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There is no doubt that sustainability has become a hot topic of interest in preserving our environment. At All Saints Grammar, our STEM students have dived head first into this pool of interest by designing then building a functional Solar Car. 

Their Solar Car Project was entered into the University of New South Wales 'SunSprint' Challenge. This event is a solar powered race around a 100 metre track where our students were able to evaluate their Solar Car project through time trialling and testing. The 'awesome foursome' that represented All Saints Grammar at this SunSprint Challenge with their creative and fully functional model were Leonidas Pegios, Sophia Colgrave,Vasili Flitzanis, and Christina Marianos. 

What was most impressive about this achievement was that although the Solar Car was a scaled down model and the strength of the sun was only at 2% on the day of testing due to thick cloud cover and relentless rain, the Solar Car complied with the Australian International Model Solar Car Specifications and was capable of carrying a 2 litre juice container around a 100 metre track! 

After a long day of testing, we are also pleased to inform you all that our 'awesome foursome' (Vasili Flitzanis, Sophia Colgrave, Leonidas Pegios and Christina Merianos) achieved fourth place as part of the "SunSprint" Challenge held at the UNSW (The University of New South Wales)! On that note, the competition body (AIMSCC) was so impressed with our project that our students were invited to the National Competition which will be held in Melbourne in October 2016.

We would like to wish our students all the very best and thank Mr Peter Tsitsos and Mrs Maria Piperias for their ongoing support and inspiration.


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