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Newman College - Churchlands WA

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Newman College
Newman College is a co-educational learning centre for PK to Y12 students. Our Vision for Learning Shine through Discovery – Let your light shine, inspires our students to Challenge, Collaborate, Create and Celebrate who we are and what we seek to achieve.
216 Empire Avenue
PO Box 2004 Churchlands Western Australia 6018
Perth West
08 9204 9405
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Shine through Discovery - Let Your Light Shine (Matthew 5:16)
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Virtual Tour

We are very excited to launch a Virtual Tour of Newman College. The Virtual Tour focuses on our Y3 - Y12 site located at 216 Empire Avenue Churchlands.

This amazing new technology allows you to explore some of the different areas of our College, all from the comfort of your own home.


Mr John Finneran
  • Early Learning
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • Primary through Secondary
  • Early Childhood Centre
  • Primary Campus
  • Secondary Campus
  • Catholic
Pre Kindy and Kindy by request
Primary (PP-Y6) - $3,695
Secondary (Y7-Y10) - $7,485
Secondary (Y11 - Y12) - $8,585
Gifted & Talented Program
  • Academic Achievement
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Community
  • Creative Arts
  • Faith / Religion
  • Music
  • Pastoral Care / Guidance
  • Performing Arts
  • Sport
  • Italian
  • Australian Rules Football
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Cricket
  • Cross Country Running
  • Debating
  • Golf
  • Hockey (field)
  • Netball
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Touch Football
  • Volleyball

Learning Hub

The College's major Capital Development Project has commenced (scheduled for completion January 2021).

The Learning Hub Project will see the oldest buildings at the Marcellin Campus (Years 7-12 camps) redeveloped. The Learning Hub is the culmination of a planning process which commenced in 2016 with the commissioning of our Capital Development Plan.


Diversity Education

Newman College promotes education for all, celebrating diversity education and the achievements of all our students, encouraging them to reach their full potential. We pride ourselves in catering to students’ individual strengths, abilities and needs through promotion of inclusive and equitable learning opportunities for every student. Students with diverse learning needs are supported through individual learning programs, developed collaboratively between parents, students and the College.

Click here for details of the College's programs and features that form part of Diversity Education at Newman College.


Gifted and Talented / Extension Programs

We believe that all students are entitled to an education that will enable them to develop their full potential. This potential comes in many different forms be that intellectual, physical, creative, emotional, or social.

Newman College is committed to providing a sufficiently challenging curriculum for all of its students. In addition, we provide opportunities to identify and in turn nurture those who are gifted and talented. Our Gifted and Talented Program for Years 1-12 delivers educational experiences of an appropriate depth and breadth for students identified as having exceptional academic ability.

Click here for details of the College's Early Learning programs.

Click here for details of the College's Primary programs.

Click here for details of the College's Secondary programs.



Newman College is a Catholic School educating in the Marist tradition and is one of 52 Marist Schools across Australia that celebrate this Marist heritage. Joining a network that expands through 83 countries around the world, we are part of a global community that provides support and opportunity to our students and teachers.

Marist schools globally embrace the principle ‘to bring up children properly, we must love them, and love them equally’.

The College exists to provide a co-educational learning centre for Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 students. Our Vision for Learning Shine through Discovery – Let your light shine (Matthew 5:16) inspires our faith and learning community to Challenge, Collaborate, Create and Celebrate who we are and what we seek to achieve. By promoting education in the Marist tradition we, at Newman College strive to animate our delivery of learning, teaching and wellbeing. We also work to underpin our contemporary and relevant pedagogy with innovation and creativity.

The College is also animated by its commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In having taken the name of Saint John Henry Newman, we are inspired by the call to move ‘through shadows and images to truth’ in Jesus Christ.


Newman Sports Complex and Facilities
Champagnat Chapel
Frank Ehlers Swimming Pool
Marist Auditorium
Ideas Lab
Siena Learning Centre
Newman College is uniquely positioned to offer sporting opportunities to students and families via the Newman Sports Association and its eight (8) member sporting clubs. These cover the following sports, and are accessible to the broader community:

- Swimming
- Water Polo
- Cricket
- Australian Rules Football
- Junior Netball
- Senior Netball
- Basketball
- Hockey

Visit www.newman.wa.edu.au/community/newman-sports-association/ for further details.

