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Simonds Catholic College, West Melbourne VIC

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Following our acquisition of a multi storey building on Chetwynd St and the completion of refurbishment of existing areas, we are thrilled to announce that SIMONDS CATHOLIC COLLEGE will become ONE SCHOOL ON ONE CAMPUS. 

From 2023 all students across Year 7-12 will be based at our West Melbourne site in the heart of the city.


Simonds Catholic College, West Melbourne VIC
Simonds Catholic College is an all boys secondary school in the heart ?? of the city, two blocks from Queen Vic Market.
273 Victoria Street
West Melbourne
Melbourne Metro
03 9321 9200
Limited places for some year levels currently available for commencement throughout the year. Please contact the Registrar for details.
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We get the best out of our boys!

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“Dear Young People ... Do not be afraid to dream of great things” -- Pope Francis
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Peter Riordan
  • Secondary School
  • Single School Location
  • Catholic
Year 7 - 12
Annual Fees | inclusive of Tuition and Levies:
Year 7 & 8 | $4,870
Year 9 & 10 | $5,110
Year 11 & 12 | $6,000
Gifted & Talented Program
  • Academic Achievement
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Community
  • Culture / Tradition
  • Digital Technologies
  • Discipline
  • Educational Support
  • Employment Pathways
  • Faith / Religion
  • Music
  • Pastoral Care / Guidance
  • Science/Technology
  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • Tertiary Pathways
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Athletics (Track & Field)
  • Australian Rules Football
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Cricket
  • Debating
  • Lawn Bowls
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Simonds Catholic College is a secondary Catholic school for boys.  With approximately 410 students, we are in the heart of the city, two blocks from the Queen Victoria Market; on the same block and surrounding the beautiful St Mary Star of the Sea Chuch in  West Melbourne

Our size allows us to limit the number of students in each classroom, whilst still being able to offer a broad curriculum.  Supported by modern technology our junior students have an opportunity to explore their interests across academic, cultural, religious, technological and sporting dimensions, while VCE, VM and VET Pathways are available to our senior students. 

At Simonds Catholic College we realise that each student is unique and their different needs and talents are nurtured through both support and extension programs.  The combination of these factors means that our students are provided with an exceptional learning environment where each student is known, supported and inspired.

Situated in the heart of the City of Melbourne, Simonds Catholic College is in a unique position of being the only Catholic school for boys on the doorstep oof the CBD.  

The College commenced in 1996 following the amalgamation of St Mary’s Boys’ Regional School, West Melbourne, and Cathedral College, East Melbourne both of which were Year 7-10 schools. The West Melbourne location was chosen for the school because of its accessibility by public transport. Our students come from all areas of Melbourne. We have expanded to become a Year 7-12 school, offering a broad range of VCE subjects and now occupy classrooms in what was St Mary’s Primary School (closed in 1996) and St Brigid’s Primary School (closed in 2009), on the grounds of the two landmark churches after which the campuses are named.

Following our acquisition of a multi storey building on Chetwynd St and the completion of refurbishment of existing areas, we are thrilled to announce that SIMONDS CATHOLIC COLLEGE will become ONE SCHOOL ON ONE CAMPUS.

By 2023 all students across Year 7-12 are based at our West Melbourne site in the heart of the city.

Transition to Secondary School

Moving from primary to secondary school is a big change, that whilst exciting, can also be challenging or worrying for many students. Year 7 is the first time where students are experiencing individual subjects, taught by specialist teachers, as the norm. Students are eased into this transition from primary school to this next level of learning. Most subjects are taught in the familiar environment of students' Homeroom with their Homeroom Teacher taking them for more than one subject. Your son will be supported to build organisational and study skills, develop strong peer relationships and to build a connection to the school community.

The Power of Reading

We are very proud of our reading program (REP) which is now two years old. It has already dramatically changed the reading habits of our students. REP stands for Reading Equals Power. It’s an appropriate title given the link between wider reading and educational outcomes. Research on the importance of wider reading is very clear – reading develops crucial cognitive skills, expands vocabulary and develops general knowledge. Reading really does give students power in the classroom and power in life.

During four 30-minute sessions per week, straight after recess, Year 7-10 students silently read a novel they have chosen from those available in their reading range. To ensure the novels chosen are not too hard and not too easy, students read books derived from their reading comprehension results. When students finish a novel, they complete an online comprehension quiz. The results of completed quizzes are fed back to teachers, parents and the student. This system allows students to read appropriately levelled material of their choice, whilst allowing teachers to track their students’ progress and provide extra support where necessary. At the end of each semester, our students’ achievements in REP are celebrated through the presentation of awards for “most improved”, “most books read” and “most quiz points scored”. There is also healthy competition between Homerooms to see who can score the most points.

We believe that its regularity, student choice in books they read, as well as the competitive aspect are important features that make it work for our boys. When our Year 7 students were asked what was best about REP, their answers were simple but profound.

“It’s the perfect way to settle down after recess snacks”

“It’s the chance to be in your own world for a bit. I love it!”


Known, Supported, Inspired

The College motto, ‘Known, Supported, Inspired’ conveys the essence of our mission. Our school is a learning community that promotes student wellbeing, safety and positive relationships so that students can achieve success and reach their full potential.

“Dear Young People ... Do not be afraid to dream of big things” -- Pope Francis

We are a small school by design and have outstanding teachers. Our point of difference is that we deliberately limit the size of classes and this translates to increased learning opportunities for our students and big opportunities for your son.  Simonds’ close proximity to the inner city means we are able to take advantage of the many excellent cultural and sporting facilities to support and enhance our students' learning. We are fortunate that many activities are only minutes away.

