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Finding Resonance In Our Practice

START DATE: Friday, 08 March 2024


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Bold Park Community School

The event started -45 days ago
 Bold Park Community School

Finding Resonance In Our Practice

A Conference for Educators.


Resonance is what ripples and radiates.

When one energetic being influences the vibrations of others. (Bogart,2021)

Finding ‘resonance’ in our connections to the world leads us to a sense of fulfilment. We can experience resonance with ideas, people, objects, and nature through sensation, imagination and feeling. How can we create educational settings that allow children to experience ‘resonance’ in their learning and social relationships? How do we keep alive our educator’s resonance with their work? Does a lack of ‘resonance’ contribute to conditions such as school refusal, anxiety or educator burnout?

Participants can engage with and explore creative materials with our specialists and educators as they share stories from their classrooms.

The day includes a masterclass with Maggie Dent on the causes of stress and anxiety in our children, strategies that work to create calm in busy lives, and a tour of our Wembley camp


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Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bold Park Community School
61-63 Powis Street
Wembley Western Australia 6014

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