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Schools Guide Sydney

Sydney Private Schools

Information on private schools in Sydney, NSW Australia. This complete Sydney list contains all private and independent primary schools and secondary schools in Sydney.

The term 'private school' refers to any primary or secondary school that is not administered by the State government. Private schools charge each student a fee to attend and include Catholic schools, Independent schools, Christian schools, non-denominational (no religious affiliation) and other religion-operated schools. Most of the top Sydney schools are private schools. The best Sydney schools are also some of the best schools in Australia.

How many Private Schools are there in Sydney?
There are over 520 private schools in Sydney. Over 300 are Catholic schools and around 35 are Anglican schools. Of the remaining schools, many are Christian schools but at least 57 are non-denominational schools. 72 Sydney schools accept international students (CRICOS registered). 28 schools in Sydney are boarding schools which makes Sydney a popular choice for regional parents looking to send their child to a boarding school. Sydney also has over 60 schools for boys-only and over 50 schools for girls. The remaining Sydney schools are co-educational.

Schools are listed below in order of most-recently updated.


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Town or Suburb Lakemba
Town or Suburb Narellan
Town or Suburb Sydney
Town or Suburb Menai

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