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Give your child the gift of a personalised education. Whitsunday Anglican School is located in Mackay, Queensland with classes from Kindergarten to Year 12. Whitsunday Anglican also offers weekly and full time boarding for Year 5-12 students.
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Mr Andrew Wheaton
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The School offers an education that caters to the individual needs of its students and proudly promotes Christian values.

To ensure the development of each student, emphasis is given:- to discipline that is firm but fair; to respect and responsibility for oneself and for each other; and to participation in co-curricular activities and service - the combined intention of which is the development of a commitment towards responsible citizenship.

There is a strong tradition of co-operation and friendship between parents and staff in the School. The process of education is a combined operation, with School and home each playing an important part. With co-operation between the two it is intended that the students derive maximum benefit from their experiences. 

The School expects to contribute to the full intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic, moral and spiritual development of each student.

Whitsunday Anglican School will unlock your child's full potential so they can be the best that they can be.

Whitsunday Anglican School has a strong academic reputation and is considered one of the top regional schools in Queensland. In recent years, the OP results have ranked alongside the best schools in south-east Queensland with extremely strong numeracy and literacy results in Years 3, 5 and 7 testing. The majority of graduating students go on to tertiary education so there is a clear focus on university pathways. Whitsunday prides itself in its holistic approach to education with strong music, sport, drama and art programs. There is an exceptional pastoral care program across the school with all students working to support the ethos of the school. With the two sub schools – Junior School Kindergarten – Year 6 and Senior School Years 7-12 all on the same campus, the School is very much a K-12 school. Senior students work with younger ones and help create a seamless progression through the whole school. The School’s Strategic and Master Plans have enabled the completion of many new facilities in recent years. The current enrolment of 860 from K-12 means the school is close to being full, with classes and year levels capped. All students from Years 4-12 have their own computer. Situated in North Mackay, only 2km from the sea and close to the southern end of the Whitsunday Islands, the school is truly in a tropical environment.

Comprehensive academic program; focus on numeracy and literacy with excellent academic results across the school but especially with OP’s. Science and computer laboratories, woodwork, theatre and Art Centre are all accessed from Year 5 up.
The School has excellent Multi-Purpose Hall; Arts Centre; Music Centre; Senior Learning and Leadership Centre; theatre; science laboratories and eight computer laboratories. There is a modern boarding house for 78 full time and weekly boarders and a new wing for the senior students has just been opened. All buildings are fully air-conditioned.
There is an extensive co-curricular program with a wide range of sport, drama and music. Also offered is a Homework Assistance and Tutoring Scheme for all students (HATS).


Booth House is located adjacent to the School's classrooms at the eastern end of the school, and accessible via Celeber Drive. The complex incorporates three main boarding sections; a new building opened in 2012 with 28 single, air conditioned rooms for the older students and two ensuite rooms for Resident Staff; another section was opened in 2004 with 24 single, air conditioned rooms and two ensuite rooms for Resident Staff, as well as the original building which accommodates up to 13 girls and 13 boys, with both shared and separate rooms. The new dining room and kitchen facilities are connected to the main School.

Our Core Values are:
1. CHRISTIANITY (through Social Responsibility) – characterized by faith in God, forgiveness, reconciliation, developing a sense of mission/purpose through service to, and compassion and care for others;
2. TOLERANCE (through Respect) – characterized by openness to a broad range of ideas and concepts, accommodation of multi cultures and faiths, and inclusivity of a wide range of backgrounds;
3. EXCELLENCE (through Effort) – characterized by the pursuit of optimum outcomes for students in their intellectual, social and artistic endeavours and underlined by our explicit strategies to assist students develop the habits of self-belief, persistence and resilience;
4. DIGNITY (through Tradition) – characterized by our expectations for a conservative approach to worship, dress, appearance, manners, language, social discourse, rituals and symbols;
5. TRUST (through Co-operation) – characterized by consideration of the needs of the group before the needs of the individual, expressed through collaboration, teamwork, honesty and consistency.
We build the future with children who learn to imagine it here.
Within a framework of Christian values provide the challenging and supportive learning experience that achieves the best outcome for the individual.

Welcome to Whitsunday Anglican School. I trust as you look through this site you will sense the culture of our School, and get a feel for the environment we endeavour to create for our students and their families.

At the heart of our Whitsunday Anglican School Community we embrace Christian values and principles that ensure we pursue the best educational aspirations. Christianity through social responsibility, Tolerance through respect, Excellence through effort, Dignity through tradition, Trust through co-operation are the enduring Christian values that combine to give character to the tone of the School. We encourage our boys and girls to become confident, creative and articulate men and women of our community. This is the Spirit that nurtures their passage to adulthood.

We are a modern School that understands the importance of preparing boys and girls for the many responsibilities that are part of being a successful adult. Technology combines with tradition in a comfortable mix to create a school culture which is vibrant, challenging and filled with youthful curiosity. This gives synergy to our school.

The School is well-known for the outstanding culture it provides for the education of boys and girls. The atmosphere features a calm environment in which learning is encouraged and where seeking one’s ‘personal best’ is natural.

The School Motto, Spiritus Scientiae, the Spirit of Knowledge is an important principle that guides Whitsunday Anglican School programs and expectations for the education of the students. The School encourages the pursuit of knowledge and service to others and to do this in an atmosphere where integrity, empathy and compassion are learned through authentic experience.

Leadership is admired and celebrated within the School, and the Christian model of servant leadership is honoured for its power and contribution to the well-being of society. Staff are encouraged to develop their educational abilities within the framework of well-researched thinking and to have the confidence to apply creative initiatives.

The School’s programs, in all of their complex diversity, are really about the aspirations we have for the boys and girls and the tone we value within the School. In turn, there is an atmosphere within the School that we feel is precious. Christianity, Tolerance, Excellence, Dignity and Trust are the core values that drive this School.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse our website. I invite to visit the School, and see firsthand the wonderful opportunities and facilities which are available to Whitsunday Anglican School students.

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