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School tours and open days may be affected by lockdown restrictions. Please contact us on 03 9726 4766 for the latest updates.

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We aim to delight and inspire children to be independent, resourceful learners.

Village School, Croydon North
Village School is situated on 8 acres of bushland nestled in suburban Croydon and provides an alternative primary school experience from Prep to Year 6. We aim to create resourceful, independent learners and embrace a small school approach.
9 Holloway Rd
PO Box 5101, Wonga Park 3115
Melbourne East
03 9726 4766
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The best way to understand what Village School can offer your family is to come for a tour.
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We aim to inspire young children to discover and learn in a supportive, caring environment.
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Tanya Heine
  • Early Learning
  • Primary School
  • Single School Location
  • Non-denominational
Prep to Year 6
Available on application
Maximum of 95
Gifted & Talented Program
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Personal Values
  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • Korean
  • No Representative Sports Available

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family to Village School.

Village School is an independent, non-sectarian and non-denominational primary school. We take a holistic approach to education.

At Village School, learning is promoted as an exciting, enjoyable, real and ongoing life experience.

At the heart of our educational approach is the belief that any child can learn any subject – in some form – at any age.

We are a co-educational school providing an alternative to mainstream education, where children have a voice and participate in decision-making and the running of the school.

We look forward to showing you what our school has to offer your child.

Village School is situated on 8 acres of bushland nestled in suburban Croydon, encompassing a small farm, market garden and natural bush wetlands. This is the backdrop for individual education programs with emphasis on real life learning. We foster each child's special talents and discover his or her own pathways to achieving these positive outcomes.

Committed to its ‘small school’ policy, every teacher knows every child at Village School. This level of involvement, and the relationship between staff and students, allows both philosophical and educational aims to be fully realised.

At Village School, every child is a worthwhile person, respected and valued for who they are. A positive self-concept is considered essential and sometimes the most effective strategies for building self-esteem are not linked to academic performance. Students of every age and stage develop learning in different ways and at different rates. Teachers at Village School match the teaching to your child’s learning style – not the other way around. Information is presented and skills developed in a variety of ways. Individual differences are celebrated and children are encouraged to have an awareness of their place in Australian society and the global community.

Learning for your child is therefore a mixture of individual lessons, small group lessons based on ability and wholegroup discussions and activities that promote cooperative learning experiences as well as social and emotional growth. Independent thinking and problem-solving skills are fostered as a way of preparing students for adult life. Predicting, checking, monitoring and 'mind mapping' are successful and relevant ways of dealing with information and technology in today's society.

Animals play a big part in the program at Village School and the children take responsibility for goats, chickens, geese and ponies, with 'real life' work experiences forming an integral part of the daily curriculum.  An annual school performance provides another vehicle for building feelings of self confidence and worth.

Non-sectarian and non-denominational, Village School fills an alternative niche in the educational market place. Visitors are welcome and school tours are scheduled on a regular basis or by request.

Come and experience our unique learning environment for yourself.

Regular Tours are available or also by appointment phone 03 9726 4766

We do:
* Have individual goals for each child
* Spend at least half of our teaching time working with individuals
* Encourage each child's special talents so that he/she experiences success
* Prepare and present different tasks for different children
* Choose open-ended tasks relating to themes so that children can work alongside each other and yet achieve at their own academic levels
* Apply different teaching styles and strategies according to children's needs and preferred learning styles
* Discuss with children how they learn best so that they can 'own' their leaning
* Have an expectation that at the end of a teaching term or year, the children will have developed in different ways and achieved at different academic levels
* Measure a child's progress by how far he/she has come, not how they compare with their peers
* Ensure the children are grouped according to where they are socially at ease.
Alongside our flexible modern classrooms. we have a good-sized hall which is used for performing arts lessons, some sport activities and whole school get-togethers.

Other extra spaces are the library, the STEAM room and the outdoor classroom.

The gazebo at the front of the school provides a good meeting place for after school for both parents and children, and is also the site of our weekly stalls.

The grounds are extensive and contain a wetlands area at the front that is sometimes used under supervision for environmental activities.

The remainder of the property is for the children’s play and there is playground equipment, a trampoline and lots of cubby building spaces.
We provide a range of specialised programs in addition to our curriculum-based activities that allow children to engage directly with their surroundings and apply their skills and understanding, including school camps, school performance, the school farm, our horse riding program, various excursions and incursions, and our wetland bush school setting.

