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As a Catholic secondary school in the Dominican Tradition we are committed to the education of young women. At San Sisto College, we believe there is no compromise in the pursuit of excellence.
97 Mayfield Road
97 Mayfield Road
Carina, Brisbane
97 Mayfield Road Carina Qld 4152
Brisbane East
07 3900 9800

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Women of Integrity Shaping the Future
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Mr Warren Bath
  • Secondary School
  • Single School Location
  • Catholic
Years 7-12
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  • Academic Achievement
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Community
  • Creative Arts
  • Culture / Tradition
  • Employment Pathways
  • Faith / Religion
  • Food Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Languages
  • Music
  • Numeracy / Literacy
  • Pastoral Care / Guidance
  • Performing Arts
  • Personal Values
  • Resources / Facilites
  • Robotics
  • Sport
  • Tertiary Pathways
  • Visual Art
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Athletics (Track & Field)
  • Aerobics
  • Australian Rules Football
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country Running
  • Equestrian
  • Hockey (field)
  • Indoor Cricket
  • Netball
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Touch Football
  • Volleyball

Educating young women in Years 7 – 12 is an extraordinary privilege. We provide a challenging, innovative and exciting learning environment with a focus on seeking excellence in academic achievement and performance. We strive to provide quality learning and teaching experiences that cater for all learning styles with the right balance of education and fun.

At San Sisto College, we offer state-of-the-art facilities and a wide range of subject choices in both O.P. and Vocational Educational courses. Both Italian and Japanese languages are offered and prove popular with students. We also have strong arts, drama, and sporting departments that continue to profile students’ talents at competitive levels.

Our students are encouraged to accept responsibility and develop independence and self-discipline, confidence and self-worth, nurtured through mutual respect and care for one another. College life is framed by our four Dominican Pillars of Community, Study, Prayer and Service. Our values of truth, joy, hope, compassion, justice and attributes such as passionately loving learning and seeking and appreciating beauty and creation are central to our way of life at the College.

We believe that learning and the wellbeing of our students are inextricably linked, and so provide numerous services to students and parents through our wellbeing centre (The WELL – Wellbeing: Enhanced Life and Learning). The WELL offers students services that attend to their spiritual, cognitive, social, physical and emotional wellbeing – to nourish the body, mind and soul.

At San Sisto College, technology has enabled the college to develop tools for teachers and students which has provided increased learning participation, tailored learning experiences, encouraged collaboration and interactivity, and helped foster an independent and enabled community. Digital tools like WIFI, interactive whiteboards and online learning communities - LIFE and Education Perfect; enable students and teachers innovative outlets in and outside the confines of the traditional classroom. This technology has enabled teachers significant pre-learning opportunities for the classroom and provided students the ability to take control of their education and learning. Both of these tools are making learning and teaching more visible at San Sisto College.

The college also has a number of customised microsites, designed for easy of access by staff, students and parents. These sites are designed to encourage direct communication, build stronger relationships, provide instant curriculum information, and assist in resource sharing within the college’s communities.

The college’s Technology Service Centre is the central hub of all things digital, ensuring students and staff continue to work effectively. This specialist team offer timely repairs, advice on software installations and general care of laptops. This centre also looks after the college’s digital network, to guarantee both students and staff are communicating efficiently during even the busiest campus day.

San Sisto College Digital Classroom



Catholic Social Justice teaching, based firmly in the Scriptures, requires that we look after those in need in our societies and seek to address those needs by charitable service and, where necessary, social justice action. At San Sisto, the Christian call to service and justice is explicitly taught in the Religious Education curriculum. Opportunities to respond to that call are provided by extra-curricular service and justice activities. These activities may vary from year to year as situations change and opportunities arise. 

Service and Activities

Catholic Social Justice teaching, based firmly in the Scriptures, requires that we look after those in need in our societies and seek to address those needs by charitable service and, where necessary, social justice action. At San Sisto, the Christian call to service and justice is explicitly taught in the Religious Education curriculum. Opportunities to respond to that call are provided by extra-curricular service and justice activities. These activities may vary from year to year as situations change and opportunities arise. The following activities are currently undertaken and form a significant component of the co-curricular program of the college.

Year 8 activity takes place at lunch times close to events such as Mothers’ Day. All other service activities take place outside of school time, either on an afternoon (Years 9-11) or in the evening (Year 12)


Parent contact is particularly welcomed with an emphasis on the partnership between home and school. The importance of good adult role models in the lives of young people cannot be emphasised too strongly. High quality communication between parents and teachers provides a secure environment that fosters the positive development of our young women.

