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St Ann's School, Redbank Plains QLD

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St Ann's School
We teach the values that last a lifetime, such as Faith, Hope, Love and Courage.

Your child’s education should not be the same as their classmates. Why? Your child has unique gifts and deserves teachers who seek opportunities for progress, every school day.?
67 – 87 Halletts Road
Redbank Plains
Brisbane South
(07) 3432 3400
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Mr Sonny Smith
  • Primary School
  • Catholic
K - 6

St Ann's began it's journey in 2020

We welcomed our first 97 foundation students from Prep to Year 3 with foundation staff helping them settle into their new classrooms.

Situated on a 3.2 hectare site on Halletts Rd, adjacent to the Cashmere Rd Reserve, our school has grown by one Year level at a time, now reaching Year 6.

When we reach capacity, we will be a four-stream school catering for 780 students and employing around 100 teachers and support staff.


Of course, academic achievement is important in every school. However, academic achievement alone does not define success in our world.

Your child’s education should not only be measured by tests and scores. Teachers in Catholic schools know a ranking upon graduation is not the sole definition of your child’s success.

Their education should also be filled with encouragement and wonderment; where their heart sings with joy, every school day.

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How affordable is a Catholic school?

 A Catholic education for your child is a wise choice and fees in Archdiocesan schools may be less than you imagined. Families are encouraged to explore the affordability with their choice of school.

All families have the opportunity to seek a Catholic education for their child. Financial aid is available from all Archdiocesan Catholic schools. Fee remissions, family discounts, bursaries and other options are available. Please don’t hesitate to discuss this with your Principal.

St Ann's School implements the Australian Curriculum for Prep – Year 6. The curriculum emphasises the importance of knowledge, understanding and skills in all subject areas, General Capabilities and Cross-curriculum Priorities, as the basis for a curriculum designed to support 21st century learning.

The Australian Curriculum describes a learning entitlement for each Australian student that provides foundations for successful, lifelong learning and participation in the Australian community. It acknowledges that the needs and interests of students will vary, and that schools and teachers plan from the curriculum in ways that respond to those needs and interests.

The Australian Curriculum sets out what all young people should be taught through the specification of curriculum content and the learning expected at points in their schooling through the specification of Achievement Standards (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, 2011). Please visit for any further information.

In addition to this St Ann's School is guided by Brisbane Catholic Education's Teaching and learning framework, High Yield strategies, Strategic Renewal Plan, Model of Pedagogy, Effective and Expected Practices and learner characteristics to ensure a high quality and balanced 21st Catholic Education that progresses student learning from Prep to Year 6.

The following subjects have been implemented into student learning at St Ann's Primary

· Religion

· Mathematics

· English

· Science

· Humanities and Social Science (HASS): Geography; History; Citizenship Education

· The Arts: Visual Arts; Drama; Dance; Media Arts; Music

· Health and Physical Education

· Technologies: Digital and Design Technologies

Catholic identity is a keystone for the evangelising mission of all Catholic education communities. It is expressed in structures and processes; in curriculum and the learning environment; in the formation of staff to support, teach and lead; in strategic planning and community culture; the wellbeing of students; and the engagement of parents, parish and wider community.

Brisbane Catholic Education defines Catholic identity as the way in which the Gospel of Jesus is given living expression throughout every school and office community. A contemporary Catholic Identity is borne of the encounter between faith, life and culture. It deeply permeates structures, processes, relationships and the learning and teaching context in a way that offers all students lifelong meaning and purpose.

St Ann's School ensures that the Catholic Christian tradition is clearly visible in the contemporary context, fusing the old with the new, so that meaning can be made for students, parents, staff and the wider community.

This engagement echoes the call and ministry of Pope Francis: that we understand the changing realities of our world and respond to the multi-cultural and multi-religious dimensions of the society in which we find ourselves (CCE April 7, 2014). 

St Ann's School prepares our students for life in a contemporary society: a life that can make meaning and shape purpose through the lens of a Catholic worldview which re-interprets Catholic faith in contemporary times. In accordance with this position, all facets of life in the school are Christ-centred, student focussed communities of learning that nurture and include:

A culture of dialogue:

  • Choosing to explicitly emphasise our Catholic inspiration in authentic dialogue with other world-views in the broader culture

A contemporary theology of mission:

  • Understanding that we are part of the wider “participation in God's existence in the world." This is a “single but complex reality," of proclamation witness and commitment to justice, reconciliation, peace and the integrity of creation

A post-critical belief system:

  • Moving beyond relativism and literalism to embrace symbolic religious imagination and critical thinking in a continuous re-interpretation of faith.

Build and apply an understanding of mission leadership in Catholic schools.

Connecting the school vision, mission and values to the BCE and Archdiocesan vision, mission and values and apply to all aspects to school life.

Ongoing professional learning and formation around leadership for mission in Catholic schools and leading Catholic identity.
Principal's Image

We are a welcoming Catholic school, one of 146? schools administered by Brisbane Catholic Education on behalf of the Archdiocese of Brisbane. Part of the St Francis Xavier, Goodna? Parish, we welcomed our first 98 foundation students from Prep to Year 3 in 2020 and we have started 2023 with 361 students from Prep to Year 6. When we reach capacity we will be a four-stream school catering for 780 students and employing around 100 teachers and support staff.

Our school features contemporary learning environments that aim to empower learners with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to respond to the challenges of the world of the 21st century. Our Vision is to build a contemporary educational environment in a welcoming and warm community that values diversity and sets high expectations. While our Mission is based on Pope Francis' hope that a Catholic education is accessible and available to all people.

I would just like to say it has been a humbling and exciting opportunity to be the Foundation Principal for St Ann's since 2019. I am a strong believer in the African Proverb: "It takes a Village to raise a child" and will work to make sure all our students are supported both in the school and home environments.

In 2023 our primary focus will be; "Hearts of Courage"The theme of ‘Hearts of Courage’ helps us build the Catholic Identity of our school during our foundation years.  Courage is one of the St Ann’s School values and enable us to live out our vision and mission. Living our everyday life with ‘hearts of courage’ aligns with all that we do throughout the school year and is a constant reminder of the school culture that we want to create at St Ann’s. In our roles, we have been called to work courageously to build a community.


What does courage look like in our everyday lives?

What does it look like in our classroom every day? 

What does it look like in our interactions with each other?


This makes St Ann’s School a valued educational option for families in the Ipswich area.

I look forward to continuing our development of a strong collaborative culture where open and transparent communication makes every St Ann's student feel valued, welcome and safe. I would encourage you to drop into the school office, meet our team and learn more about the exciting things happening as we look to the future.

"We are a Christ centered community, called to be who we are dreamed to be, contributing to a more just and caring world."

Live Jesus in Your Heart – Forever

Mr Sonny Smith

Foundation Principal – St Ann’s Primary School, Redbank Plains

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St Ann's School, Redbank Plains QLD


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