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Red Rock Christian College - Sunbury VIC

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Red Rock Christian College
Red Rock Christian College is a school committed to "helping students fly higher or swim deeper". Whatever their dispositions, whatever their talent we are committed to them and their growth.
340 Settlement Road
PO Box 455, Sunbury 3429
Melbourne West
03 9740 5400
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Supporting and Empowering Students to Influence Their World With Integrity 

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Mrs Karen McCoy
  • Primary through Secondary
  • P-12 Campus
  • Christian
Foundation - Year 12
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  • Community
  • Faith / Religion
  • Pastoral Care / Guidance
  • Personal Values
  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • Spanish
  • Athletics (Track & Field)
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country Running
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball

Red Rock Christian College has a long and strong history of educating, supporting and empowering students from Prep through to graduation in Year 12. At RRCC our belief that all young people are fearfully and wonderfully made is at the heart of what we do. It motivates us to seek ways to see all young people flourish. Our strengths-based well-being approach enables us to focus on what is ‘right’ with people, to empower young people to embrace their strengths, build a strong positive identity and establish healthy relationships. We are creating a flexible learning model which enables students to progress according to learning readiness and not age. What we do is empower students to own their learning, pursue their passions and influence their world with integrity. It is in the primary years that foundations are laid; foundations for building a life of learning, forming healthy mindsets, and for developing character. A child’s experiences and environment in the early years are highly influential in the way they see themselves and others. In the primary years, we focus on developing a healthy identity, resilience of character and the ability to value others and to interact positively with peers and teachers. We know with a good foundation our children will be better placed to thrive in and not just survive their years of school. The Secondary years at RRCC are a place to build on this foundation – to coach and walk alongside our teens as they become more independent in their thinking, as they explore and form opinions about the world and their place in the world. As a Christian school, we help our students understand God’s loving view of the world and its people and to recognise the unique ways in which they can bring life, justice and hope to the world. The Secondary years are about honouring and supporting the capacity of our young people to increasingly manage and choose their education. It is about equipping them with character, skills and understandings that will prepare them to influence their world with integrity. From Prep right through their secondary years, education at Red Rock Christian College is about empowering young people to know their strengths, pursue their passions and to make a difference in world.


Yours sincerely,

Karen McCoy

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Red Rock Christian College - Sunbury VIC


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