Our School

Student wellbeing permeates our teaching programs, student support structures and the policies that govern the way we engage with students, staff and parents.

At Newman College, we believe that wellbeing begins, though certainly extends, beyond self. We therefore challenge our students to seek healthy reflection on their own being and place in the world but we also require them to support, and meaningfully contribute towards, the lives of others.

Our objective is to develop a holistic approach to wellbeing in and out of the classroom by guiding students towards the development of skills, mindsets and behaviours that contribute to their social, physical, academic and emotional success.

With the intent of developing supportive and trusting staff-student relationships, individual pastoral care advisors are allocated to small groups of students at every year level. Each student progresses through the entirety of College life with the same advisor.

Presence – building caring relationships based on trust, respect and valuing each person

Simplicity – open and honest communication which accommodates individual needs

Family Spirit – emphasis on communal well-being where mutual support and shared responsibility flourish

Love of Work – pursuit of excellence through hard work and commitment. Recognition that the dignity of work is achievable by setting high expectations and standards, applying genuine effort and celebrating success

Way of Mary – with Mary as a model, students are invited to share our spiritual life through prayer, liturgies and service to the local and wider communities
Shine through Discovery – Let your light shine (Matthew 5:16)
A Catholic School Educating in the Marist Tradition

Click here for details of the College's Programs.

2019 WACE and ATAR Results

  • Newman College performed above the state average with a median score of 81.35
  • 25% of Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking (ATAR) scores were 90 or above
  • 27 students achieved an Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking (ATAR) of 90 or above, placing them in the top 10% of students in the State
  • 65% of students received their first preference at a university

Download the 2019 Results Brochure



Transport and access information can be found on the College website. Click here Transport and Parking - Newman College for further information.

Learn more about the opportunity for your child to 'Shine through Discovery' - Book a Tour today!



Tailored Learning for our Youngest Students - Early Childhood Education PK to Y2

Newman College loves the uniqueness and energy of small children. We offer a personalised approach to learning in a safe and supportive environment at our Early Childhood Education campus. The primary intake year is Kindergarten.

We weave an informal and flexible play-based learning approach designed to move a child through a developmental pathway towards literacy and numeracy. Throughout the journey, families remain our closest partners in this process.

Children have the opportunity to develop and grow in a caring space, before transitioning into our Primary campus (Y3-Y6), which drives a program suited to the next stage of development.This separation allows for tailored learning for our youngest students, in a specifically crafted environment. Our Early Learning experts guide your children on a play based learning pathway, guided by the College's Vision for Learning. This allows us to focus on the sum total of all of the aspects of learning a child required; ensuring positive outcomes focused on the 'whole' child.

Take a Tour of our Early Learning Centre (Marian Campus) today.

Catholic Primary Education, Upper Primary Schooling - Y3 to Y6

Newman College offers a Catholic Primary School Education that corresponds to the learning stage of a child. For this reason, the Primary campus of Lavalla is specifically designed for Y3-Y6 children.

As children transition from Early Childhood Education to the Upper Primary campus, the students experience a sense of adventure and anticipation. They enjoy the freedom of the expansive, open grounds. Furthermore, children gain access to the Newman College playing fields, adventure play equipment, world class auditorium, and heated Olympic size swimming pool. Students have access to the extensive bank of resources available to them. We offer flexible learning spaces that encourage collaboration and inclusion. There are very few Catholic Primary School Education facilities like those available at Newman College.

Above all, our students are challenged daily to become citizens of change, their experiences steering them towards life in our Secondary campus.

Take a Tour of our Upper Primary (Lavalla Campus) today.

Catholic High School Education - Y7 to Y12

A Catholic High School Education maintains a core focus on wellbeing. Wellbeing is about promoting a better way of life and equality for students. Wellbeing in its simplest definition is: Being Well. It is where the basic human requirements are met, whilst being afforded the opportunity to have optimistic aspirations enveloped in an environment where the endeavour of ‘Being Well’ can be achieved, therefore, attaining a satisfactory quality and standard of life and happiness. Mike Kelly, Founder of the Institute of Wellbeing.

