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Brisbane Boys' College
Kensington Terrace
Brisbane Boys' College provides a rigorous academic environment which allows every boy to aim to maximise his educational potential. If we are to prepare tomorrow's leaders, we must help them to develop flexibility of mind and strength of character.
Brisbane North, Brisbane Central & East, Brisbane West, Brisbane South
(07) 3309 3695
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Success for every boy

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Brisbane Boys College - Open Morning Fri Aug 17 @ 8:30AM - 11:00AM
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Brisbane Boys College - Open Morning Fri Oct 19 @ 8:30AM - 11:00AM
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Mr Graeme McDonald
Early Learning, Primary School, Secondary School
Presbyterian & Methodist
Prep to Year 12
Prep $12,610, Yrs 1-3 $13,200, Yrs 4-6 $14,335, Yrs 7-12 $16,750 Boarding Yrs 5-12 $18,980
Overseas Student Fees: Yrs 4-7 $27,355, Boarding $22,035
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Numeracy / Literacy
  • Personal Values
  • Tertiary Pathways

Our goal is to inspire your son, encourage him to dream, take control of his life and create his own bright future. 

About Us

Designed to stimulate and challenge inquiring young minds the Junior School program at BBC caters for the unique learning styles of young boys.

A combination of creative and structured learning experiences allows each student from Prep to Year 6 to explore their special interests and individual talents whilst acquiring a strong foundation for future learning.

Purpose built facilities provide an exceptional learning environment and all boys are extended and supported at each stage of their development to ensure they experience personal success.

The flexible and diverse curriculum encourages students to become active learners, complex thinkers and effective communicators.

The better the start, the stronger the finish

At BBC we believe success starts early and this sits at the core of our philosophy and vision for Junior School students.

The Early Learning experience: Prep to Year 3

The early years program provides a wide range of educational experiences designed to support boys in their academic and personal development. Priority is given to literacy and numeracy, with both reinforced and strengthened through the exploration of core subject areas including Science, History and Geography. Specialist lessons in Art, Christian Education, Dance and Drama, Music, Technology and Physical Education enable boys to discover individual talents and interests.

The curriculum is designed to build a successful foundation for future learning and focuses strongly on the development of fine motor skills, phonological awareness and habits of mind.

Years 4, 5 and 6

In Years 4, 5 and 6 boys are encouraged to evaluate the world in which they live, build on talents discovered during their early years and continue to develop their knowledge in key learning areas. The diverse program is designed to promote higher level thinking skills and independent learning.

Enrichment opportunities

Many opportunities exist for acceleration in the Junior School, with identified students able to partake in extension activities within the classroom setting.

Boys are also given the opportunity to apply and further develop their skills through excursions, extension groups and participation in state and national competitions including Opti-Minds, individual instrumental lessons, Maths Olympiads and ICAS Mathematics, English and Science Competitions.

Brisbane Boys' College also runs an outside school hours care program - Action Factory - to continue to stimulate young minds after school and during school holidays.

Middle Schooling

With more than a decade of middle schooling experience, Brisbane Boys' College continues to be at the forefront of adolescent boys' education.

Our Middle School provides a unique learning environment designed to specifically respond to the needs of young adolescents academically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually in Years 7, 8 and 9.

Our program is designed to engage students in the learning process by ensuring the curriculum is both relevant to their intellectual development and based upon the characteristics of boys in this age group. 

The natural flow from one year to the next enables students to make a smooth transition from the primary classroom to a more complex and challenging environment of Senior School.


As a boys school, BBC specifically tailors its program to meet the needs and interests of young men as they progress through their education. Excellence is valued and academically gifted students are challenged. A broad curriculum is offered to cater to the interests of all boys and every student is encouraged to achieve to the best of his ability.


Gentlemen of Honour

The senior years represent a time of transition as boys consider their future. At BBC we offer a diverse and flexible program to ensure each boy is able to pursue his pathway of choice. In a rigorous and stimulating academic environment boys are encouraged to become independent learners.


Whether students plan to undertake tertiary studies or head directly into the workforce the program allows each boy to work towards achieving his individual goals. During these years boys develop flexibility of mind, strength of character and are equipped with the skills needed to navigate future challenges and learning beyond their formal years of schooling.




During their first year of Senior School (Year 10) boys are introduced to Year 11 and 12 subject areas where possible. As the gateway year to senior studies it allows them to make an informed choice on their senior program and prepares them for the demands of these final years of schooling.


In Years 11 and 12 boys develop and strengthen their skills in specific interest areas. Students determine their two-year course of study when commencing Year 11 and can choose from Authority Subjects and Non-Authority Subjects depending upon their preferred pathway to tertiary studies. 


Tracking progress


We strive to support each student so he can develop his potential through a balanced involvement in all that College life has to offer. In Years 11 and 12 students receive regular individual counselling, looking at their all round development with a strong focus on academic achievement. 


The one-to-one interviews allow boys to discuss their goals and progress with the Head of Senior School, Head of Teaching and Learning and Senior Housemasters in a safe and supportive environment. They enable boys to track their progress and maintain goal alignment.


Guidance and support


Brisbane Boys’ College continues to bring pathway options into focus for Senior School students and their families. The College has a dedicated Careers and Counselling arm which provides students with guidance on future pathway options and personal development. 