Experiential learning benefits a child's overall development by allowing them to be more creative and reflect on complex topics, allowing them to establish stronger connections with the material.

Learning by doing allows students to more readily comprehend new concepts, improve their problem-solving skills, and recognise that there are multiple solutions to problems.

It also transforms mistakes into valuable learning opportunities, with more of a focus on experimentation and discovery, and creates a lifelong love of learning.
- Each child is unique
- Learning for life
- Learning through mistakes
- Learning through play
- Flexible learning
- Ownership of learning
- Discipline from within
- Celebrating diversity
- Mixed age groups
- First-name basis
- Free choice of clothing
- Parents and carers are welcome
Village School strives to create a school where children are respected and heard, and where academics are balanced with real-world experience in order to prepare them for a successful existence in the real world.

We will have succeeded when our students leave our school feeling confident in their abilities to make genuine decisions and take action to shape their future and the world around them.

Village School has adhered to two main beliefs since its inception:

1. The importance of mutual respect among staff and students
2. A child's right to be taught as an individual

These two statements serve as the foundation for all activities and events at Village School.
We aim to delight and inspire children to be resourceful, independent learners. We celebrate individual differences, but encourage children to develop an awareness of their place in Australian society and the global community. We want them to have an understanding of their role in supporting and caring for each other, all living creatures and the natural environment.

Debbie Leslie

I began my schooling at Village school in 1992 as a prep student and graduated in 1998.

Leaving Village School and starting high school at Billanook College was a fairly daunting experience due to the size variations between the schools; however the actual transition was quite easy.

During my time at Billanook College I developed both academically and socially. Throughout my time I was involved in numerous extra circular activities such as the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge, National Young Leaders Day, Reconciliation Day, volunteering at the local soup Kitchen, and a wide variety of sporting events. In 2004 (year 12) I was selected by my peers to be a House Sports Captain where I helped organise and co-ordinate sporting events and took on other leadership roles such as helping to organise celebration day (traditionally known as Muck Up Day) and taking school tours.

At the completion of year 12 I obtained an ENTER score higher than the one needed to get into my first preference which was a Batchelor of Health Sciences at Deakin University in Burwood. I was also awarded a Certificate of Achievement in Health and Human Development.

I completed my Bachelor degree with distinction in 2007 and based on my academic record I was offered Honours in the School of Exercise Science and Nutrition. I accepted the offer and obtained my first preference of research projects. After an intense honours year I graduated with a distinction for my honours project.

I am currently employed as a Research Assistant in the Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition at Deakin University. I am working full-time on a large nutrition and physical activity research project which is being run in conjunction with Deakin University and the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Now that my schooling years have come to an end, my memories of Village School are faint, but looking back I can appreciate that the ethos surrounding individual learning and self monitoring has been beneficial in teaching me how to learn independently and how to manage time efficiently.

Studying behavioural sciences and psychology, I understand the importance of involving parents in the child’s education and I think Village School incorporates this ‘whole of community’ approach to education effectively. I also feel that their small class sizes and beliefs regarding self motivation have helped me to learn independently and manage my time and tasks effectively.

“This is one of the best schools I’ve ever encountered. Children study in small classes with a lot of time for free activities and a big emphasis on independence and personal projects. Boundaries between age groups are intentionally blurred – older children are encouraged to be helping out the younger ones. There is a lot of outdoor area with various terrains. There are chickens and ponies that children learn to take care of (and ride!). Every time I come here I wish I was young enough to study in this school! One of the best markers for how kids themselves enjoy the school is that the ones who have already graduated keep coming to check things out, play with children, and to help out with school performance and smaller chores.”
~ Val S

“The Village school offers my son a creative and flexible space to learn. He is engaged and excited about the term themes and all the tasks and activities pulled together that are fun and don’t particularly feel like lessons. Teachers are approachable and eager to work with parents to improve outcomes for students.”
~ Belinda J