Low Res SSC 310815 1911 Small

The classroom curriculum at San Sisto aims to be responsive to girls' needs to best meet the challenges of the complex society of our times.

Subjects in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 are framed by the Queensland Key Learning syllabuses and are designed and taught to meet the particular needs of young women. We have focused classes for students who require extra assistance and for those who wish to be extended.

Students in Year 9 complete one year of Information Communication & Technologies unless prerequisite skills can be demonstrated.

Several of our Year 10 subjects form the basis of Senior School subjects - providing girls the opportunity to test their aptitude in particular areas.

All Year 10 students complete a Certificate in Work Education.

We offer an extensive range of senior subjects, including several that are vocationally based, and for which students are awarded Certificates I, II, or III, on successful completion.

Both Italian and Japanese languages are taught to Year 12, and overseas excursions to Italy and Japan ensures that these subjects are both popular and of a high standard.

All students are trained in understanding their modal preference for learning, using the VARK methodology.
At San Sisto, we aim is to maintain a safe, healthy and attractive campus environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors with a combination of new and existing facilities that support the evolving needs of our college community.

Our Caesarini building includes two general learning areas, two flexible learning areas, a catering facility, a home economics classroom and dining room.

The Albertine Science Precinct includes science classrooms, prep room and science courtyard.

Our Siena Centre provides a superb space for learning, performing arts, sport and fitness. Enjoy the state of the art audio visual and lighting equipment and the superb creative art space with clay oven in our Fra Angelico Creative Arts Centre.

The WELL (our centre for wellbeing) is just one part of a whole-of-college initiative to enhance the wellbeing of the girls and their parents in our community. It complements curriculum initiatives, the introduction of Psychology for all senior students, our physical and spiritual enrichment programs, meditative prayer and our Catholic ethos and Dominican charism in offering a place of integration. Its ethos is central to our community.

Students at San Sisto College head to the WELL when seeking nourishment for the body, mind and soul. The WELL offers students services that attend to their social and emotional, physical, spiritual and cognitive wellbeing.

Our two multipurpose outdoor courts cater for a wide range of sports including netball, volleyball, and tennis.

Cocurricular activities offered at your college include:

  • Music
  • Instrumental Music, Lessons and Ensembles
  • Science Titration Competition
  • Social Justice Group
  • Community Service Activities: Rosies, Bluecare Carina Nursing Home, Bulimba Creek Catchment Sustainability Centre, St Brendan’s Homework Club, Fundraising for Dominican and Catholic Charities
  • Bi-Annual Musical
  • Leading LIGHTS
  • Physical Enrichment Program: Boot camp, fitness, health and nutrition consultations, self-defence classes, zumba, pilates, etc.
  • Greenies Group

San Sisto College Music

College Musical

Every second year our college drama department puts on a production.  

The 2019 production of Rockin’ Robin was directed by Mr Keith Beiers.


In 2017 our production of The Wizard of Oz was held under the direction of Ms Jacqueline McCarthy.



Representative Sports offered at our college:

  • Athletics (Track & Field)
  • AFL
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Equestrian
  • Hockey
  • Indoor Cricket
  • Netball
  • Soccer
  • Sport Aerobics
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Touch
  • Volleyball

Representative Sports offered at your College



Indoor Cricket

Cross Country






Touch Football


At San Sisto College, a strong sense of ‘community’ or ‘family’ permeates throughout the college. This caring environment, undoubtedly, is because of the legacy from the Dominican Sisters, continues today as we develop close relationships between and amongst students across the six year levels, foster a warm and professional relationship between students and staff, strengthen involvement of parents in the college community, and because of our nurturing environment, we are able to tend to the needs of each young woman. We believe that the following are integral to quality pastoral care in a college that specialises in girls' education:

  • An environment that develops the faith, spirituality and prayerfulness of its members
  • Clear policies and procedures • Right Relationships training and Feeling Safe strategies
  • Personal Development Education
  • Service and Justice opportunities
  • Extra and co-curricular programs that cater for a wide range of students
  • High quality learning experiences
  • Well-developed student leadership program
  • College organisational structures facilitating healthy relationships and training that are age and needs based
  • A shared belief in the values of a Catholic college, and in the values of San Sisto in particular
  • Appropriately and highly qualified professional staff and appropriate facilities.
Our values are founded on the Gospel of Jesus and we explicitly teach these through our Habits of Spirit program. We also welcome students of all faiths and backgrounds.