Throughout the year the department holds In-Focus information sessions, whereby industry experts and tertiary institutions share their insights. The Careers program prides itself on bringing together some of Australia’s top institutions for hand-on workshops and information sessions.


To assist boys with pathway creation, each Year 12 student has an individual appointment with a senior careers counsellor in addition to regular career development classes. To assist with their professional development beyond the school gates, boys can also join the BBC Mentor Program which links recent graduates with old collegians who wish to share their professional insights and provide ongoing assistance after school.  


Enrichment opportunities


BBC offers a number of enrichment opportunities for students who demonstrate a capability to extend their academic abilities. These enrichment opportunities range from participation in State and National competitions, acceleration and extension of curriculum delivery, leading to enrolment in university subject courses in Year 12.

By challenging each boy physically, spiritually and emotionally we strive to cultivate in them a strong sense of achievement and individualism and charge them to craft 'the man in the mirror'.

Fulfiling potential and making progess

Very few people would question the integral role sport and music play in our wellbeing and particularly in the overall learning equation at school. They serve to develop not only a child's physical ability but also his communication and social skills as well as his overall psychological development.

In recognition of this, Brisbane Boys' College has researched, developed and formalised the BBC Athletic Development Program. Holistic in nature, the program aims to provide pathways for every boy, from Prep through to Year 12, in his athletic development which is meaningful and relevant in terms of age and skill acquisition.

Since 1901 the tradition of boarding has played an important role in the life of Brisbane Boys' College.

The program supports students from across the country providing a place to call home and inspiring young minds through education and unique cultural experiences, which when it comes to boarding take on a class of their own.

Boarding is a way of life that offers unique opportunities: to meet friends from across the world, develop confidence, character and independence with support from a diverse yet collective community affectionately referred to as Rudd House.

Shared support

Guidance and support for boys who are away from home is a great responsibility. We ensure the best possible care for young men in their developing years is provided through a structured system of specialised staff.

From baking a birthday cake, to providing a listening ear, our resident ‘House Parents’ offer extra care and support for boys living away from home. Resident Masters, Tutors, Counsellors and the College Chaplain are all in constant contact with the boys so that a personal relationship is established and lines of communication are always open.

Boys also have access to a qualified nursing sister 24/7 and the School Doctor is on call at all times. Our chefs prepare nutritionally balanced and tasty meals and special dietary needs are catered for.

Spaces to grow

Our modern fully air-conditioned facilities provide boys of all ages with individual, comfortable accommodation, a common room and study areas. With an emphasis on privacy and space, each boy also has access to the school’s wireless network from his desk. With state-of-the-art facilities at their doorstep, boarders are also able to easily access the College’s cultural precinct, brand new Middle School Precinct, sports complex, BBC’s Powerzone (strength and condition facility), swimming pool, tennis courts and extensive playing fields. 


A strong sense of camaraderie, team spirit and brotherhood has become synonymous with boarding at BBC. Supervised weekend activities along with Saturday sport provide a time for mateship and enjoyment. Boys from different years are grouped together for activities to encourage the sharing of common interests and to foster a family environment.

Theme nights and competitions along with social gatherings with students from sister schools are regularly organised and boys will often enjoy some free time down in the nearby hub of Toowong Village.

To charge each boy to craft 'the man in the mirror'

To search for the rules that make good self, on each boy's own terms, and be governed by those rules.

To find, name, challenge and dismiss external expectations.

To reflect on performance in and contribution to crew, team, club and College honestly, regularly, gently and fairly.

To distinguish the co-curricular program at BBC by leading from the ground up

To locate and pursue actions which inspire dedication, conversation, commitment and care of all members of the College.

To impress peers, coaches, teachers and parents with an understated and uncompromising attention to detail and effectiveness.

To be an exemplar in learning, training and performing the process perfectly

To apply the goal setting skills learned in the Co-curricular Program to all other ambitions and endeavours.

To be relentless and unforgiving in driving towards our collective success.

To challenge barriers to performance quality and commit absolutely to positive transformation.


Brisbane Boys' College offers a number of scholarships and bursaries across various categories and provides opportunities for boys to benefit from a BBC education, who may not have been able to do so without financial assistance.

Applications for 2015 Scholarships are now open.

How to register for a BBC Scholarship

During the scholarship registration process applicants are prompted to choose the appropriate level of entry, enter their details and pay the registration fee.

It is recommended that applicants read carefully through the information provided for parents on the ACER website before commencing the registration process. You will note the examination is offered at three levels:

  • Level 1 for boys in Year 6 or 7 at the time of examination
  • Level 2 for boys in Year 8 or 9 at the time of examination
  • Level 3 for boys in Year 10 at the time of examination

Academic Scholarship candidates must undertake this examination

Document checklist for applicants

 All applicants are required to forward to the Admissions Office a copy of:

  • Their most recent school report
  • Their most recent NAPLAN and if undertaken, ICAS results
  • BBC Scholarship Applicant's Details form
  • A recent passport photo
  • An outline of their achievements on a single A4 sheet (Decus Scholarship only)

Test Results

75% of students received OP 1-15

Brisbane Boys' College

Kensington Terrace 
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