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Redfield College - Dural NSW

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Redfield College
An independent Catholic school for boys, situated on 10 hectares in Dural, in northwest Sydney.
855 Old Northern Road
Sydney North-West
(02) 9651 4066

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Mr Matthew Aldous
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Redfield College was founded in 1986 by a group of parents and teachers, The PARED (Parents for Education) Foundation, on the principles that parents are the primary educators and that schools exist to give parents every support. This support is found in the quality of the academic curriculum, in the way that staff work with students and parents in the unique mentoring system, in the emphasis on character development and virtues in the curriculum, and in the concern that staff and peer example be fully positive and supportive of parents. Home and school are united. There is ongoing input to parents through a variety of programs all designed to assist parents to be more effective. Students at Redfield work hard, with responsibility in studies seen as a key to character development.

Redfield College places importance on the development of virtues seen as good habits, the building blocks of character. By developing strengths of character such as sound judgement, self control, courage and responsibility towards others, students are better able to use their freedom to make the right choices in life. Human and civic virtues are fostered.

The education at Redfield is personal. Each boy receives a personal mentor, or mentor, selected from the teaching staff of the College. The mentor is a constant source of support for the student through his attention, friendship, example and advice. He meets regularly with the student during the term, and meets with his parents at least once each term, reviewing progress, and helping with goal setting. The mentor takes a personal interest in the progress of the boys whom he mentors, acting on the parents’ behalf, and coordinating the services of the College for the family. In addition parental values receive reinforcement from a positive peer environment present through the College.

To learn more about the education offered at Redfield, including subjects, learning programs and student life at the college, visit our YouTube channel today!

The Redfield Leadership and Community Service Program is setting out to achieve this. We hope that other schools pick up on the integrated and developmental structure of the program, the insistence on character education, and on the need for ongoing experiences of service, and so that this program can be a beacon for others to follow.

The Program is a continuation and further development of the existing character education program at the school.

The Program is directed to all the boys at the school and extends to the old boys of the school too, being delivered through curriculum, a wide variety of workshops and visiting speakers, external mentored placements and ongoing experiences for community service.

The Program provides Leadership Education that emphasises character and the specific skills of leadership. We say that true leadership is the product of virtues and specific skills.

Redfield has frequently hosted visits from, and sent students to, Mikawadai College in Nagasaki, Japan, Colegio Viaro in Barcelona, Colegio Gaztelueta in Bilbao, Colegio Los Robles in Oviedo, and Monte VI in Montevideo & Colegio Penalba in Valladolid Uruguay.

Since 1989 Japanese students have been hosted at Redfield in class groups.

In recent years small groups of Redfield students from Year 9 travel to Europe, Asia and South America for a period of 6 weeks. The aim of the trips to Spanish-speaking countries is to increase the boys’ fluency with Spanish and enable them to experience a different culture.

Through the various service activities, the school hopes that the boys will learn to develop an awareness of the needs of those around them and of the community, whereby they then feel confident in addressing those needs in later life.

Morning Timetable

Stop No. Time (AM) Location Stop ID
1 7.00 Seven Hills Road before Solar Avenue 2153370
2 7.09 Bella Vista Station Stand B 2153484
3 7.12 Balmoral T Way 2155219
4 7.14 Burns T Way 2155221
5 7.21 Windsor Road before Acres Road N/A
6 7.22 Windsor Road After Brodrick Boulevard 2155138
7 7.23 Windsor Road before Samantha Riley Drive 2155282
8 7.27 Merriville T Way 2155224
9 7.28 Sanctuary T Way 2155195
10 7.35 Our Lady of the Angels 2155301
11 7.37 Withers Road opposite Shops 2155117
12 7.39 Hezlett Road after Armbruster Avenue 2155417
13 7.40 Hezlett Road opposite North Kellyville Public School 2155464
14 7.42 Samantha Riley Drive before Foxall Road 2155416
15 8.03 Redfield College Bus Bay


redfield-enrolments-provate-bus-service 2.jpg

redfield-enrolments-provate-bus-service 3.jpg


Afternoon Timetable

Stop No. Time (PM) Location Stop ID
1 3.05 Redfield College Bus Bay N/A
2 3.24 Samantha Riley Drive before Foxall Road 2153415
3 3.28 Hezlett Road opposite North Kellyville Public School N/A
4 3.29 Hezlett Road after Armbruster Avenue 2155418
5 3.30 Withers Road at North Kellyville Shops 2155125
6 3.33 Withers Road Rouse Hill High School Bus Bay 2155306
7 3.40 Sanctuary T Way 2155244
8 3.41 Merriville T Way 2155252
9 3.46 Windsor Road after Samantha Riley Drive 2155283
10 3.47 Windsor Road after Poole Road 2155147
11 3.48 Windsor Road after Acres Road N/A
12 3.58 Burns T Way 2155225
13 3.59 Balmoral T Way 2155220
14 4.01 Bella Vista Station N/A
15 4.08 Seven Hills Road after Bingara Crescent 215

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Welcome to Redfield College. Redfield is an extraordinary place, I call it the College that never sleeps! Our College has plenty to offer, even more than our expansive grounds, academic rigour and acclaimed sportsmanship.
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Redfield College - Dural NSW


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