At San Sisto we value:
• Truth
• Joy
• Faith and Prayer
• Justice and Compassion
• Community and Service
• A love of Learning

Our community spirit is incredibly strong, and we highly value the engagement of parents, supporters and the wider community in the life of the college.

We believe in the centrality of the relationship between each young girl and God. The formation of a strong spirituality is essential for her wellbeing, and we foster this within an environment that is rich in its expression of prayer, service to others and justice for all. We believe that learning and wellbeing are inextricably linked.
Living our vision of people of integrity who are empowered to:
• Seek and appreciate excellence and beauty
• Seek and proclaim Truth
• Seek connectedness with God and others
• Respect self, others and all God’s creation
• Engage passionately with life and learning
• Live in hope.

We believe that integrity lies at the intersection of our values, time and action
Our mission is to encourage our past students to participate actively in the San Sisto community: to attend events, to network with each other, to volunteer, to create new ways for past students to stay connected to San Sisto, and to contribute to the wider community.

Our vision is to involve the greatest possible number of past students with the college on an annual basis by creating a range of events that past students will seek to remain engaged with each other and the college.

Our aim is to create a dynamic past student networking program that will stimulate interest, build loyalty, increase involvement and generate support for the college.

Consistent with the core values of truth, joy, hope, compassion, and justice; the college wishes to provide past students with meaningful opportunities to:
• Continue the process of life-long learning;
• Assist and advance past students and their pursuit of excellence;
• Foster and commit to achieving our vision of 'Women of integrity shaping the future';
• Strengthen ties to growing relationships with other past students;
• Support other past students’ lives and careers; and
• Serve the college, God, other past students, current students and the community as a whole

Habits of Mind and Spirit

Dimension 5 of the Dimensions of Learning framework is Habits of Mind.

There are numerous "habits" that could assist our learners. We have chosen to implement the16 Habits of Mind based on the work of Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick . For more information about these habits, visit

Consistent with and emanating from our College Vision and Values Statement, we also emphasise 16 "Habits of Spirit".



We invite you to visit the college and uncover what the college is really like through one of our Open Days or Visitor Days. We encourage you to speak to our students and teachers to hear their honest opinion of what they love about San Sisto. This one-on-one opportunity will only reinforce the warmth and close relationships we have with our girls – we care.

You will also get a first-hand view of our beautiful college campus. Take the time to visit our facilities to see what we are so proud about. Remember your daughter will be spending a long time with us on her journey – to become a happy, confident and successful young woman.

We believe that your daughter matters; so excellence is not compromised.

If you are unable to attend our Open Day, the college will be conducting college tours during each school term. Please check the college website for announcements closer to the dates.

Please email the college at to register.


 San Sisto College Open Day




For up-to-date timetable and service information on the following bus routes, visit:

Bus Route 5165 afternoon
Bus Route 5088 morning
Bus Route 5081 morning and afternoon







Outstanding OP Results

Our 2017 Year 12 students have been very successful in receiving places at university and TAFE for 2018.  Of the 99 QTAC applications, 100% received an offer, with 93% receiving an offer from their first two preferences.  60% actually received an offer before the major round of offers.  Many students benefitted from bonus ranks through a variety of schemes which included the studying of Maths C, Physics, Languages or participation in university study whilst still at school.  These results are particularly special because of the many amazing young women who not only showed a strong focus on academic excellence, but also were the driving force within the student leadership team or across our sport, arts and community service pillars.






San Sister (Student) Testimonials

"I love the supportive people, the English department and the many wonderful opportunities here. The generous nature of the school was present from my first day when the student leaders gave us their time to help us out with the transition from primary to high school." Year 8 Student

"I love the caring nature of the teachers and staff - they genuinely care about the students." Year 10 Student

"I love the nurturing, spiritual community. I love that our whole cohort is repectful towards one another   and towards the grounds and staff too. As we are about to start senior school, we are grateful for the range of subject choices that cater for and help develop our individual passions and allow us to create ourselves." Year 10 Student

"I love the supportive community, the welcoming students and the wide range of activities, which is great for getting involved." Year 11 Student