Join us for a Talk and Tour and discover the Simonds difference for yourself.


The small size of Simonds Catholic College allows for boys to be individually known and appreciated for their own unique characteristics. A wide variety of structures and processes have been established to promote a sense of belonging and well-being amongst the boys, especially those who are new to the College.

Pastoral Care Teachers

All students are allocated to a Pastoral Care class; Year 7-10 students will have a teacher who normally takes them for several different subjects. The Pastoral Care Teacher is responsible for the welfare of each student in their Homeroom.

Pastoral Classes

Boys in Years 7-10 have a Pastoral Class each week.  The aims of this class are to support each boy’s social and emotional learning and to promote the wellbeing of all students.  Year 11 and 12 students participate in a fortnightly Pastoral session.

Student Counsellor and Coordinator of Wellbeing

Our Student Counsellor and Coordinator of Wellbeing, Mr Pascal Rohan is available to assist students, parents and staff with any emotional or wellbeing needs. 

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Boys from Years 7-10 nominate themselves to be elected to the Student Representative Council by their peers.  In Years 11 and 12, Student Leaders are chosen from the whole student group. Those students elected attend an annual, two-day leadership camp and provide leadership for all students at Simonds Catholic College. Members of the SRC organise many different activities across all year levels, including the annual Simonds Trivia Night and fundraising for social justice.

Catholic beliefs and teachings, particularly those relating to justice, charity and compassion. We encourage everyone to give of themselves, allocating time and other resources to people who are in need, both within and beyond the school community;

Pastoral programs that promote an appreciation for the whole person. We foster a spirit of mateship that strengthens through the school years, forging lifelong bonds;

Respectful behaviour. We strive to provide a collaborative and supportive learning culture that recognises the dignity of each person. Respect for self, others and the environment is intrinsic to school life;

Inclusivity, respecting people of all cultures, genders and religions who act in empathy with our values;

Fully committed teachers who provide contemporary and purposeful learning for all students;

Motivated students who actively pursue excellence and assume responsibility for their own learning.
The Simonds Catholic College community, united in faith, inspires young men to become active, global citizens. Guided by Gospel values, we provide a safe and supportive learning environment in which each student is individually known. We challenge our students to become courageous, resilient and hope-filled.
Our vision is to develop confident, well-rounded young men who have hope for their future.

We are a small school by design and have outstanding teachers. Our point of difference is that we deliberately limit the size of classes and this translates to increased learning opportunities for our students and big opportunities for your son.  

Simonds’ close proximity to the inner city means we are able to take advantage of the many excellent cultural and sporting facilities to support and enhance our students' learning. We are fortunate that many activities are only minutes away.

Join us for a Talk and Tour and discover the Simonds difference for yourself.



Being in the hear of the city, Simonds Catholic College is very well serviced by public transport.

There is a tram stop at our door stop and Flagstaff, North Melbourne and Melbourne Central train stations are a short walk away.

Christian Tringali is in Year 9 Student at Simonds Catholic College

I was a little worried about the first day of Year 7 because I hardly knew anybody. There was no need as I made friends immediately. I was also impressed with the teachers’ care and friendliness. Being a small school, there is a great sense of camaraderie, numerous opportunities to really be recognised for your efforts and the teachers are always available and approachable.

I love Maths and PE because the subjects are interesting and challenging.  Being a small school, there are plenty of chances for me to represent the school. I can play all types of sports including basketball and I really enjoy competing against other schools in the ACC competition.

It is so easy to get to Simonds because we are right in the city and there is public transport from everywhere. I catch the tram everyday, but others catch the train and some even ride their bikes or get dropped off.

Simonds is a really good school!

Simonds Catholic College is a unique inner-city school for boys with outstanding teachers, who deliver high quality programs to students within a spiritual, academic, cultural, social and sporting dimension.  There is a very strong sense of community and partnership amongst students, staff and parents as the College strives to produce the best possible outcomes for all students.

Simonds Catholic College is a vibrant multicultural community, where student successes are valued and acknowledged.  Our innovative curriculum encourages both collaborative and individual learning through an extensive range of subjects and co-curricular activities and will equip our students with the skills necessary to succeed in their lives.

As a school community, we place great emphasis on our values of Catholic beliefs and teachings, pastoral programs, respectful behaviour, inclusivity, fully committed teachers and motivated students.

Please take the time to browse our website and arrange a tour. I look forward to meeting you and your family on one of our tours.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Peter Riordan





School Tours

Virtual Tours are conducted on school days throughout the term. School tours commence promptly at 9.15am and provide prospective families with a great opportunity to view the school in operation. We always encourage parents to include their sons on School Tours. Virtual Tours take approximately one hour, and, with the Principal as your tour guide, you will have the chance to discover all that Simonds has to offer and ask any questions you may have. Bookings are essential.

We encourage you to register for a Virtual Talk and Tour with our Principal, Mr Peter Riordan.

Register for a tour

Due to the prevalence of COVID-19, Simonds Catholic College has cancelled all on-site School Tours until further notice.

We understand that tours are an integral part of the enrolment process when making decisions regarding your son's secondary education. To assist you, Simonds Catholic College has created an online Virtual Tour of the College for all prospective families.

We would like to invite you and your son to attend a Virtual Talk and Tour with the Principal, Peter Riordan.

To register for a tour, please contact our Registrar, Maria De Fazio on 9321 9207 or email for any other enquiries. Alternatively, click on the link below to book via our website.


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Simonds Catholic College, West Melbourne VIC


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