to showcase their talents.  

Mr Phil Croot
Team Coordinator of Basketball




College Ran Local Buses

MCC will continue to provide four bus runs, servicing the areas from Kalamunda, Swan View through to Chidlow. West Coast Bus Charters will operate all four routes, including the Shuttle Service between both campuses. All buses will use the Rollcall Management System to enable students to tap on and off the buses using the MCC Smartrider.

MCC School Bus routes

  • 1 – Kalamunda/Swan View: Servicing Kalamunda, Gooseberry Hill, Maida Vale, Helena Valley, Boya, Bellevue, Swan View, Greenmount and Parkerville.
  • Darlington: Servicing Darlington, Glen Forrest, Mahogany Creek, & Mundaring.
  • Chidlow: Servicing Chidlow, Sawyers Valley, Mount Helena, & Stoneville.
  • Darlington/Glen Forrest Express and Campus Shuttle: Oxley Road, Darlington and Train Park in Glen Forrest then running between both campuses.


Kalamunda/Swan View, Darlington, Chidlow: $250.00 per term
Shuttle – $100.00 per term per child

Families with more than one child registered on the three longer bus routes will be charged a pro-rata rate for additional children, as follows:

Kalamunda/Swan View, Darlington, Chidlow:

First child $250.00 per term
Second child $200.00 per term
Third & subsequent child $ 150.00 per term

The term fee guarantees your child a seat on the service, regardless of how frequently the service is used. Fee payment information will be sent to parents with the registration confirmation and timetables before the start of the school year.


Children already registered on the bus service will have their registration automatically rolled over for next year and will not need to re-apply.

New registrations are now open. Please complete the Bus Registration Form and email it to or return it to the College Office. If your child does not have an MCC Smartrider, please also complete a Smartrider Form. New and pending registrations will be processed in January once all students are rolled over in the new year.

If your child no longer needs the bus service, please notify the College Office well in advance. A term’s notice is essential if your child/children no longer require the Bus Service; otherwise, the term fee will still apply.

Day Passes

Day Passes are available for one-off trips on all our services for students who require transport on an ad hoc basis. Day passes cost $4.50, payable at the College Office at the time of purchase. Students wishing to purchase a Day Pass must do so through the Student Services Office at the Parkerville Campus and the Primary Campus Office.

Timetables for the MCC bus services:


Student Smart Rider Card/Student Identification Cards

Students may need a Smart Rider to travel on the above buses.  Applications forms can be downloaded here and submitted to the College Office.  The card costs $5 per student and can be added to your tuition account.


Transperth Service

Transperth operates services between the Midland Station and the Parkerville Secondary Campus in the morning and afternoon (Service 712).

Service 712 Timetable

Transperth operates services between the Midland Station and the Primary Campus in the morning (Service 321) and afternoon (Service 320).

Service 321 Timetable
Service 320 Timetable

School Bus Service (Orange Bus)

Three ‘School Bus Service’ (Orange Bus) routes operate to Mundaring Christian College – routes from MORANGUP (via Toodyay Road), CLACKLINE (via Bakers Hill, Wundowie and Wooroloo) and GIDGEGANNUP. 

All routes go to the Mundaring Christian College Parkerville Campus, where students from the Gidgegannup bus can then transfer to the Clackline bus, which continues to the Mundaring Christian College Primary Campus in Mundaring. The Morangup bus goes to both Primary & Secondary Campuses.

Student Transport Assistance may be available from the School Bus Service / Public Transport Authority. Find out more and apply at

Scholarshipd 1

2025 Mundaring Christian College Academic Scholarships

MCC is pleased to offer the following Scholarships for 2025:

  • The Year 7 2025 Academic Scholarship offers a 25% remission of tuition fees for three years from Year 7 to Year 9.
  • The Year 9 2025 Academic Scholarship offers a 50% remission of tuition fees for three years from Year 10 to Year 12.

Conditions of Award

  • The scholarships are open to external students and students currently enrolled at MCC in the academic year in which the scholarship is to be awarded.
  • The scholarship will be based on the applicant’s performance in an online ACER assessment and their 2023 Semester 2 school report.

Application Process

  1. Register and pay online via the ACER website
  2. Pay the registration fee.
  3. Please note, for privacy reasons no results or feedback will be provided to parents or students
    as to why an application was unsuccessful.

ACER Scholarship Tests

ACER Exam Date: Friday, 22 March 2024
Location: Parkerville Campus, Mundaring Christian College
Time: 9am to 11am
Cost: $110.00 per student

Closing Date for Registration:   Monday 4 March 2024

To Register for the ACER Scholarship, please apply online using the following link to the ACER website:


Register for the ACER Scholarship

ALUMNI: Abigail Crombie (Graduate 2020)

Abigail Photo

I started at Mundaring Christian College in the last term of 2009, in Year 1. I had just moved to Australia from Israel, where I lived.

I graduated in 2020 – the first year of COVID-19, making the uncertainty of the year a slightly more challenging ATAR experience, but in the end, we got through.

After school, I went to university, studying forensic biology, toxicology, and criminology. I had wanted to go on a gap year overseas before going to university, but it wasn’t possible with Covid.

After completing two years of my studies, I took a gap semester overseas, volunteering in a guesthouse in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel. This was where my parents had worked for many years, and it was a home away from home for me. The work could have been more exciting, and the pay was non-existent, but the ability to live in a different country at little to no cost (my food and accommodation were covered by the hours I worked) was unique. Additionally, I lived in one of the most interesting places in the world. Dangerous sometimes. A mix of unfamiliar cultures, yes. Boring no.

With the end of the five months of my gap semester quickly approaching, I realised I didn’t want to leave. So, I changed my tickets and ended up staying longer, with plans to go in October. A couple of weeks before my flight, my parents and I agreed that the guesthouse needed my assistance, and it would be beneficial to stay until January and resume my studies.

On the same day as my October flight, Hamas invaded Israel, and war broke out. It became evident that God wanted me to stay in Israel to serve his people in this incredibly tough time. We (the staff and volunteers) began to welcome evacuees from the south into our guesthouse, a haven from the constant rocket fire they were experiencing. It was a challenging time for everyone living in Israel, but people came together to support each other.

After visiting family back home in Australia, I returned to Israel for another year to volunteer.

Since leaving school, it’s become apparent to me how we live in a ‘bubble’ in Perth. We should be so grateful for our life in Australia – free to speak our opinions, practice religion, and live how we want. But we should acknowledge that that differs from a big part of the world.

I advise those preparing to leave school soon to go out and explore. Experience new cultures and open yourself up to how the rest of the world operates. Also, give some of your time to volunteer work. It doesn’t have to be overseas. Working in an environment where you don’t gain anything but get the satisfaction of helping others is so beneficial. Most of the social programs in the world depend on volunteers.

To grow out of your box and mature, you must push yourself out of your comfort zone. It may be scary initially, but it will pay off in the long run. We live in a country overflowing with opportunities, so take advantage of them, but don’t take them for granted.


Mundaring Christian College - Mundaring WA


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