"I love the musicals. I love being involved. I also love Home Economics which is one of my favourite subjects - cooking, sewing, everything to do with the subject." Year 11 Student

"I love the friendships and the teachers most. I love the closeness of the school." Year 11 Student

"I love that particularly in senior years you're able to develop a personal relationship with your teachers, both in and out of the classroom. Being an Art student, I am forever grateful for the resources and facilities which the college provides, including the constant encouragement from the teachers." Year 12 Student

"I love the fun atmosphere, even in class and around the grounds, and the good times spent with my friends. Our teachers are great and very encouraging in regards to the academia side of things." Year 12 Student

"I love the strong sense of justice. I have learnt that you can do anything in the world, when you set your mind to it." Year 12 Student



Excellence in Leadership Award Win for San Sisto College

Queensland educators have been acknowledged for their educational advancements and leadership at the annual Brisbane Catholic Education Excellence in Teaching Awards on Thursday 15 June 2017. Cara Robinson-Taylor, San Sisto College’s Languages Academic Leader won the prestigious category award for Excellence in Leadership for Learning and Teaching.

Finalists representing many schools, and their guests, gathered at Victoria Park Golf Club to witness Archbishop Mark Coleridge and BCE Executive Director Pam Betts present each award and congratulate the winners.

Other worthy San Sisto College finalists also recognized for their achievements in the team awards category included Brad Barker, Cara Robinson-Taylor, Richard Yaxley, Kym Trew and Judy McDonald.

Shelley Hamilton, San Sisto College Principal, said “We are extremely proud of the innovations in educational excellence recognised in the Brisbane Catholic Education Excellence in Teaching Awards on Thursday night. These amazing teachers have been driving this initiative within our school for the past two years.

The team was formed in 2016 in response to the Brisbane Catholic Educations DELT initiative (Delivering Excellent Learning and Teaching Strategy). From the onset, the team recognised the need for a consistent and unified approach to the implementation of the Excellence in Learning and Teaching – Moving Forward strategy within the College.

A number of strategies were developed and successfully implemented throughout the College in order to ensure consistency. These included posters, cards and templates to promote visible learning in prominent areas in classrooms; weekly learning walks and talks as priorities in the timetable; constant analysis of data collected not only from student testing, but also from classroom observations; and review and response meetings conducted about individual students. A range of professional development sessions were delivered to ensure the upskilling of staff. ‘Bump it up models’ were clarified and refined and the strategic approach to using line of sight documents across the college was mandated. Professional development sessions were also conducted in the Writing Monitoring Tool to upskill staff in the marking of the tool and thus reducing in-school variation and ensuring the consistency of the data collection. The team recognised that communication with parents and the wider community about the initiative was imperative to ensure that parents were best able to support their daughters at home.

“I am so proud of the collaborative culture that has been cultivated within the College from within that has ensured the ‘buy-in’ from staff and our entire community that has ensured the successful implementation of this project. This has been one of the major success of the team; without all the stakeholders willingly supporting this initiative, it would not have enjoyed the success that it has within our College and to have received recognition by the Brisbane Catholic Education Excellence in Teaching Awards committee,” said Shelley Hamilton.

Principal's Image

We are a Catholic secondary school in the Dominican Tradition whose mission is to nurture, challenge and shape the heart, mind and spirit through a lived experience of the Gospel.

The Dominican values of truth, joy, faith and prayer, justice and compassion, community and service, and a love of learning guide us as we foster a sense of unity, connectedness and belonging. The wellbeing of our students is paramount, with an extensive personal development program and a wellness centre supporting the young women in our care.

As a college, we seek to challenge each student whilst nurturing their gifts and talents thereby encouraging and enabling them to reach their potential. We provide an extensive curriculum that caters for the interests and needs of all students and our staff members support an innovative pedagogical framework that maximizes and enhances learning and caters for diversity. We are committed to educating and developing young women who will always strive for excellence in their academic, sporting and cultural endeavours.

Students are also encouraged to participate within their community through involvement in a wide range of social justice activities.

We know that when we enrol your daughter into our learning community, she comes to us with the values you have nurtured as a family. We, therefore, work to establish effective learning partnerships with our parents and caregivers to successfully foster the positive development of our young women. We invite you to explore our learning community, through our website, to learn more about life at our college.

At San Sisto College we are proud of the students we educate – young women ready to meet the challenges of the future as they make their way in the world.

Mrs Shelley Hamilton

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