Catholic High School Education at Newman College seeks to achieve the goals that are articulated in the wellbeing definition above. Therefore, we raise awareness of issues connected to self-worth by creating a positive physical, mental and spiritual environment. Furthermore, we equip our students with skills that allow them to take greater responsibility for their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their peers.

Newman College offers a Catholic High School Education that is inclusive. Firstly, everyone is valued. Secondly, everyone is worth listening to. Finally, everyone can make a difference. We deliver a Catholic High School Education Curriculum that is collaborative and contemporary.

Middle High School Years

As students enter their Middle Years of Schooling we continue to seek the development of the whole person by challenging them to explore their interests and passions. In this developmental stage we seek to promote young people who become:

  • Independent and self-regulated learners
  • Resilient in their approach to overcoming social, academic and emotional obstacles
  • Adaptable and flexible in their attitude to learning
  • Creative and imaginative thinkers who are able to work in teams to problem solve
  • Informed and strong advocates of Social Justice issues using the Gospel values as guidance
  • Strong advocates for positive and optimistic social change

Senior High School Years

In Senior education years students are encouraged to discover and develop their interests and strengths so that they might aspire to leading meaningful lives. As a result, a wide range of academic options await the students whilst Music, Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, Woodwork, Fabrics, Italian and Technology are further opportunities.

In addition, pathways and career counselling resources are available to students to assist in navigating current and future choices.  A wide range of sporting pursuits exist within the College program and beyond in the form of the Newman Sporting Association which offers eight sporting clubs at community level.

Take a Tour of our Secondary (Marcellin Campus) today.

Book a Tour

Led by a Member of our Senior Leadership Team and student representatives, these tours provide students and parents with the ideal introduction to life at Newman College.

Please click the link and complete the form to schedule a private or small group tour of the appropriate campus, either Early Learning, Upper Primary, or Secondary.

Principal's Image

Welcome to Newman College

It is with great pride that we celebrate being part of the Newman College community. Newman College is a Catholic School educating in the Marist tradition. The College exists to provide a co-educational learning centre for Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 students. We strive to animate our delivery of learning, teaching and wellbeing, as one which is innovative and creative, underpinned by contemporary and relevant pedagogy. Our Vision for Learning Shine through Discovery – Let your light shine (Matthew 5:16) inspires our faith and learning community to Challenge, Collaborate, Create and Celebrate who we are and what we seek to achieve.T

he scripture passage Let your light shine (Matthew 5:16) encapsulates our aspiration for our community to let their gifts and talents shine, represented through the image of the light. It is this light that will guide our students to personalised learning pathways that will give them the very best opportunity to be successful lifelong learners and agents of change.

With Mary as our model in faith, we encourage students to grow into the fullness of their humanity in an educational environment where they feel welcomed, accepted and valued.

Newman College is one of 52 Marist Schools across Australia that celebrate our Marist heritage. Joining a network that expands through 83 countries around the world, we are part of a global community that provides support and opportunity to our students and teachers.

We welcome you to Newman College and encourage all students, teachers and visitors to embrace our Vision, and Shine through Discovery.

John Finneran

If you are interested in employment opportunities at our school please visit the following page:

Reconciliation at Newman College

Newman College has committed to strategically and practically building a culture which acknowledges, affirms and celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, culture and traditions. Our commitment has seen the launch of the College’s first Reconciliation Action Plan in 2020 as endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. Click here to view a copy of the Reconciliation Action Plan.
As a Marist School we strive to embed our Marist characteristics every day; Family Spirit, In the Way of Mary, Simplicity, Presence and a Love of Hard-work. At the core of these characteristics is the developing of relationships that are imbued by our family spirit. To this end, we want our staff, students and families to increase their understanding, value and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories, knowledge and rights through cultural learning. We strive to create a culturally supportive environment so that Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander and other Australian families build a community of respectful and right relationships.


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Newman College - Churchlands WA


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