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Sydney Japanese International School

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Sydney Japanese International School
112 Booralie Road
Terrey Hills
Sydney North, Sydney Northern Beaches
(02) 9450 1833
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"Perfect preparation for high school education. Our daughter Sammy absolutely loved it."
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  • Primary School
  • Single School Location
  • Independent
  • Non-denominational
International Division Kindergarten to Year 6
Japanese Division - Year 1 to Year 9
$12,480 (K) – $12,880 (Year 9)
  • Culture / Tradition
  • Educational Support
  • Languages
  • English as a second language
  • Japanese

Welcome to the Sydney Japanese International School (SJIS) – a little piece of Japan set within the leafy suburb of Terry Hills in Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.

Founded in 1969, SJIS is an independent school where students can immerse themselves in Japanese language and culture while either studying the New South Wales curriculum in the International Division (YK to Year 6) or the Japanese Ministry of Education curriculum in the Japanese Division (Year 1 to Year 9).

Both the Japanese and International Divisions come together for a selection of subjects and activities where language is not a barrier, such as music, visual art, PE. All students have the opportunity to learn to read, speak and write Japanese and English and deepen their understanding of Japanese culture, in Japanese, while living in Australia.

Children feel at home in our bright, friendly atmosphere and welcoming community. Our school is a place where parents and teachers care about children’s education. Everyone is invested in helping students develop a love of learning so they can flourish.

With a large oval and spacious outdoor play areas, children love coming to SJIS every day, and with special cultural activities like sports day, language festivals and concerts, they really have a life-shaping time with us at the school.

Our students develop global perspectives through their everyday experiences both in and outside of the classroom and emerge from their time at SJIS as bilingual scholars, ready to embrace learning at high school. They learn about other cultures and appreciate diversity, while gaining a different perspective of the world.

Our teachers nurture students who understand both Australian and Japanese culture – thriving future global leaders who can serve as a ‘bridge’ or ‘kakehashi’ between the two countries.

Australia’s leading cross-cultural Japanese school

SJIS is truly unique, offering exceptional education in a bicultural learning environment. Our students have the opportunity to learn to read, speak and write Japanese and English and to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture, in Japanese, while living in Australia. It really is the best of both worlds.

Students studying in the International Division can access a world of opportunity to connect with and learn about Japan. Children gain solid Japanese language skills, including reading, speaking and writing, as well as a deeper understanding of Japanese culture.

All of our students are immersed in a culture that nurtures inquisitive minds. As children study language and culture across two countries, they develop empathy, flexibility and become equipped with an international mindset. We are proud to graduate astute analytical and creative thinkers with higher-than-average second language ability.

What we offer:

  • Affordable co-ed private schooling in the leafy surrounds of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
  • A small school community where you feel part of a large school family.
  • Outstanding teachers who create an inspiring, fun and respectful learning environment.
  • Beautifully maintained 14-acre grounds with spacious sporting facilities and buildings.
  • Cultural experiences and daily language lessons with native speakers.
  • Small class sizes – students can connect across year levels and families can make close connections.
  • Nurturing environment – students spend time in their formative years within a caring, small community where experienced teachers nurture their joy of learning through a wide range of experiences.
  • Two curriculum streams that come together for mixed learning lessons in visual art, physical education (PE), music and coding.
Japanese (MEXT) curriculum from Years 1-9
Australian (NSW) curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 6
Purpose built facilities
Modern administration offices
School hall / gymnasium
Two art rooms
Science lab
Well-equipped music rooms
Food technology room
Fully networked computer lab
Indoor basketball court
All weather, 200m running track for athletics
Two long jump runways and sand pits
Soccer field
Shade covered playgrounds
On-campus bus depot
Off street parking for staff and visitors
Tuck shop
Courtesy: Act kindly and in a courteous manner towards others.
Honesty: Be truthful in all your relations with others.
Responsibility: Assume responsibility for your obligations, your actions and your belongings. Be punctual and wear the school uniform proudly.
Justice: Seek the fairest and most just way for all.
Generosity: Consider others in your daily activities and be generous in your thoughts, deeds and words.
Perseverance: Continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty.
Respect: Be respectful of others, yourself and your environment.
Two curriculums, one school, leading to the future.