“We selected Village for our son and we are incredibly pleased that we did. The dedication of the teachers under the exemplary direction of our principal Tanya continues to surpass our expectations. The five R’s: responsibility, reliability, resilience, respect and resourcefulness are embedded into every corner of village life. The variability of experiences and learning opportunities mean that our son can learn and grow in his own time, at his own pace. The school community is tight-knit, welcoming and inclusive. They say it takes a village to raise a child, you’ll most definitely find that community here!”
~ Daniela P

“An amazing school! Warm, caring, flexible teachers who actually listen to children and see them as capable and competent. Children are trusted and respected.”
~ Liesel M

“If only all schools could be like Village School. A beautiful place where children learn the way they should. Where the teachers inspire your children to learn and explore, where the focus is on your child and not on Naplan scores and big school numbers.”
~ Jenna W

“Best primary school in Melbourne. Couldn’t be happier! We love Village. Not only do they have a really well-articulated and progressive philosophy, they put that philosophy into practice really well.”
~ M M

“I went to Village School from prep to grade 5. It was an amazing experience for me. Every day was an adventure at Village School. The teachers were lovely and always there to help out. And all the students learned at their own pace. Learning was always made fun and engaging. And Village had their own farm and the students helped look after the animals. Village School is an amazing school. And I have so many fond memories from it.”
~ Charlotte M

“Village School is a wonderful independent school nestled amongst the trees and wildlife. The Principal, teachers and staff are committed to the growth and development of each individual child. They certainly make learning fun for the children.”
~ Leah G

“Both my children went to the Village School. They are now in their twenties and still engaged in learning and more importantly in the community at large. They turned out to be the kind, caring men we had hoped to raise; their years at Village were a big part of that process.”
~ Cathy Hainstock


All enrolment enquiries are welcome, and we'd love to discuss with you how our school can help your child to shine.

We accept enrolments at any time during the school year, so if you are considering transferring your child to Village School, you don’t need to wait for a specific point in time to begin talking to us.

The best way to understand what Village School can offer your family is to come for a tour.

We offer regularly scheduled tours, and can also organise personal, one-on-one tours at a convenient time for you.

After you've taken a tour of the school and spoken with us about your needs, we'll give you an information packet to take home and read, as well as the paperwork you'll need to submit an enrolment application.

Come and experience our unique learning environment for yourself. Call us now on 03 9726 4766 to book a tour.

We’re a small ‘boutique’ style school tucked away in a bushland environment on the banks of the Brushy Creek.

This place was chosen because it gives the children the space to play and build cubbies using natural materials.

It also means the children learn to understand and respect their environment as they interact with animals and planting programs as part of the school curriculum.

We believe combining the academic program with farm work, horse riding and gardening develops resourcefulness, reliability and resilience.

These programs also empower a greater variety of students to be leaders in our community, alongside those who naturally step up through our classroom programs, sport or the arts.

Empowerment is a key word at Village School.

The children run their daily meetings, their group meetings and their whole school meetings.

The teachers and the children often brainstorm ideas for their ‘big picture’ focus for each term.

Consultation and democratic processes shape the ongoing activities in the school and the children are often instigators of fundraisers, event days, ideas for performances and rules around the school.

The arts play a strong role in Village School. One term each year has a whole school performance as the main focus.

The teaching themes will relate to the theme of the performance and the whole school will be involved in making props, costumes, sets and backdrops.

The older children design the tickets, the program cover and content and design the advertising for our immediate community.

Real life learning means giving a real-life context for the children’s tasks and the performance supplies the best vehicle for this.

The challenge for all schools in the 21st century is not only to keep abreast of all the technological changes and innovations, but also to keep sight of the bigger picture; educating the whole child for life.

Practices will come and go, robots will become teachers, curriculum content will vary as generations change, but principles and ethics are timeless.

Our aim is that each child leaves Village School with the belief that they have the ability and the means to make real choices about their futures.

They learn that not only do they have rights but so do all the people around them.

If we can help our children start to develop a ‘world view’ of inclusiveness and sustainability, showing care and empathy for others and feeling confident about their own worth and their place in the scheme of things, then we’ll know we’ve done a good job.

~ Tanya Heine, Principal

School tours for 2021

  • Tuesday, June 15, 2021
  • Saturday, June 19, 2021
  • Tuesday, July 20, 2021
  • Tuesday, August 17, 2021
  • Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Bookings are essential. Please call us on 03 9726 4766 to reserve your preferred tour date or submit the tour booking form on our website.

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