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Brisbane Boys' College

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Brisbane Boys' College
Kensington Terrace
At BBC we know boys. We know how to harness their energy, curiosity and thirst for competition. We call this: A New School of Thought. Our guiding philosophy – All about the boy articulates our approach and highlights our thought leadership on boys' education.
Brisbane North, Brisbane Central & East, Brisbane West, Brisbane South
(07) 3309 3500
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Sit Sine Labe Decus - Let Honour Stainless Be

A New School of Thought

Brisbane Boys' College
Mr Graeme McDonald
Early Learning, Primary School, Secondary School
Presbyterian & Methodist
Prep to Year 12
Visit www.bbc.qld.edu.au/fees for information on fees
  • Academic Achievement
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Culture / Tradition
  • Employment Pathways
  • Numeracy / Literacy
  • Personal Values
  • Robotics
  • Tertiary Pathways

BBC is specifically tailored to meet the needs of young men as they progress through their education, delivering active learning to help boys discover who they are and to explore their passion and purpose in life. 

Schools don't have to be purely theoretical. They can be places where students think about real-world problems and look for real-world solutions. At Brisbane Boys' College, we explore the four corners of a boy's mind.

Brisbane Boys’ College is a GPS boys school with day students from Prep to Year 12 and boarding students in Years 4 to 12. As a boys' school, BBC is specifically tailored to meet the needs of young men as they progress through their education, delivering active learning to help boys discover who they are and to explore their passion and purpose in life.

An outstanding educational experience awaits your son when he joins the ranks of many thousands of young men who have passed through the 'Portal' since 1902.

Junior School - Prep to Year 6

Designed to stimulate and challenge inquiring young minds, BBC's Junior School program caters for the unique learning styles of boys, combining structured and play based learning experiences. Our focus lies in the development of the whole boy. Our understanding of key developmental milestones informs teaching strategies and enables us to deliver tailored learning experiences for your son.

Middle School - Years 7 to 9

Boys are tribal. That's why we have Houses. And teams. And competitions. Middle schooling represents a time of great change for boys; more so than any other stage of their development. For this reason, the middle years focus on facilitating transitions and fostering independence - where boys learn from mistakes, grow through experience and unearth what truly makes them 'tick'.

Senior School - Years 10 to 12

The senior years represent the pinnacle of a boy's education. As he begins to seriously consider the possibilities that lie ahead, we continue to encourage innovative and forward thinking. It's about ensuring he moves through these important years with clear purpose and direction. Boys are able to participate in a number of programs, so that his future doesn't start when he leaves the school gates, but now at BBC.

To learn more about BBC and our approach to boys' education visit: www.bbc.qld.edu.au

The main administration building dates back to the 1930s, when the school moved to Toowong from Clayfield, and is characterised by its Mediterranean arches and clock tower.

Other buildings on the site include:

Detached Prep Centre
Two libraries (Junior and Middle/Senior)
Purpose-built Middle School Precinct
Specialist manual arts facility
25m heated swimming pool
Eight tennis courts
Sports complex containing two basketball courts, fully-equipped strength and conditioning gym, and state-of-the-art gymnastics hall
College Hall, an air-conditioned auditorium with a seating capacity of 700 people, including an art gallery and specialist facilities such as a recording studio and rehearsal room
Three ovals; John Noblett Oval (Main Oval), P&F and Miskin Ovals
At the core of our curriculum is BBC's Teaching and Learning framework - Dimensions of Learning (DOL). The framework is based on what researchers know about how students learn and combines teacher-directed and student-directed learning.

By challenging boys physically, spiritually and emotionally we strive to cultivate in them a strong sense of achievement and individualism and charge them to craft 'the man in the mirror'.

Through games, activities, performances and service opportunities, BBC has a clear and unwavering focus on developing every aspect of our boys.

With more than 30 co-curricular activities available, your son will be spoilt for choice!

Since 1909 the tradition of boarding has played an important role in the life of Brisbane Boys' College.

The program supports students from across the country providing a place to call home and inspiring young minds through education and unique cultural experiences, which when it comes to boarding take on a class of their own.

Boarding is a way of life that offers unique opportunities: to meet friends from across the world, develop confidence, character and independence with support from a diverse yet collective community affectionately referred to as Rudd House.

Visit www.bbc.qld.edu.au/boarding to learn more about boarding at BBC.

A boy's physical, social and mental well-being greatly impacts on his ability to learn, achieve and embrace new experiences. At BBC, there's a warmth and friendliness that is palpable.

Brisbane Boys’ College students progress through their education with a sense of community and belonging. State-of-the-art facilities provide an exceptional learning environment and all boys are extended and supported at each stage of their development and transition to ensure they experience personal success, self-confidence, responsibility and independence.

Raising boys is a hot topic in Australia. As parents and teachers, we must have a significant understanding and appreciation of intellectual development and characteristics in boys. As a leading boys’ school, these characteristics are often drawn on to shape our own Pastoral Care program.