To actively nurture our students to become mindful leaders of the future. We encourage them to be Kakehashi, connecting cultures, communities and countries, as the next generation of global citizens.
Sydney Japanese International School (SJIS) is one school offering two curriculums: Japanese and Australian.

Authorised by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and registered as an independent school by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority, SJIS provides a unique education which exceeds the regular Japanese and Australian curriculums.

We develop our students to be ‘Kakehashi’ (bridges), which connect communities and cultures, contributing both locally and to the broader global society by virtue of their exceptional bilingual abilities and cross-cultural understanding. We cultivate this experience at the SJIS campus, in a serene environment surrounded by the natural beauty of Sydney.

SJIS is dedicated to nurturing the individual learning needs of our students. We provide an enriched learning environment that empowers young people to succeed.

One School. Two Curriculums.

International Division: Our experienced teachers offer the New South Wales curriculum from Kindergarten up to Year 6. In this stream, students also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Japanese culture and language with daily Japanese lessons.

Japanese Division: At SJIS, we offer the Japanese curriculum stream from Year 1 up to Year 9, complemented by daily English language lessons. The Japanese curriculum is delivered by MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) teachers and gives students a wonderful opportunity to access Japanese curriculum experts in Australia.


The best of both worlds

Both the Japanese and International Divisions come together for a selection of subjects and activities where language is not a barrier, such as music, visual art, and PE. All students have the opportunity to learn to read, speak and write Japanese and English and deepen their understanding of Japanese culture, in Japanese, while living in Australia.


Our comprehensive bus service and netwrok serves most of the lower and upper north shore areas, Sydney CBD and northern suburbs. To view our schedule and timetable please refer to the bus information section on our website:

I am extremely lucky that I attended this school, since I can now speak English and Japanese fluently.
I believe that being bilingual is a great asset for the future, and every student at SJIS has a fantastic opportunity not just to learn a foreign language, but to grow up with two mother tongues.
Again, thank you very much. It has been an excellent seven years at this school.

Andrew Johnston - SJIS Alumni

My experience at the Sydney Japanese School was tremendous. Not only did I learn a second language as a young child (which helped me greatly in the HSC), but I also learned so many cultural & life lessons which you cannot put a value on. Open mindedness, willingness to look for other ways of doing things (not just the dominant way within your own culture), and that friendships surpass race & language barriers. The school’s sports days & other festivals are memories I will keep forever.

Dr Jordana Sweetman PhD. /SJIS ALUMNI

Since 1969, the Sydney Japanese International School has played an important contribution to bilingual education in Australia. Our school is rich in culture and provides a nurturing environment in a leafy bushland setting, surrounded by Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. 

For more than half-a-century, our vision has been unwavering. We exist to inspire our students to be like Kakehashi; strong bridges connecting communities and cultures, both locally and globally, by virtue of their exceptional bilingual abilities and cross-cultural understanding.

Through immersing themselves in different cultures, as well as in their own, SJIS students have a reputation for their open-mindedness, respect and acceptance for the values of people from disparate backgrounds across the globe.

We are unique, in that although we are one school, we proudly boast two curriculums: The Japanese Division follows the Japanese curriculum set by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. While the International Division follows the curriculum set by the NSW Department of Education.

Through the Japanese Division, lessons are conducted in the native tongue, ensuring our students are equipped with language abilities on-par with those children studying in Japan.

We are also aware that our Japanese Division students need to build stronger English language skills, and so each day they are provided with one period of English language classes. Their skills are further honed through regular collaboration with the International Division and local schools.

The reverse applies to our students studying under the International Division, where lessons are conducted in English, with one period of Japanese language lessons scheduled each day.

At no other school in Australia can children become an international exchange student without leaving their classroom. 

We look forward to welcoming your child to our unique school.

Mr Shinichiro Sumida
Sydney Japanese International School

If you would like to join a live online information session via 'Zoom' in the safety and comfort of your home please register your interest here:

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Sydney Japanese International School


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