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PSG Analytics

12 month traffic

• 2.9 million page views
• 844,000 visitors
• 2.5 million page views by Australians
• 1,945 Australian visitors every day (on average)



Ranking Analysis

PSG Ranking

• #1 position on Google for around 200 keywords
• Page 1 on Google for around 1,000 keywords
• Top 1,000 site in Australia - (regularly inside top 1,000 most-visited sites as independently ranked by Alexa.com)
• The only Australian schools website ranked inside the top 5,000 on Alexa



Benefits of a Platinum Subscription for Schools

Platinum web subscription on www.privateschoolsguide.com is Australia's premium school marketing platform. Reaching thousands of visitors who are searching for schools like yours, your school will enjoy maximum exposure and proven results.

Features include... profile images, banner advert, up to 28 gallery images, unlimited text content and web links, social media links and regular free posts, unlimited upcoming Events pages, enquiries form, location map, embedded videos and virtual tours, bonus home page promotiion and lots more. 

Plus.. Help Desk and Live Chat enquiries are directed ONLY to Platinum schools. Don't let your competitors have all the enrolment enquiries.


Options Available

Book space in one of our print/digital Guides and you'll recieve a Free Platinum Subscription for 12 months. Sydney, Victoria and Queensland editions available.

Or, choose Platinum web feature only starting from $660 per year.

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