Pastoral Care at Brisbane Boys’ College is designed to develop self-esteem in our students, to encourage the boys to participate, become part of a team and take on leadership roles. Ultimately, it is about nurturing this confidence and providing a strong sense of belonging.

Our guiding philosophy: All about the boy.

Expect great things. Schools don't have to be purely theoretical. They can be places where students think about real-world problems and look for solutions. This develops new capabilities and attributes - creativity, invention and problem-solving.

At BBC, we challenge boys to think not just about what they will do to succeed for themselves, but what their role is in the world.

Brisbane Boys' College offers a number of scholarships and bursaries across various categories and provides opportunities for boys to benefit from a BBC education, who may not have been able to do so without financial assistance.

Visit www.bbc.qld.edu.au/scholarships for scholarship opportunities at BBC.

Located just five kilometres from the Brisbane CBD in the inner western suburbs, Brisbane Boys' College is nestled in the hillside suburb of Toowong.

Brisbane Boys’ College is ideally located close to public transport terminals and the commercial shopping precinct of Toowong Village. Also located nearby is the University of Queensland, the State's largest tertiary institution, Queensland University of Technology and a reach from the Brisbane River where the school's boatshed is situated.

Public Transport

Toowong is a major transport node, with most bus and train routes passing through Toowong from the western suburbs. Brisbane Boys’ College is situated on several major Brisbane City Council bus routes, while Toowong Train Station and the Regatta Ferry Terminal are both a short walk from the College.

Chartered Bus Services

Brisbane Bus Lines runs chartered bus routes for Brisbane Boys’ College each morning and afternoon. All vehicles are air conditioned, equipped with seat belts and GPS tracking and carry only Brisbane Boys’ College students.

Visit www.bbc.qld.edu.au/getting-here for additional transport information.

75% of students received OP 1-15

Principal's Image

Meet our Headmaster

Mr Paul Brown


A confident communicator and astute storyteller, it’s not surprising that Paul Brown’s teaching area of expertise is English Literature. BBC’s Headmaster is more than qualified for the top job, holding graduate and post-graduate qualifications from the University of Sydney and Macquarie Graduate School of Management and recently having completed a school leadership program at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

A father to two daughters with wife, Karen, Mr Brown has more than 20 years experience in top tier high performing independent schools, having been on the Executive at St Ignatius’ College, Riverview (1997-2008), Knox Grammar School, Wahroonga (2009-2015) and most recently at MLC School, Burwood (2015-2017). He has been the Deputy Head at his last two schools and boasts six years at the largest independent day and boarding school for boys in New South Wales.

Mr Brown’s strong commitment to education, academic excellence, and to Christian leadership makes him adept at shaping the future of BBC and its community. “I am looking forward to joining a vibrant Brisbane Boys’ College community where the focus is on assisting each and every student to reach their potential and prepare them to take their place in the world as confident, competent and compassionate young men who will contribute to the health, wellbeing and prosperity of their community and the nation at large,” Paul said.

He sees BBC graduates as well-rounded young men of wisdom, faith and integrity who “have gained the skills and experience to overcome the inevitable setbacks they will encounter in life, will build positive relationships and have a tenacity to persist and succeed in the face of duress.”

Paul not only brings to the College outstanding achievements in the academic arena, but also the business world. As a visionary with a clear sense of purpose, Paul will no doubt influence the College’s future in boys’ education.

“At BBC we will encourage boys to participate in a wide range of sporting, intellectual, co-curricular, service and aesthetic pursuits to develop interests that complement their formal studies and which may ignite lifelong interests and passions,” Mr Brown remarked.

So what is on the horizon for our community? Paul says he hopes to continue to provide an exciting, challenging and enriching curriculum through which boys pursue critical thinking and problem solving in a variety of contexts.

“We need to foster a student culture in which students readily accept responsibility and value the service of others, enabled through a diversity of leadership experiences. Where we inculcate within students a sense of faith, justice, conscience and compassion.”

Whilst preparing students to contribute to their community is a large focus for the incoming Headmaster, Mr Brown also believes that the quality of programs delivered at BBC can only be as good as those delivering them. With significant experience in transformational change and organisational management within an educational environment, Paul is the right man for the job. “I want to develop accomplished, well-resourced and inspirational staff, committed to the students under their care and imbued with a strong sense of service, professional learning and collegiality.”

With new leadership, comes change. However Mr Brown also understands the importance of traditions and icons to the Brisbane Boys’ College story; the boater, the Pipe Band, the war cry, the Highlander. The heritage of 116 years will stand strong whilst maintaining high expectations through a clearly defined set of standards, adding to the tone and character of the College and its members.

But what about the man behind the title? Born and raised in Sydney, the State of Origin Series will prove very interesting in 2018. As a forward looking, proactive leader, Paul has particular interest in educational research and literature, but is also keen on cricket, cycling and sport in general.

Brisbane Boys’ College is delighted to be led in 2018 by an educator of such high calibre and demonstrated achievement. 


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